"The execution of the criminals who took His Majesty Elias into their hands is over." Lord Enfield will assume the throne on the 10th. It's been a mourning and a dawn, so be prepared to switch your feelings from this moment on and welcome a new king. "

The execution was concluded in the words of Count Cooper.

With these words, the hearts of the people change from the frenzy of public executions to the frenzy of the birth of a new king.

Isaac didn't say the closing words because he was a little strange.

That's why Count Cooper did it on schedule.

"Isaac, are you alright? It still has an impact..."

Randolph worries and calls out to Isaac.

“Isaac may be under Nicole's influence” was a concern at the Alta meeting.

It may still have been affected.

No one in this room thought that "Sorry men are just a group of colors".

The transformation between Charles and Michael was so shocking.

I didn't know if it was magic or sorcery, but it had such a strong influence.

Those Isaacs must have been somewhat affected.

I was relieved from my shock and it seemed odd that I was feeling sick.

"It's all right. I just feel a little... sloppy."

"I hope so." But I thought I'd better go back to the Mansion and rest today. "

"That's right... once you go to the Royal Palace, if you don't have an important project, you may be able to turn your work around tomorrow."

Isaac's footsteps were solid.

However, the expression was a little faded and it was hard to say that it was in a good mood.

The Marquis of Wilmente and Warwick wanted to talk to Isaac and Nicole, but they looked so pale that they were reluctant.

"What was the difference between the two of you!" "I wanted to talk to each other, but since they were awkward opponents to each other, I was thinking of talking to Theodore and Count Cooper.

"You will be busy until the reigning ceremony is over. There are many things I would like to talk about, but please do it again at a later date."

Before he got into the carriage, Isaac noticed what the others were saying.

Therefore, I only promise not to run away from the discussion with "another day".

When I get into the carriage, Randolph, who was worried, comes with me.

Count Cooper takes care of the finishing touches, and the carriage of the Duke of Enfield goes to the Royal Palace.

Isaac sighed deeply as his gaze disappeared.

(I don't want to think about it. "I don't want to think about it..." "After all, I was a Six Men..." Now I am convinced. I was under Nicole's influence, too.

A stream of tears came out of Isaac's eyes.

It wasn't sad that I didn't realize that I was under Nicole's influence.

Because of that, I was sad that I didn't realize the important things that I had to realize.

(Masami... You must have been Nicole...)

Isaac hid his true feelings, but now his tears could not be stopped.

I am being reborn.

It is not surprising that my sister, who was sitting next to the car, was reborn in an accident.

- Why did you bring chocolate?

― ― Why did you come up with essential oils?

- Why did you make a bra?

- Why did you say you were protecting her from Michael?

--Why didn't you notice the soy sauce and miso when you said soy sauce and miso?

There were many chances for her to be Chang Mei.

I had a chance to realize that I was under Nicole's influence.

However, I thought, "Because I'm the hero," and I didn't even suspect anything.

- No, I couldn't.

Now I've finally noticed.

This is probably due to Nicole's powerful influence.

I suspected that I might be part of the Six Men.

"But aren't you manipulated by special forces?" I couldn't even suspect it. "

I could not even imagine that her influence was so strong.

But now I know.

(Because of the special power only Nicole has. In the main part, I didn't know if the scenario of the attacking character becoming a fool would affect it, but it definitely did.... even so, I'm an idiot who can't even notice my precious sister. You idiot....)

Isaac is depressed.

There were so many hints.

― ― Even under the influence of Nicole, as my brother, I could have noticed it somewhere.

If you think so, you won't regret it.

"Hey, hey, Isaac. Are you okay?"

Randolph calls out worried about Isaac, who is acting strange.

Isaac answers "It's okay" with the workmanship.

But I'll be right back with Randolph.

(Yes, it's my dad's fault! My dad told me not to see Nicole, so I missed my last chance!)

When I noticed that, my sadness turned into anger.

Isaac's leap of faith surprised Randolph.

But it's only a matter of time.

Immediately, Isaac suppressed his anger and turned away.

(No, it's not. It was too late then. I couldn't help you. It's a mistake to resent my father.....)

I almost lost my temper, but my sober head didn't let me do it.

At the most, I have to think it would be easier for me to act like an emotion.

--There are things in the world that are happier not to know.

I never thought the time would come when I'd feel more painful about that word.

If I hadn't noticed that "Nicole = Masami", I wouldn't have suffered so much.

I thought, "I wish I hadn't noticed."

(It's not a correction that makes Nicole easy to conquer. It was a curse. "Because I can suffer so much..." Damn it, why didn't you notice! This is... this is not what it is!)

- Reincarnation doesn't happen that way.

Maybe that idea was also influenced by Nicole.

It seemed so, and Isaac cursed God.

― ― Nicole was the only one who was special, so I didn't even get a chance to save my sister.

The fact that the original protagonist was considered to be the protagonist led to her death.

How ironic.

Isaac hugs his head and nods.

- Nicole is already dead.

I can't even ask her if she's telling the truth.

Isaac was deeply hurt when he realized that everything was behind him.

"Hey, Isaac, tell me something."

Randolph, worried to see Isaac's condition, shouted again.

Isaac is obviously weird now.

I was terrified when I was stung, but I still had to ask as a father.

"Me too..."

Me too?

"--It seems to have been influenced by her."

As expected, I cannot answer, "In my previous life, Nicole and her siblings killed her sister."

If you do that, your family will think you've gone mad, like when you were Pamela.

Isaac answered to the best of his ability at this stage.

Randolph replied, “I see,” and sat back next to Isaac from the front.

It's hard.

"Yes, very much..."

"You can cry when it's hard. It's important to see if we can get back on our feet someday. You can rely on Pamela or Lisa if you don't want me to. Everyone, I'll help you, so now you can cry and spit out what's in your heart."

Randolph hugged Isaac with his hand on his shoulder.

Isaac is a strong boy.

You've probably been crying so hard since you killed Nathan.

It must have been so shocking.

(That's true, too. If I had noticed it earlier, there would have been a different future.)

Randolph thought Isaac was “sorry he didn't realize Nicole was in danger.”

If I had known earlier, I would have been able to help Elias and the others.

No, we could have saved Jason and the others.

I regret having missed that opportunity.

I thought it was tears as a man who was called a loyal minister, and I looked into his chest and wept together.

Including those who were once unable to be next door.