When I entered the mansion, I saw a pile of bags.

The servant is carrying it heavily.

"Sixty billion leads in cash.This is a souvenir for you.Even if you can become a king, you will have trouble if your position is not stable. "

Margaret whispered.

Because no one knows that Isaac will be king.

"Thank you, Grandma.The mansion tells them I'm going to be king, so they don't have to whisper. ”

"Oh, I see." That was unnecessary worrying, wasn't it? "

Margaret smiles.

The smile was bright, but Isaac saw something black.

(When I heard that I was going to be king, I didn't even ask for it, but you'd get me live ammo.I know politics very well.)

- Live ammunition.

In this case, it doesn't refer to a cannonball.

It is a secret term for bribery given by politicians in electoral campaigns.

When Margaret heard that Isaac was going to be king, she immediately collected the money.

And it came to pass, when he had received the news, that he went not forth unto the king's city, to collect the money.

Live ammo is working.

Unlike the late payment of remuneration such as "If I accept it, I will realize the policy that you will benefit from", you can receive it in advance.

There is no problem if the candidate wins, as long as the money is given or received.

For the sponsor, it was a reward that could not be taken away.

"I've deposited everything in the Mansion that I don't mind selling."I just need to buy a new dwarf product.By the time His Majesty's funeral, he'll have the money and the donation. ”

“That would be helpful. I wanted to secure my position after taking office.However, since the Wangcheng Chamber of Commerce has also volunteered donations, the merchant may think that he is a tough king. "

For that matter, you can direct the profits later.

I'm already doing it.

Oh, that's right.

The two look at each other and giggle.

This time, it wasn't Isaac's assumption, he was smiling badly.

- Both of them.

Pamela and the others couldn't keep up with the flow.

However, there were some things I had to say.

For Isaac.

"Well... then, isn't it possible that you might be told that you bought the throne with money?"

― ― Distribute the money.

It was a dangerous act in itself.

Of course, there is no such law as the Election for Public Office Act in the Reed Kingdom.

But naturally, the person who received the money would think, "I came to buy the throne with the money."

Then I will not preserve my majesty as a king.

Pamela thought for Isaac's sake, "Shouldn't we stop?” he asked.

She gives a gentle smile in an attempt to relieve her worries.

"It's all right. The Marquis of Well Rod is responsible for the expenses of this war."It just adds a little extra to the expenses.I want to thank the people who fought so hard to rescue His Majesty Elias. "

"I see..."

(Speaking of which, he was this kind of person.)

Pamela drew a little attention to Isaac, who said he was "grateful" for his political activities.

But I immediately remembered, "That's the kind of person I was."

Isaac is good at power plotting and is good at dark fights.

Problems of this magnitude are as natural as exhaling.

I felt I shouldn't deny it.

I reconsidered my intention to accept Isaac as he was.

"That was a bad way to say it."I just want you to remember that I already have the support of all the nobles.This is only to make the king's position more stable.It's not about taking the throne. "

But Isaac realized that Pamela had pulled him.

I try to make an excuse in a hurry.

"Yes, I understand."

"That's a response when you don't really understand!?"

Sadly, Isaac could tell that Pamela was using it.

Isaac wandered into a situation where the couple were about to get cracked early in their honeymoon.

That's where the Saviors appeared.

Even if you don't understand it, you can't help it.

- Lisa.

She understood Isaac well.

That's why I was confident that Pamela would not be defeated.

"It seems that Pamela was good at school, but Isaac is also good at things that he can't learn at school.I can't keep up with Isaac, who has been experiencing political rushing especially since he was a young boy.So even if you say something you don't understand, make sure you think there's something behind it.We'll just have to get used to it. "

Did Lisa find out?

Lisa laughed and turned away from Pamela's question.

"I was just as good at school..."But it's enough to talk to people around you.I understand that there is no problem if someone asks. "

"I see... I mean, there was nothing wrong with being asked."Or are you trying to do something by calculating that rumors will spread from your servant's mouth? ”

"That's right, that's how it feels. If you get into the habit of thinking about what Isaac's intentions are before you take it as it is said, the impact on you will be small.”

(Lisa, that's not a crazy follow-up...)

Isaac thought so.

But the two of them are trying to work together to make sense of it.

I refrained from arguing that I shouldn't give you water.


"That's what happened."I was strongly reminded that I had to be careful how I used words. ”

Pamela came to the capital, so the Marquis of Windsor called for dinner.

