What will happen to the Golden Dragon grade?

Jill didn't have that point of view. Noine, who noticed the same thing, has both eyes wide open.

Rutia laughed at Noin as she lifted the capture barrier.

"Now it's your turn." Laugh at the scum, point at the back, hahaha

"...... I'll take responsibility for the headmaster!" Even the principal doesn't punish all of the Kim Dragon classes! "

"So you're going to be one of us?" I'm going to throw away the school fees my father earned by putting his head up! "

"Then can you really say that we can win!?"

You can win!

After screaming, Rutia seemed to have noticed her contradiction, but she couldn't stop it later. Even more so when it comes to same-sex partners of my age.

"... then you will lead it?" "Azure Dragon Grade"


Rutiya replied with anxiety. Jill stopped laughing, but a few of the students who had erupted were reacting quickly to Hadith and panicked.

Noin looked back at Rutia from the front and then tied his lips.

"--Okay. Professor Jill, I'm sorry to hear that. It was definitely my business. Forget it, bye."

"Wait, go back with Dr. Roger. There are dragons in this mountain."

No problem. I'm not a member of the Lavée family, and I can go back alone.

Glancing at Rutiya, who had caught one eyebrow and one cheek, Noin quickly returned to his heel.

"Um, I feel like I'm coming here with all my might." Are you sure? "

Jill answers as Roger whispers her ear.

"I'm dying... what happened to those two?"

"On the day of enrollment, it seems that Noin-kun ate from Lord Rutiya." Because of your behavior, I want to correct the collar that spreads mistrust of the Lavée Empire. It's been like that ever since. "

"Hey, you!"

Rutia turned vigorously and threw up in front of her.

"What do you want me to do?"

"...... I didn't say I was going to train you."

"Do you mind if I change my mind?" ― ― You're the one who told me to do what I wanted!

It must be shining, it's biting momentum. Holding down the tremor in his expression muscles so as not to laugh as much as possible, Jill shouted.

"You don't need this training to be able to untie the seizure barrier on your own." Ask for the guidance of the students now until the footsteps are lined up. All you have to do is grasp each ability and think about your plan. ”

Fine. If I have to, I'll make sure they're all unwell and absent before the game.

No, no, no, no.

Rutiya did not answer, but headed towards the students who were running away from the sauté. Once the sauce had been put on hold, the students were gathered together. Looks like he's planning a plan.

”Nah... I didn't expect Rutiya to be motivated...”

Jill nodded as she watched the students with Roger.

”The power of youth is amazing...”

"No, no, that's all..." Jill-sensei, do you know your age?

"Dr. Roger, can you help me with the training?"

"Not again, huh?" What are you expecting from a bad teacher like me? "

"You're strong, aren't you, Dr. Roger?" It's better than the principal. It's the best thing at school. "

Roger deliberately opened his eyes and laughed at Jill's gaze, which he threw under the tree.

"I'm pretty sure you're stepping on the number of venues." Until I chose the path of a teacher, my address was an indeterminate one. Because it was basic to protect yourself. "

Are you willing to teach your students that defense technique?

"I'm a little busy, preparing for a match." Besides, you're going to get in my way, if I go in here all the time. Even though Jill-sensei has been the focus of my efforts

“I don't think so. My term of office is three months. After the match is over, we will say goodbye, and I hope that Dr. Roger will become their instructor after that."

"Are you worried about your successor?" You really are a good teacher. [M]...... I'm not a good teacher, so I envy you a bit. "

I don't think a really bad teacher would be aware of that, nor would he be sorry to say it.

Haha, "Roger laughed lightly and stretched out his back.

“I'll think about it. That's right. When you're safe, when the class matches are over."

"...... Sensei, are you doing any work?"

"Excuse me. I'm busy with this, with security and stuff." There's Chancellor Maynard, too, a big event. If the students of the Azure Dragon class are very successful, the review of the grade system is not a dream at all. "

I will return the blinking Jill with one eye closed. Without further ado, Roger walked down the ramp.

(...... I don't think the useless teacher will give you such advice......)

I'm not trying to help at all, and I can't hide my strength in a clever way, but there's no doubt that I'm a good teacher. Jill is also skilled in the art of casting that she doesn't have. That teacher wants one at Jill's cadet school.


Ro, who suddenly jumped out of the grass, hugged Jill's leg.

"Ro! What do you say, dragon?" Did you come? "

Instead of answering, a great wind blew, and diagonated the trees. The screams of the students rose, and the sautéed hadith gumma, which was about to fly away, was being held back.

Slowly coming out of the sky, the dragon with the red scales was at the forefront. Jill's eyes glowed.

"Red Dragon! You've found it, Ro!" And there are so many Green Dragons! "


Ro stretches her chest and puffs up her nostrils. Jill took a step forward to say hello. But the red dragon with a steep face suddenly roared. Suddenly, Jill blinked at the battle position.

"What, what, all of a sudden?" Ro, did you properly explain the situation? "


I don't know how to explain it, but my cheeks are caught in the big eyes of Roe.


If you're going to kill me, you're going to have to kill yourself first. If you look closely, it looks like it's covering the green dragon behind it. The students shouted.

"Ryo, the Green Dragon is so big, even the Red Dragon...!"

"Hide in the shadows, the dragon hates its magic power and will attack you. Don't be sensed!" Don't be frightened, it's with the bear stuffed animals! "

Rutiya's instructions were accurate. Mmm, Jill looks straight ahead.

"What are you doing!" Hurry up and run, I can't deal with this many dragons alone! "

"--No, it's convenient."

There seems to be a mistake, but Jill is the only one the dragons hate. Hold your fist as you stand up.

"I'll show you that you can defeat the dragon."

"Huh!? Huh?!"

Teacher, Jill kicks the ground against the back of the teachers' cries. I felt sorry for the tears that gleamed at the edge of the red dragon's eyes.