Wide room, strange instrument.

The densely packed wires stretched out from the instrument and connected to the two people.

A teenager, a youth.


The young man looked at the young man.

He has rare heterochromatic pupils, one red and one white, which looks very strange.

His name is also very strange.

"Your name is Qiye?"


The teenager did not respond.

Watching the young man with slightly awe-inspiring eyes, the young man feels creepy.

He was a little scared.

The boy in front of him is said to be a capable person.

The only capable person.

The young man himself is an experimental subject.

The voluntary kind.

People in the research institute gave him a lot of money, and he left the money with his family: an orphanage called Qiqiang.

Then come to experiment.

It is said that he is trying to create ability, and his adaptability is very high, it is very likely to succeed.

Unsuccessful, benevolent.

Live and die.

It didn't make much difference to him, so he agreed.

Now the experiment is ready to begin.

"How are the departments preparing?"



"it is good."

A kind old grandfather stood far away from them, watching them through surveillance.

At the same time give instructions.

"let's start."


The relevant staff began to operate.


Colorful lights lit up on the instrument, indicating that the experiment has begun.


The youth frowned.


There is no special feeling.


He looked at himself, looked at the boy with heterochromatic pupils, and looked at the equipment connected to them.

"Just this broken instrument can really give me superpowers?"

He is very skeptical.

When I was thinking, I suddenly realized that those wires started to change: one part became red, the other part disappeared out of thin air, and the eyes could no longer catch it.

"what's the situation?"

The youth was confused.

Immediately after...


A huge explosion sounded, and the entire room was filled with flames.

But it quickly disappeared.

Instruments, wires, youth.

All disappeared.

Only the boy with the heterochromatic pupil remained, looking at the place where the young man was originally.

The red eyes absorbed all the flames.

And the white eyes just blinked, nothing happened.

"The experiment failed!"



Autumn morning.

In an orphanage, the dean just got up and was about to clean the fallen leaves in the yard, but saw a baby under the shade of the tree.

It seems to be just a few months old.

"It's weird."

The dean's grandmother walked over, picked up the baby, and wrapped him with her coat because he didn't wear anything.

"Why are you here?"

If it is an abandoned child, it should be placed at the door of the orphanage, not in the yard.

And I didn't wear anything.

In the autumn night, this will freeze to death.

"Who is so cruel?"

The dean's grandma didn't understand.

But now, there is no way to investigate clearly, and the child can only be left behind.

There is nothing that can prove identity.

Think about it.

Looking at the fallen leaves on the ground, I suddenly realized: "Just call it'leaf'."

She said so.

As if talking to himself.


The baby cannot speak, but can only make voices, not knowing whether it is for or against.

Just consider it in favor.

"Little Ye Zi, come, grandma feeds you breakfast."



The baby boy called Ye Zi grows up in the orphanage.

Time is long.

In an instant, twelve years passed.

At this time, Ye Zi had already become a student of Didan High School, and because of his good grades, he was exempted from some tuition fees.

Class B of the second grade.

There are many classmates, and a few are relatively "familiar".

Kudo Shinichi, Morilan, Suzuki Sonoko.

And he has left the orphanage and rents a house outside by himself.

It's in an apartment.

In the next room, a young girl named Hirota Masami lived.

And here, there are often guests coming.

They are all companions in the orphanage.

Of course, it is the companions who have left the orphanage. Those who are still in the orphanage will not come here to disturb him.

And there are only a few guests here.

Among them is a girl in her twenties.


Great in mind.

Came here last night too, drank here, slept here all night.

Because of broken love.

Crying and making trouble, barely fell asleep in the middle of the night.

As a result, I woke up early.

"Sister is gone, Xiao Ye Zi, I really can't bear you."


Right at the door, Ye Zi's head was pressed by the big sister in that great place.

Hard to breathe.

The big sister held his head tightly.

"Grow up soon, Xiao Ye Zi, my sister is completely disappointed with other men. It's better to wait for you to marry me."


"Then when you agree, ah ah ah~"

He loosened the leaves and kissed him a few times, leaving lip marks on his face.

Then touch his head.

"Go, goodbye."

Waved, turned and left, without the slightest nostalgia.

Ye Zi shook his head.

"What a helpless sister."

With emotion.

He was about to go back to the room, but found someone around him.

Turn around and take a look.

Miss Hirota Masami, who lives next door, seemed to look at him with a little surprise, and she saw the scene just now.

A little embarrassed smile.

"Miss Hirota, go to work?"


"That's a smooth journey."

It's been a while since I've been a neighbor, Ye Zi knew that Miss Hirota Masami didn't like to deal with people.

So I didn't talk to her much.

Smiled and waved, closed the door and returned to the room.

Go to the bathroom.

Wipe off the lip marks on his face with a wet towel, touch the young face while looking at himself reflected in the mirror.

Black hair and black eyes.

"It seems that I really don't have any superpowers, but I am lucky, at least I have recovered one life, although it is no longer the original world."

Some helplessly shook his head.


This kind of legendary thing happened to him in that failed experiment.

Is lucky?Still unfortunate?

It doesn't matter.

He wants to live anyway.

Although the world is dangerous.

Shinichi Kudo, Moriran, Sonoko Suzuki, Masami Hirota, and Kogoro Mori, Yukiko Kudo, Yusaku Kudo, Hideri, Meguro, etc.

It's that world no matter how you think.

Although there are no capable people, there are many criminals and a fake wine wholesale factory.

"It's really scary."

Shook his head.

After tidying up, the next step is to go out to work.

It is the job of delivering the morning paper.

no way.

He doesn't even have his family, so he can only live on his own in this cruel world.

Although alive, I don't know what to do.

Let it go.

Can't you die because you don't know what to do?

That's pure brain damage.

The leaves are not brain-dead.

It should be said to belong to the smarter kind.

I don't know if it is because of the memory of the previous life, or because he has become smarter after coming into this world.

Maybe both.

Even the physical fitness is better.

The height is about the same as that of Hirota Masami next door. Compared with the normal high school boy, he looks slightly shorter.

But he is only twelve years old now.

Here in Japan, many part-time jobs have age restrictions.

So I lied about my age.

On the face of it, he, like Shinichi Kudo in his class, is already seventeen years old.

No one doubts this currently.

It is precisely because of this that he can take part-time jobs and make money to support himself.

"A child without a father or mother is like a grass!"

With emotion like this.

Leaving his nest, began to struggle for survival.