The Red Dragon Emperor

The Red Dragon Emperor from Douluo Continent Chapter 1

Red Dragon Emperor authors start from the Douro continent: Yi Cheng

An ordinary person, an unknown system, what kind of turbulence would happen to the spirit world of Douluo Continent, a god-killing device powered by thoughts?

Douluo Dalu 1 (Gou Story)-High School DXD Part 1-God Killer-Sin Crown-Sword Art Online uw-Fate/Zero-Saint Seiya Hades Myth LC-DXD Second Part-Douluo Dalu 2 Peerless Tang Sect-Fight Legend of the God Realm of Luo...

The ps book is slow and hot, does not rely on the system, not long Aotian.

1. Start

"Where is this place?"

Long Cheng opened his eyes and couldn't help but wonder when he looked at the colorful light surrounding the space.

There is not only the panic and fear of coming to a strange place, but also the excitement of contacting mysterious things.

Just when he wanted to ask another question to see if anyone answered, suddenly Long Cheng felt a pain in his brain, which made him a little confused for a while.When he recovered, Long Cheng found that he had more information and a panel in his mind.

The panel is naturally the standard system for the protagonists of all sizes, and the information is the introduction of the system.

From this information, he learned that this is the system space, and although this system has basic intelligence, it does not have elf and its own intelligence like other system texts.

But this is also a good thing for Long Cheng.After all, Long Cheng is just an ordinary nerd, and he is also a bit of a good guy. He hates those intrigues the most. If his system is a black belly system, he doesn't know how he died.

The system is called "Infinite Dream System". It has only two functions: the mall and traversal, but it is also powerful enough. The mall contains everything in the endless time and space, such as exercises, skills, blood, weapons, etc., as long as there are points , You can buy anything.

Traversing can traverse endless time and space dimensions, including reality, animation, novels, movies, games, etc.

As for why the system chooses itself and what the purpose of the system is, the system did not tell Long Cheng, and for all of this Long Cheng did not mean to ask the bottom of the casserole, yes he is such a Daoist (lazy) person, he should know Time will always know that before this, he only needs to have enough power. He doesn't believe that he can get the system for no reason. There must be a reason for all this.

Looking at the real world in the travel options, Long Cheng was a little silent.

However, points are required for purchasing items or traversing, and there are many ways to obtain points. The simplest is to absorb energy such as heaven and earth aura. The absorption speed is the same as that of the host, and this function can also be turned off.Then, items with energy can be recycled to the system.

Seeing this, Long Cheng showed a slight smile. He hasn't shown such an expression for a long time. He was originally just an ordinary student. Although he likes the second dimension, he is not addicted to it. He only occasionally reads anime novels. My family is a bit small, and my grades in junior high school are also considered to be excellent. Generally, the exams are in the top 20 of the grade, and my performance in the middle school entrance examination can be considered as a normal high school.

Everything looks ordinary, but he is very satisfied. His best friend has also been admitted to the same high school as him. They have known each other since kindergarten, although they are no longer in the same class (the last year of junior high school is the same), but They are close to each other, and they will chat with each other after class. Because the two live close (in the same community, the distance between the two apartments is less than 100 meters), they will go back to school together.

But these happy times were gone during the high school year. The parents divorced, and his father had another woman outside. The man broke his mother's heart. Long Cheng's mother gave it to him for demolition in the future. The house, despite the reluctance, let Long Cheng's father be his guardian, and he returned to his natal family alone.

Since then, Long Cheng has changed. He was originally not good at talking with others. After that, he became even more taciturn. He had barely communicated with people in high school, let alone friends, only at his mother’s home and with his friends. Only when he was together did he recover a little bit. In front of his mother, he just didn’t want her to feel sorry for him, making her think that these would not affect him much, and in front of his friends, he could really fight like before. Fart chatting, playing games together, or harming each other. In fact, the other party also knows about their own affairs, but when they are together, they seem to have completely forgotten the shit.

And Long Cheng's father was very good to Long Cheng. Although he was a big man and couldn't do everything like Long Cheng's mother, Long Cheng could still feel his father's care for him.

But even if this is the case, Long Cheng cannot forgive him. His feelings for his father are very complicated. His father has the kindness to nurture him, even if this is only his obligation as Long Cheng's father, on the other hand, Long Cheng hates him. It was he who abandoned his mother. With someone else, Long Cheng knew that she had defrauded most of his father’s money and left him without hesitation. Long Cheng felt very refreshed. Although the woman cheated her own family’s money, she did not hesitate to leave him. Hate her, but seeing his father abandoned, everything he did was like a joke. He abandoned his tired wife, thinking that he could start a new relationship and life, but he really destroyed what he had originally. All of the consequences of suffering, but then Long Cheng feels emptiness again.

Long Cheng looked at the real world, he would definitely go back, but not now, this is not what Long Cheng should consider now.

Long Cheng looked at the system space, and there was a gift bag shining in it, which of course was a novice gift bag.Long Cheng opened it without hesitation.

"Ding, congratulations to the host for opening the novice spree. Congratulations to the host for obtaining a random character card x1, a random character summoning card x1, a designated weapon card (God) x1, an item upgrade card x1, a designated skill card (fan~xian) x1, Douluo Continental Plane Card x1, 1000 points."

