When came to be, I was inside the darkness.

There's nothing in all directions, just darkness.

Looking around without even knowing up, down, left or right,

"Have you noticed? Gui Woo Falcon," I heard a beautiful woman.

When I looked at the direction where I heard the voice from, there stood a unmistakable beauty.

"No, thank you for the beauty! I'm so glad everyone who came here says that! I knew you couldn't quit reincarnated God because of this! You rarely praise me for seeing all the other gods because they are beautiful men and beautiful women ~"

If I thought it was very beautiful, I started talking with great momentum. I thought he was a little unfortunate.

"Who is sorry! Other souls praise me that I'm a normal person when I get here recently, but I didn't immediately let them reincarnate and talk about it because it was all about" Give Me Cheats "and" Make Me Hot "that Lanobe likes cartoons, right? The other gods won't come to see me..."

This goddess was not a sorry person but a lonely one.

"Don't say I miss you ~! I just don't have many people to come and see me for a bit! I don't miss you at all!

I'm starting to feel sorry for this guy... is that it?

It's like I just got a response to what I thought.

"Goddess. Maybe you haven't read my mind since just now?

"Have you noticed? Let me read your mind from earlier. If you've ever been a 'reincarnated kitter!' Or 'The Cheats! It was just like," You just really think I'm pretty. "

Because it's really beautiful. Blonde blue-eyed face. The body has a smooth foot in model shape. Besides, I have trouble getting a place for my eyes because I'm dressed very badly.

"Hehe! Thank you! So let's get started."

Talk about the future?

Speaking of which, how could reincarnation have said this earlier?

"Exactly. Do you remember why you're here?

Speaking of my last memory, I remember speaking of school being over and in the rain, on my way home. And then... yes! I heard a woman scream when I finished crossing the intersection, and I looked back, and I saw a car running at a fierce speed, running towards a woman, and I moved away and pushed the woman out, and instead I...

"That's right! I was hit by a car instead of a woman."

"Exactly. You were killed instantly in that accident. So after death, it was just my soul, and I came to this place."

Am I dead? What happens to the collection of secrets you keep in my room or something? When my mother or sister finds me, it's a big deal.

"My sister would have found it if it was a collection of falconers' secrets. It was incinerated that way."

Seriously... the collection I worked so hard to collect.

"Well, Don Mai! So may I proceed?

"You're so light, Oi!

"Because I've seen a lot of people like that. I'm used to it. Tehe!"

"Tehe!" said this goddess. I'm getting frustrated with the loss of my first godliness.

"Fair enough, calm down. Let's talk about the future."

"Are you talking about reincarnating future stories?

"Yes, you're right. All souls are starting to come here when their flesh is gone. So I see and judge my life until that person's death, and I reincarnate him."

"What is that criterion of judgment?

"There are a lot of standards, but after all, the best criterion is good and evil in life. If you were doing good in your previous life, you could be a king or something in your next life. If you've only done evil, you may not be human."

What difference does it make?

"Well, this would be an extreme example. Because some people are reincarnated into humans, even if they do all the evil things. Mostly that means ± 0, which makes you a civilian or a slave. Well, this also makes a personal difference, so refer to it."

I just said something important, you goddess.

"Hey! I'm a slave. ⁉ *"

"Oh, speaking of which, you didn't have slaves in Japan where Mr. Falcon lived. Every country in the world where you will be reincarnated has slavery. So be careful, if you get caught and sold, you become a slave."

This goddess smiled at me.

"But if you reincarnated into telling me that story now, wouldn't you lose your memory or something?

"The falcon has done quite a bit of good deeds, so it is possible to reincarnate them with memory. Good deeds get me into TOP 10 from this job. Incidentally, people who enter TOP 10 are more likely in the next world to achieve great things like kings and heroes in history."

"What? I was a regular student?

"I'm the woman you helped, but after your death, I was very grateful, and that turned out to be more good deeds"

"Is that the only thing that increases the number of good deeds?

"Normally it doesn't increase that much. Because that's how much she appreciated it."

"Was that so awesome?

"Do you want to know?


"Do you really want to know?

Hey, goddess, it's close!

"Yes. No! It's okay!"

I was so freaked out by the force.

"Really? Let's move on."

I went back to the goddess just now. What the hell was that? What was that awesome?

"Uh, it was memorable, but what would you do? Then leave it."

"Okay. Memories mean reincarnation. Keep it in your memory, so I have one piece of information for you."

What? What's the deafening information?

"I just saw your talent inside, so good luck because I gave you the ability to 'The more effort you make, the more you grow'! Because I also gave you the ability to hear the words soon!

I said something very important with a good smile on my face.

"Hey! What kind of..."

Before I finished, the area glowed out and turned white on one side.

"Now have a new life!

Thus began my new life.