I looked out of the window, thinking it was cold, and the white button snow fell fluffy.

Button snow?

Three years old, where did Count Sergeion, Countess of Granzeus, learn the word button snow? I wonder. Recently, this has happened. He leaned toward the window while leaning his head, stretched out, grabbed the window sill with both hands, and looked outside.

Watch the wide lawn of the Earl's garden dyed pure white. This is the first time snow has accumulated. When tomorrow morning comes, I'm sure I'm on my knees. Then let's make a snowman. Are you angry with your father?


Also. I stared at the sky and thought. Then from outside


He heard his footsteps stepping on the snow and returned his gaze.

There was a lot of red patterns on the ground, which was just white just outside the window. There was something very small white mofumofu crouched in front of the red dots. A child with a bright red forefoot.


"Ah ... oh ah!"

I grabbed the blanket on the bed and ran outside, appalled by the memory suddenly flowing into my head!


I politely wrote the baby tiger ... again, wiped the blood of the sacred beast white tiger with a wet towel, sanitized the injuries on the right front leg, applied the medicine, wrapped the towel instead of the bandage, and gently rolled it. Isn't it too clever for a 3 year old? I think so too. Until recently, it was difficult for me. But now that I have remembered that, I can do it. It takes time and effort for my small body.

"Rebirth in another world ..."

I put a white tiger wrapped in my pink wool cape on my knees and muttered in my own words while stroking my head.

I didn't have anything special, but I was a working person who was self-supporting and did not bother anyone. About 30? My job responsibilities increased, and I taught several juniors, but the juniors quit immediately because of a change of job or marriage. I don't know how he died. Death from overwork? Did you wander around on your way home and have an accident?

The only pleasure in such a rough life is reading. I read a fantasy novel and escaped from reality. One of them is "Eternal love for the wild rose". The main character Maribel was born in a downtown area .... It is a wild rose, but he was found a strong magical power and enrolled as a scholarship student at Magic Academy, the best educational institution in the country, not only to bloom magical talents, but also recognized as a sacred beast, Influential students of the institute become friends one after another in a devoted attitude without arrogance .... Finally, they are connected with the prince and have a happy ending. The story of the royal road along the royal road. The name of the royal villain on the royal road is Selefione Granzeus. A powerful wizard who is comparable to a heroine and a prince fiancé.

"I'm sorry ..."

According to the memory of the previous life, Serefione is magical versatile and forcibly uses White Tiger, and uses that power to stop Maribel. After Maribel defeats Selefione, he releases the White Tiger and establishes a formal master-slave relationship. I shouted at the back of a beautiful creature on my knees.

Maybe this is the scenario where you drink my blood at this time and sign a contract while your consciousness is cloudy. Although it wasn't the main line, it was cut in the novel. But that's not a mistake. If you drink my blood, which contains plenty of magic, the white tiger will be fine. That's fine for a 3 year old. I guess I didn't think I was going to use it when I drank blood.

But I'm a 3 year old Araser who knows the story. I can't take the risk. I don't want to be a villain. The end of the villain is confined to the tower. It is alive and decayed only to reduce its magical power for a lifetime. Yada, absolutely.

But while doing so, the condition of the white tiger is getting worse. It's not a joke that only a few sacred beasts in the world die on my knees. Another bad route will open. Let's do it already. In the first place, who injured Shiratora-chan!


I gently hugged the shivering beast. By the way, she responded to my voice and opened her eyes. Big teardrops overflowed with Polonpolon, and imitated her father and sucked it.

The area around me glowed for a moment. …… I do n’t have any bad feelings, but I ’m not worried.

The light blue eyes, like the round gemstones, are different in color, but similar to their previous life brother. I remember remembering my old brother's talisman. As I walked, I fell pat and I cried my brother Enen.

"I want to go out of my way!

After rubbing her injured forefoot, I did a couple of maneuvers throwing pain out of the window.

"I don't wanna do it anymore-good and good"

She chewed her cheeks and kissed her forehead. While the White Tiger likes to be calm, he is at a loss.

Suddenly the strength of the white tiger-like body in his arms increased. I lost my feeling so I stretched my arm and put it on my knee. The white tiger had his eyes open.

"What are you?

Sha, I talked! Can you talk about the sacred beast? The voice is so cute!


"Sere? Your magic is amazing! I'm fine! Thank you!

The towel was replaced by a bandage and a bandage. There was no deep wound that I had just treated.

To ... no way ... but that's the only thing ... it worked ... what is this, I have a magical cheat?

"The magic of the serge is very pleasant. I'm by the way. Good?

Can you say no? You can't do that, right? Is death guilty to face the sacred beast? Will this be a cast? Isn't it? You didn't overdo it, right? I don't know!

"Um ... from your friends?"



The sacred beast rushed at me and licked my face. The white tiger's claws hit and blood spreads from the back of my hand. The white tiger licked it just sorry.

A ring of light suddenly appeared overhead, surrounding me and the White Tiger, tied tightly, and snapped away.

I was shining a while ago ... I didn't know because I was down, but ...

Mutual ingestion of body fluids ...

The cold sweat of my temple flowed just like the I used to read. The White Tiger innocently licks it with Peron.


Well, it glowed again! In addition, it was awkward! It's not a trick! I'm terrible!

I lowered the white tiger to the floor and loosely touched the floor. Such me

"Sere? What did you do?

A white tiger taps my head with a fluffy paws.

………… Whether I was used?