The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer

2 I checked the current situation

Well, let's check the current situation for the time being! The white muff jumping around in my king-sized bed and leaving it for the time being ... Well, I'm glad I was fine. Avoid the first pinch!

Double check myself hanging on the wall. Serefione Granzeus is a dark girl with straight hair and scapular hair, jet black eyes and a sober girl who has no discomfort as a former Japanese. Here is the daughter of the Countess of Granzeus, the kingdom of Judor. The family is a father who is the Minister of Finance of the country and an older brother who is the Earl of the Earl. My mother died sadly after giving birth to me. Birth was still life-threatening in this world.

The earl father is a handsome guy with black hair and emerald green eyes. The body looks like a model from a previous life. I'm busy with hard work, but it's the contents of Arasa who loves my mother. The age and dad do not change so much, but they can cry as they do their best.

Although he has a territory in the northern mountains, he spends most of his time at the Earl's House in the royal capital, where he spends most of his time with three parents and a small number of servants. Apparently in the old days, it seemed that the servants were about to be slung, and the rule of the Granzeus was unusual for a nobleman, and it was a rule of himself to do it himself. So I'm moving without any interference in the house. The escort is somewhere.

My brother Laluza Granzeus is 10 years old this year, a little older than me. Both hair and eyes are socks and a beautiful boy. I am glad my hair is all three.

When a nobleman turns 5 years old, a magic test is performed, and the aristocracy is divided into advanced, normal, and non-magical. Our Earl family has a huge amount of magical powers due to the fact that their ancestors have spirits or not. My older brother is naturally a senior who can shake the scale. It is customary for advanced children to enroll in Magic Academy, where a tutor is immediately attached and begins to learn magic control. Enrollment is 13 years old.

My brother studies with a tutor every morning and evening and learns martial arts as a boy's preference. I'm in the same house, but I only meet with meals.

Now that the memories are back, Laluza has come to realize that she may hate me. Because my mother died because I was born. At that time, Laluza was already seven years old and a smart child, so he should have understood everything. A sister with the same eyes as my beloved mom, can't help but be avoided …………

That might be more convenient. Because Larousa encounters the heroine even though Magic Academy doesn't overlap, she loves her and becomes hostile to me. It works to avoid villains as much as possible, but is it somehow corrected? If you go to the fate of the novel after all, if you love your brother ... It is painful. I can't stand it if my brother kills me or feels good.


"what? Sele?

"Please tell me your name"

I'm supposed to know nothing about the White Tiger, and I have to self-report. Puppy size with white and black stripes on the snow itself. Clear blue eyes like a clear winter sky.

"I'm Luderyl Fenna. It is a beast of the four heavens born from the moon goddess. The predecessor was stolen. I did not come. Hehehe

"Loo, lazy? Mofumofu? What?"


"Is it okay to say ru?"

"... I can't help it, because the celebrity is small."

you too!

But I knew that she was not a white tiger. By the way, the White Tiger is a preconception of the previous world.

"Why was Ru-roo?"

`` I came here while I was running around because I was happy because the snow fell ''

I'm lost, this kid ...

"Why were you hurt?"

"... I was thrown at a weapon I had never seen. Mockery

I'm really worried! What is a weapon, a weapon that damages the Holy Beast Rev. Shiten?

"Have you been killed?"

"do not know. Looks like it was poisoned, it's ambiguous. "

"Are you ... Lu, are you here? Are you out of the house?"

"No one is dead because his father is dead."

"... what do you eat? What should I do?"

"If you have a cereal nearby, you will get the beautiful magic of the cereal. Good?

"Of course! Friends!"

Ru jumped out of bed and into my chest. Still a baby. It can not be helped.

"Loo, what is it?"

`` I stopped counting after I was 100 years old ''

I'm a senior ...