The Return of Diamond Ace Pitcher

The Return of Diamond Ace Pitcher Chapter 1

Diamond ace pitcher of return: Flying Bear Knight

brief introduction:

Major League rescue pitcher Sawamura returns to his youth, makes up for regrets, looks for dreams, and recasts the glorious story.

The story is very long, look slowly...

Volume One, Young Phoenix Chuming

Chapter 001 Boy, Come Play Baseball

New students are scheduled to start on April 1, when the Spring Festival is strong.

The school gate of Akagi Middle School in Nagano Prefecture is like a temple fair.

Basketball club, dance club, archery club, kendo club...

One by one, the societies, like hawkers in business, set up their tables and planted flags.The club is responsible for recruiting members, most of whom are the heads of the club. They are wearing decently tailored school uniforms and smilingly stretch out Qianqianyu's hand to the newly enrolled elementary school brother. This jade's hand is holding sheets of entry Application form.

Walking through such a team, Yamaguchi has been dizzy.I have heard people say that club activities are particularly popular in middle schools.The better clubs in the school may even have disputes about recruiting new students on the first day of enrollment.

But who can tell him why he has stood here for two hours and no one has come to solicit him?Those amiable senior sisters naturally diverted their eyes when they saw him, and didn't mean to talk to them at all.

When he entered school, he was very hesitant. What if someone came to fight him?

Yamaguchi Ken, who was 1.5 meters tall and weighed 150, was deeply confused.

"Junior, I think you are surprised by your network and talents. At first glance, you are a once-in-a-century hitter. Are you interested in coming to our baseball club?"

This is really nowhere to go, and there is still another village.When Yamaguchi was lost, an angelic voice suddenly appeared behind him.

Turning his head, Yamaguchi saw a handsome figure half a head taller than himself, a well-proportioned figure.

The other party was looking at him with a smile on his face.His eyes are very clear, as if they can suck people in.

What an attractive senior!

Although Yamaguchi wanted to agree, he could think about his situation where no one cares. Can such a good society really accommodate himself?You know, no matter which school, the baseball club is a popular club.

"Senior? Are you really sure you want to invite me?"

As Yamaguchi said, he tried to shrink his bulging belly so that he didn't look so bloated.

"OK, sure! It's really lucky for our baseball team to be able to invite talented players like you."

These words made Yamaguchi very excited. He was often laughed at because of his size since he was a child. When people describe him, they are often associated with some kind of animal they keep.For the first time in his life, someone said he was a genius.Even if the other party is just polite, Yamaguchi is willing to listen.

As the two spoke, the other party had already stuffed a registration form in Yamaguchi's hands.

Yamaguchi confided in his name and became a member of the field club of Akagi Middle School.He waited until he finished signing up before he knew the name of the person in front of him.

"My name is Zecun, Zecun Rongchun, you can call me Xiaorong or Rongchun!"!

Sawamura smiled like a fox stealing a hen, giving Yamaguchi a somewhat ominous premonition in his heart.

"Also, don't call me senior, I am a freshman this year just like you."

At this time, Yamaguchi completely saw the scene around Kiyozawa Village.

Behind Zecun were two rural youths who looked very simple. One of them was tall and thin, and seemed to be malnourished, and the other was so ordinary that even if he was thrown into a crowd, it would be difficult for others to find him.

Seeing Yamaguchi pay attention to his companions behind him, Sawamura enthusiastically introduced both parties: "This is my little friend in the country. The taller one is Nakagawa Shin, and the slightly shorter one is Koyamazaki."

Sawamura said it was full of enthusiasm, but by Yamaguchi Ken's standards, these two guys are definitely worthy of crooked melons.

Suddenly, Ken Yamaguchi questioned Sawamura's unique vision.

What criteria did this charming classmate choose?

Sawamura didn't have the time to pay attention to Yamaguchi's doubts, plus the newly recruited Yamaguchi Ken, but he pooled five people, even if he and his childhood sweetheart Wakana were added, there were only six people.

Three short!

The revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard.

Silently cheered himself up, Zecun took an ordinary face behind him, a tall, slender man with malnutrition, and a super fat man with a height of 1.5 meters and a weight of 150. He started a new recruiting. journey of.

These four people are particularly eye-catching in the recruiting team.

Some people who saw them immediately avoided the plague, hiding far away.

"Hey, people's hearts are scattered, the team is not easy to lead!"

Zecun himself carried a sign of the baseball club and was full of people on campus.After his unremitting efforts, he finally fooled a young guy who looked like a quiet girl.

"It's cool, trust me, you must be a natural shortstop."

Zecun said so swearly that even he himself was almost convinced by himself.

Yamaguchi Ken followed Sawamura with a strange expression.For some reason, he always felt that Zecun's line was very familiar.

"Don't we have senior seniors?"

No matter how humble Zecun was, he already recruited a lot of people.Yamaguchi listened to what he said, including his friends from elementary school, there are six or seven new students.So many people are supposed to be enough.

You must know that Akagi is only a small school after all, and the number of students in the three grades plus one piece is only three or four hundred people.Freshmen are in their early 100s, and they are a typical yin and yang. It is said that boys can hug each other and have surplus.

Calculated in this way, the proportion of new recruits in Zecun is still very scary.Even if it was all crooked melons and split dates, he recruited a lot.The task indicators given by the seniors should have been completed long ago.


Sawamura looked at a loss, and then suddenly said, "We have no seniors! So everyone is the absolute main force of our baseball club, and everyone has the opportunity to play..."