As the mechanical prompt sounded, information about these items was also transmitted to Long Cheng.

Random Character Card: You can randomly get everything about a person from the heavens and the world, including weapons, techniques, blood, etc., but not including strength, but will also inherit some of his weaknesses, for example, if you get a ghoul If you get a character card of a vampire, unless you are a true ancestor, you must survive by vampire and be restrained by the Holy Light.

Random Character Summoning Card: It can summon one person in the heavens and ten thousand realms randomly. The summoning character is related to the host's current situation.

Designated weapon card (God): You can choose an artifact.System weapons are divided: common, spirit, god (immortal), super god (chaos), order (dao).

Designated exercise card (Fan ~ Xian): You can choose a exercise method, if the selected exercise method exceeds the fairy level, the host will be given the exercise method part from the mortal realm to the fairyland.(Division of system realm: mortal, spirit, god (immortal), holy, Tao)

Item upgrade card: You can upgrade the items you own, and you will know after using it.

Plane Card: You can shuttle to the designated plane for free.(A minimum of 10,000 points are required to cross the plane, depending on the plane level)

Looking at the information of these items, Long Cheng made a decision after thinking a little bit.

"Can the system, item upgrade card upgrade the system?"

"Ding, no, this system cannot be upgraded, but points can be spent to increase system functions, which can be checked in the mall."

After hearing this, Long Cheng opened the mall to inquire, and soon he found what he was looking for.

System communication and chat function: you can pull people to join in the marked plane, or randomly pull in unknown people. Price: 100 million.

System positioning function: It can locate the specific location of the host, as well as provide a detailed map of the vicinity and a world map, spend a certain amount of points to locate the position of the character plane in the chat group, price: 100 million.

System customization function: The system can be customized to a certain extent (such as changing the system screen, changing the chat interface, adding system products to the chat group, etc., cannot change the system significantly, cannot change the price of items in the mall, etc.) Price: 1 billion .



Seeing here, Dragon City can be considered to understand that this system cannot help people directly gain invincible power. Even the character card only obtains ta’s knowledge, talent, weapons, and exercises. If you directly learn from the given knowledge, you will not have your own understanding. , In the end it just becomes another ta.Thinking of this, Long Cheng said: "System, help me extract characters"

"Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining the character card "Hyoto Issei"" After seeing the prompt, Long Cheng showed a satisfied smile.


ps: Everyone, Douluo meticulous plot + practice, the writing is not very good, please stick to Chapter 83, this book is more biased towards the fans of "Devil's High School DXD" and "Fallen Dog God", I don't understand Readers can go to Baidu.

Because the author is trying to create for the first time, so this book may have many shortcomings. I hope that readers can resist the poison.

Why do I write that Douluo Continent is the first world, and why the protagonist Wuhun is an artifact in "A High School"?

Because the author’s first novel to read was Douluo Dalu, and Douluo Dalu as a novice plane does not appear too dangerous, and the protagonist’s martial arts is an artifact in DXD. On the one hand, the author really likes DXD. The work, on the other hand, I think the artifacts of the Devil's High School world and the Wuhun of Douluo Continent have some subtle similarities.

2. Crossing

Character Card: Hyoto Issei

Bloodline: Human, Demon (Baal), Dragon (Red Dragon Emperor: Ye Draig Goch, White Dragon Emperor: Albion Kuweipa, Infinite Dragon God: Orpheus, True Red Dragon God Emperor: GreatRed)

Ranks: Soldiers, knights, bishops, chariots, queens (originally reincarnated with eight soldiers chess pieces, all chess pieces changed afterwards)

Weapon: Cage Hand of the Red Dragon Emperor (fusion of the White Dragon Emperor's Light Wings and Ascalon)

Envoy: Dragon Emperor Maru (the spaceship with life in the myth [Skidplatny])

Skills: Dragon Ball, Dragon Flame, Costume Breakdown, Milk Language Translation, Milk Phone Call, Opai Wave Cannon, Upgrade (Knight, Bishop, Chariot, Queen), Multiply, Transfer, Penetration, Fire of Yan Yan , Halving, Absorption, Forbidden Hand, Tyrannosaurus, Red Dragon Emperor's Trident, True Queen Mode, Dragon Deification.

Seeing this, Long Cheng showed an expression of excitement. During the years when he became a dead mansion, he had seen a lot of animation, manga, and novels, and he couldn't be more familiar with Rulong Di.

In addition to DXD’s four seasons anime, he has also read novels, but due to the difficulty of finding resources, he has not finished reading them. He only sees the protagonist who wants to become the king (the devil in the high school is based on chess, the highest is the king and the superior demon can develop Belongs to their own dependents).Shenmiegu [Scarlet Emperor's Cage Hand] He also knew well that although the artifacts there might not be strong at first, they could evolve infinitely.

'Well, I can only upgrade one item now. The summoning character upgrade is not very helpful to me now. The artifact can only improve one of my abilities. I have already planned for the technique, and it is still...'

"The system uses the item upgrade card for the character card"

"Ding, the use is successful, please check the information on your own."