The opening reward is one billion

Chapter 1 - Goddess Chasing System

"Chen Ping, let's break up!"

East Sea University, eight girls' dormitories downstairs, Li Mengran looked at the inch-headed, somewhat bashful boy in front of him with a scowl.

"Mengran, what have I done wrong? You're breaking up with me?" Chen Ping looked at the 7.5 point beauty in front of him and said very sadly.

Li Mengran is his high school goddess, in order to pursue Li Mengran, he studied desperately and finally entered East Sea University with Li Mengran.

In the four years of university, he gave Li Mengran breakfast every day, and sent expensive gifts on holidays.

No matter when Li Mengran called him, he was always on time, not a minute late.

Even though everyone thought he was a spare tire and Li Mengran couldn't be with him, he didn't give up, as always, he paid all kinds of contributions to Li Mengran.

I don't know if it was his efforts that moved Li Mengran, but finally in the second semester of his fourth year of college, he agreed to Chen Ping's pursuit and promised to be his girlfriend.

After becoming Li Mengran's boyfriend, Chen Ping became even more kind to Li Mengran, groveling, working and earning money all for Li Mengran, and even taking care of Li Mengran when she was having her aunt.

But this is still to break up with him, he could not figure out why.

"You can't even afford a twenty thousand dollar bag? Do you still want me to continue with you?"

"Dreamland, didn't I tell you? Give me half a month, half a month and I'll have the money to buy it for you."

Chen Ping's flesh ached at the thought of buying a bag for Li Mengran, he had asked his parents to take 30,000 yuan to buy her clothes, or had said a bunch of excuses before finally getting 30,000 yuan, and now he wanted 20,000 for the bag, he didn't know what excuse he would have to make again.

"Half a month? You made me wait half a month for you? Who do you think you are?"

"Then I'll fight for ten days, just ten days, please don't break up with me."

"If you don't have money, don't learn from others to pick up girls, get lost!" Li Mengran said with a scowl on his face.

"Monran, I'm true to you ah! I love you with all my heart, money I can work on later."

"Can true love be a meal? Dumbass." Li Mengran said and turned to the back door of the school.

"Mengran you don't leave, I don't want to leave you." Chen Ping immediately pulled Li Mengran's hand to prevent her from leaving.

"Get lost."

Li Mengran immediately ruthlessly pushed Chen Ping away, then cursed and said.

"Chen Ping, listen to me clearly, you're just a little spare tire for me, calling out to me, and now that you're of no use, I'll ruthlessly abandon you, understand?"

"Why are you hurting me like this?" Chen Ping said with an angry face.

He had thought that Li Mengran was not such a person, but this moment was actually this face.

"Because you're a licking dog ah! Good boy! It's silly." Li Mengran sneered and walked towards the front door without looking back.

Chen Ping had a dead face, not expecting that he was licking dogs in Li Mengran's heart.

Thinking about these four years of dedication, he felt as if he had fed the dog.

What he got in return for his true heart was a ruthless trampling.

Youth is not there, regret is no longer possible to regret.

"Li Mengran, you will regret it." Chen Ping growled and said, only able to use anger to cover up the sadness in his heart.

"What's taking so long?"

Also at this time, a man in a white shirt, wearing glasses, and a gentleman came over and said.

The man was called Liu Kai, a rich second generation, and it was rumored that his family had a villa of over ten million dollars.

"My dear sorry, I was just delayed some time by this lick dog pestering."

Li Mengran saw Liu Kai and said with a gentle face.

"Didn't bully you, right!"

"Didn't even give him a hand to hold, do you think?"

"Well then, let's go!"


After nodding happily, Li Mengran held Liu Kai's hand and left the place.

Chen Ping looked at the back of the two of them and couldn't say how saddened and helpless he was.

"Tiosi was dumped, and the beautiful girl hooked up with the rich second generation."

"In fact, it's just naive, thinking that I can truly take down a beautiful woman, but I don't know that this world is so cruel."

"This is what happens when you are a spare tire and lick a dog, and in the end, you have nothing."

"There's a good saying, the poor chase hard, the rich shake hard, it's ridiculous."

Underneath the dormitory building, many people came and went, saying that they were completely ruthlessly mocking Chen Ping.

"Ding, congratulations, the host has been chosen by the system."

"Ding, goddess backwards system binding in ......."

"Ding, the Goddess Reverse Binding System is complete."

As the sweet voice finished speaking, Chen Ping felt an electric current passing through his body in general, very strange.

"System? The system inside the novel?" Chen Ping said in shock, he had read many novels and never thought that he would one day possess the system.

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining the newbie gift pack, may I ask if the host has opened it?"


Chen Ping didn't think about anything and directly opened it.

"Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining one billion."

"Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining an Ordinary Marrow Cleansing Pill."

"What? A billion? Are you kidding me?"

Chen Ping said with a shocked face.

He had often seen news reports of people winning five million, tens of millions, and it felt like it had gone against the sky, and now he had one billion, never thought of the number.


You will be able to get a good deal of money for your business, and you will be able to get a good deal of money for your business. [ICBC]

"Fuck, really a billion dollars in the bank?"

Chen Ping couldn't believe looking at the text message in his phone, his entire body directly softly couching on the floor, his heartbeat accelerating and suffocating.

In the next second, Chen Ping immediately saw an image.

Name:Chen Ping

Age: 22

Height: 182


Strength: Adult level

Skills: none

Ability Points: 0

Item: A Marrow Cleansing Pill. (Note: Eating it can make an ordinary person become a peak internal energy expert.)

This system is designed to help you get to know the goddess, not just her face, but also her body and temperament.

The purpose of this system is to get the goddess to fall in love with the host, to marry the rich and beautiful, to get to the top of their lives.

If you are successful in getting the goddess to fall in love with you, you will be rewarded with a variety of generous rewards.

It's not just a system that can conquer a goddess, but also reward a variety of rich rewards, which is simply unorthodox.

After a full few minutes of shocked muddle awakening, Chen Ping finally calmed down and then immediately said.

"System, how do you use this Marrow Cleansing Pill?"

Chen Ping was very impatient at the thought of being able to become a legendary Inner Strength expert.

Hint: The Marrow Cleansing Pill is already inside the system item, so if the host wants to get it, just read it in your mind.

"Okay, silently recite it."

Chen Ping heard the hint and immediately silently recited the Marrow Cleansing Pill.

The next golden, dragon-eye sized pill immediately appeared in his hand, appearing out of thin air.

Without saying a word, Chen Ping immediately swallowed it to see if it was really exactly the same as the system said.