From there, Yamaguchi Kenting Sawamura preached the bright future of their baseball club, and always felt that there was something wrong?

"This school originally didn't have a baseball club."

Fengliang Zhengtai, who just joined, said Sven.

"Then us?"

Yamaguchi Kenka and Yamazaki and Nakagawa behind him all looked deceived.Without a baseball club, can it be said that they joined the club.

"An Xin, An Xin! The Baseball Department has just been established. I specially applied for the principal!"

Zecun stretched out his thumb and pointed to his chest.

"Today is the first day that our Akagi Middle School Baseball Club was established!"

On the first day of freshmen enrollment, the wild ball club named Akagi Junior High School Baseball Club was established.Although it seems that they don't even have a venue, and they don't have enough numbers.

But who can predict what will happen to Akagi in the future?

Even Zecun, he just wanted to make up for the regrets of his friends when they were young, and take everyone to the national competition.

I am Zecun, I have come to fulfill the promise.

Seeing these familiar faces on the other side that could no longer be familiar, Sawamura said silently in his heart.

Chapter 002 Asking for Money, People, and Opponents

"I declare that the Akagi Middle School baseball team is officially established from now on!"

The friends of the Akagi Middle School baseball team sat together, and Sawamura announced cheerfully.In order to welcome everyone, Zecun is generous, so please have a good meal.

"How much is your pocket money?"

When paying, the childhood sweetheart Wakana asked worriedly.Today's expenses are quite a lot for students.

"Don't worry, don't worry, it's drizzling. I'll apply for activity funds from the principal!"

The baseball club of Akagi Middle School was established. Sawamura thought it was a great event, and it was necessary to inform his headmaster so that the old man could shed some blood.

"Haha, no problem, no problem."

Principal Takada, in his fifties, has a kind face and speaks slowly, just like the grandfather of the neighbor next door.Hearing Zecun's request, he fully agreed, very happy.

With a swipe of the pen, he approved a ten thousand yuan note and gave it to Zecun.After giving the money, he remembered and asked: "Your instructor, did you find it?"

There are regulations in the school that every club must have its own teacher, and the newly established baseball club is naturally the same.

Zecun happily took the money and left. He had no idea about money regardless of his past and present.So he doesn't know. Ten thousand yuan is a lot, but for no baseball club, it's just a drop in the bucket.Not to mention the luxury of jerseys, even the money for bats and gloves is not enough.

Although the process did not go smoothly, Akagi Middle School Baseball Department was established tenaciously.It is like a wild weed, waiting for a new life.

After the activity funds came, Zecun’s next step was to find a teacher.

He had already chosen this candidate.

"Mr. Sano, you are so handsome and suave. If you can't lead a baseball team to a big fight, how can you show your infinite style?"

In the teacher's office of Akagi Middle School, Sawamura is lobbying his head teacher hard.

Sano, who was entangled by him, was 1.65 meters tall and weighed 120 kilograms. He had a slight hair loss on his forehead and looked a little older than his real age.

For him, a single teacher who didn't even have a target, it was a waste of time to be the leader of the newly established baseball club.He has to find the other half of his life.

I just looked at the student who was eloquently praising him, but couldn't say anything when he refused.

Apart from anything else, the young man still has his vision.


Without waiting for Sano to speak, Sawamura grabbed his hand and said excitedly: "I knew that Mr. Sano is the best! Let's say that. This is the target I am looking for for the practice competition. I hope the teacher will hurry Contact. Our little friends are gearing up and waiting for the game."

Sano held the paper that Sawamura had stuffed in his hand, opened his mouth several times, and finally laughed helplessly.

He wanted to say that he really didn't have time.But forget it, such a discerning student, just help him out.

Then he put his gaze on the note in his hand, Tianlong Middle School, Nagano Metropolitan Middle School, Xintian Academy...

What the hell are these three schools?

With a mentality to give it a try, Sano called all three schools.

After the call, Sano calmly put down the phone, and his face suddenly became distorted.

"What the hell are they, and they said we are not worthy, what are they all about?"

Tianlong Middle School, a famous overlord in Nagano Prefecture.Nagano Metropolitan Middle School, runner-up in the Nagano area competition last year.Nitta Middle School, frequent visitor to the top four in Nagano Prefecture.

There are only more than forty middle schools in Nagano Prefecture, and these are the top strong schools.

Of course, Sawamura did not say that Sano, who knew nothing about baseball, would never know.

"What's so great, I don't believe I can't find a suitable object for practice competition."

Sano was irritated by the arrogance of several schools.

So he decided to find a good practice object for Akagi's friends.

"Mr. Hotan, are you a baseball fan?"

Wada, a teacher in an office with Sano, usually likes baseball very much.It is a treasure to the players who are active in Koshien and the profession.

"Ok, Mr. Sano is also interested in baseball."

"Of course~"

Sano smiled, he really didn't know what he should say.He doesn't know anything about baseball, but he just became a teacher in the baseball club.

"I want to ask Mr. Hotan, are there any famous baseball teams around here?"

When Wadaichi talked about baseball, his whole person suddenly exuded a different brilliance.

"Yes, isn't it right next door to us."

next door?

Sano doesn't know. So, there is a middle school next to Akagi, but is their baseball great?

"You don't know yet, Shilun Middle School made the third round of the team."

Hotan has a look with You Rongyan.

What the hell is the third round?

Sano said that he didn't understand baseball, and it was really hard to understand what baseball fans said.