After dinner, Isaac, Morgan and the Marquis of Windsor were talking in a separate room.

At that time, Isaac tells me that Pamela's reaction was a bit shocking.

Two grandfathers smile bitterly.

"Although Pamela is also educating about political struggles, she didn't actually come.If I became a queen, I would experience it even if I didn't want to.I'll get used to it soon. "

The Marquis of Windsor drinks wine while talking like any other person.

"Lisa is calm now, but she's more worried."Even the Second Queen would be called Her Highness the Queen.No one would harass Isaac's wife, but I wonder if I can bear the burden of being a queen. ”

Morgan was anxious about Lisa.

Even though it was a burden for the duke's wife, it would be many times heavier to be a queen.

The queen is also the face of the country.

"It seems that Pamela can help.I don't mean that we cooperate only where I can see it, but I'm glad that we're working together even where I can't see it.This would also be a gift from the education of the Marquis of Windsor.I'm grateful. ”

Isaac sells his love to the Marquis of Windsor.

Nevertheless, since it is true that it is saved, there is no lie in this word.

Besides, there was a reason I had to keep selling flirts.

"Nevertheless, I didn't expect you to have conceived Pamela."Lord Enfield doesn't seem to be quick enough to strike. "

The Marquis of Windsor touches Pamela's pregnancy in a teasing tone.

About four months after they got married.

Still, the results are coming.

It is easy to imagine that I would have worked as hard as I did every day.

I remembered when I was younger, and my mouth was light.

"There's no such thing as an early arrival.It's just the same... I've never seen it before, so I guess. "

Isaac received the word early (...) in a different way.

Obviously relieved and upset.

Morgan and the others laughed loudly at what it meant.

"Don't laugh so much, no more"

Isaac had no choice but to scratch his head and wait for the laughter to subside.

The two laughed calmly and fought back.

"Before Warwick and Wilamente returned, there was something I had to tell Grandpa Yoshi."

"Oh, before those two go back."

The story stinks all at once.

The Marquis of Windsor, who was covered in niggers, returned to his true form.

"I thought you said you two were working together." Oh, that's a lie. "


As expected, it was no longer a case of teasing Isaac.

A gentle time turns into a time of slaughter.

"Wasn't there a conversation with Lord Warwick?"Isn't that why you said you wouldn't say anything about the next king? "

“No, that's what Lord Warwick would do, anticipating his actions.”

Isaac explained the sequence to the Marquis of Windsor.

The Marquis of Windsor was only surprised at the use of the sticky Marquis of Warwick to recommend him.

But as for Count Layman, Isaac wasn't even expecting it.

In addition, I honestly talked about how I was talking to the Marquis of Warwick, and about the fake message.

"That's why I want you to stop thinking of Lord Warwick and Lord Wilmente as accomplices."I may be noticed as the real culprit in the death of your Majesty. "

"Oh my God... I've been completely fooled..."

The Marquis of Windsor is also a man who has lived in noble society for many years.

The man was continually fooled by Isaac's words.

I may have seen it too much based on my impressions so far.

No, I guess Isaac was good at making himself look bigger.

Exalted in heaven is He Who is the Complete One.

“With so many uncertainties, Grandpa may not have been able to make it. I wanted to convince him that 4W was in a situation where he could work together against the royal family.I'm sorry I fooled you. ”

"If you hadn't thought of Lord Warwick and Lord Wilmente as allies, you might have chosen to cut off Pamela."For the survival of the house. "

The Marquis of Windsor sighed heavily.

In retrospect, he had been dancing with Isaac's palm for a long time.

And I was fooled until the end.

I was about to lose my confidence as the leader of the nobility.

"You are right to be dissatisfied with the deception.But if I hadn't done anything, I might have lost Pamela.But not now. Instead of losing Pamela, the Marquis of Windsor became the Queen's grandchild again.Would you be so angry with me as a result? "

"The queen's grandchildren... well."It's better than Jason reigning as king.I will do my best as Prime Minister for Pamela and her great-grandchildren. "

"Is it for Pamela and her great-grandchildren..."That's tough, isn't it? "

- It's not for Isaac, the king.

Now it is Isaac's turn to smile bitterly.

But Isaac didn't give up.

He is also a bad type to give up.

"Then I will do my best to bring out the loyalty of my servants as a king."

Well then, let's give you an expectation.

The two exchanged gazes and smiled.

Morgan watched the two figures with the optimistic eyes, "I will be spilling my folly to the Marquis of Windsor later."