Good Sensity +1

Good Sensity +1


Congratulations to the host to improve the goddess, reward the host.

The host current capability point is 54100.

Chen Ping heard these numbers, and he was ecstatic once again. This sound of improving the feelings of goddess is comfortable.

However, Chen Ping also had a more fun thing, that is, it is to break through the realm of the main god.

Thinking here, Chen Ping immediately left here, and then came to the car, driving away.

After a while, Chen Ping came to another side, which is not far from Lisa's restaurant.

At this time, Chen Ping said to the system: "System, I want to exchange the main god upgrade card."

"Hey, congratulations to the host exchange, get a master of the main god upgrade card."

The host consumes 50,000 capability points, and the current capability point is 4100.

Chen Ping's ability point suddenly disappeared 50,000, turned to four thousand, and it disappeared.

Chen Ping said that he said: "System, use the main god upgrade card."

"Hey, congratulations to host the main realm."

Just breakthrough, the golden gods in Chen Ping expanded, turned into a huge space of ten cubic meters, countless gods skyrocket, Chen Ping's realm finally broke through the initial realm of the primary god.

Whether it is mental, or a realm, or a flesh, crazy climbing.

Chen Ping feels that this feeling is too comfortable, unprecedented comfortable, breaking through the main god, is better than breaking.

Name: Chen Ping

Height: 182

Wealth: 925000000000.

Strength: the initial stage of primary god

Skills: God-level car skills, god-level Jianbao skills, holy medical skills, god-level cis, different skills, do not destroy the body, God, time is three seconds, fire properties, Xuan ice body, perspective, piano Chess and painting skills, Shenlong step, goddess acting, time backward for ten seconds, escort mirror, god-level Thunder skills, death of the dead, the genus, the body, the body of the fire, the time of the fire, the time is three seconds .

Ability point: 4100.

Item: Regeneration Dan, two peach blossoms, nine turn God Dan, two compatibility, three, longevity Dan.

With the breakthrough of Chen Ping, terrible power continuously moisturizes his body, Chen Ping can also feel that his life is climbing, this feeling is very strong.

Finally, Chen Ping's impurities have poured, then look again change, become more handsome, and perfect.

The man who is portrayed is more handsome than the comic book.

It's just handsome.

Chen Ping looked at myself in the mirror at this time, and I couldn't say a word.

Then emit a heat, let the body burn these impurities, and it will become very clean.

Chen Ping now feels a lot of things you can do.

For example, the empty flight is very simple.

For example, terrible power can easily destroy the earth.

And the skills of Chen Pingjia in the real world, Chen Ping feels that there is a battle for anyone, and the sky is not afraid of it.

This is the benefits of strength.

Chen Ping is now that this state is the best, nothing to do, Anan quietly counterattack Goddess, then get an upgrade card, enhances the realm, and unconsciously invincible in the capital, perfect.

Thinking of this, Chen Ping feels that he can have a lot of effort to reach the real world, if it reaches the main kingdom, don't cultivate it to this realm.

Thinking of this, Chen Ping hongeds up a difference.

This is the sixth.

Because Chen Ping broke through each breakthrough, you can condense a difference, this is the ability to face the skills.

Chen Ping's division also divided into labor, and the first is to protect the parents. On the second, the second is directly protected to protect Tang Luozhen, four women who protect the University of Donghai University. Five points to protect willow, Wang Jing.

Now, Chen Ping has gathered six points.

It means that this is a very powerful force, and the other five are also divided into one tenth power, and each of them has achieved the strength of the peak of God.

The strength of the peak of the God, what is the concept of the strength of the peak, that is also an extremely terrible realm.

Chen Ping is gathered in this point without special protection, Chen Ping decided to let six points hidden, at any time, it is to travel throughout the East China, where is it necessary to go.

After the sixth, he also got Chen Ping's order, replaced in black, leaving the mask, disappeared.

Chen Ping did not organize, and Chen Ping, who has reached the real world, and then drove to a place to find blood roses and cold ice.

Blood roses and cold ice live together.

Cold ice has a good feeling is one hundred.

Blood roses have a good sensation of ninety-nine.

Both people like Chen Ping inner.

And the last time Chen Ping also won them, there is no ability to resist.

In this way, after a while.

Chen Ping came to the residence of blood roses.

In this case, there is no shut down, and there is no shut down, indicating that the two women are being in.

Chen Ping opened a perspective at this time and saw two TV, one reading, and the two women were very like.

Chen Ping came to an eye.

Blood roses are sitting in the balcony reading here.

After Chen Ping suddenly appeared, the blood rose shocked: "Chen Ping, how come you?"

"Why, can I come to my woman?" Chen Ping said with a smile.