In the outside world, Lu Hongyu, who has never filed his own loved ones, and first picked up his little prostitute in front of the reporter, and said that he would not be married in his life, will leave the family to a small niece.

This news came out, everyone was shocked, and the little prostitute in the curious Lu Hongyu is who is.

Because that is not more than 100 million families, but tens of billions of property, this will give a relative, which is waiting for the little niece, it is equal to the rich and fortune.

Everyone envyed that the curiosity begins to love this deeply loved, the small age became who is a billion people who have a million people.

Before this, there is a rumor, Lu Hongyu's niece is a little girl in Song Her, and is currently a red child star deer.

So after this, the rumor was amplified under the suspicion and marketing number of the deer fans, and pulled it up.

However, most netizens don't believe this rumor, and Song Herran black powder and home immediately borrow the question, start to dissert two people.

"Everyone does not have a long brain. If Lu Lu is Lu Hongyu's niece, I am still going to do a good job in Song Hao, is it deer?"

"Song Her is really enough, and the marketing is getting bigger."

"Song Herran and Lu Lu's two people, three days, I hot, this is not enough? I still lick the heat of the scientific research industry. Do you want to face your face!"

"Have to say, Song Herran team's marketing is very hand, who is the heat dares, bullying the big age, do not pay attention to the entertainment circle?"

"As a gold TOP level artist, Song Held is not enough? Now we must cultivate a child to come out to fish, use child labor to know?"

"Lu Lu is very pitiful, so small is taken."

"??? I didn't listen to the wrong, and the three five thousand wages in a month will earn three or five million people in a month. Deer is more happy than you, but I don't forget that Wen Ze Yun can be a uncle. I just said that I would like to leave the property to Lu Lu. "


After the rumor of Lu Hongyu prostitute, the whole network was blown, the Weibo server was embarrassed several times, and Song Her's homepage is even more brushing.

Everyone doesn't believe that Lu Lu will be a little daughter in Lu Hongyu.

If so, then Wen Ze Yun and Lu Hongyu are brothers, how can this, too, too much?

Netizens will repeat Lu Hongyu and Wen Ze Yun's photo, I feel that the two do not seem to be similar, how can it be a brother?

rumor! Absolutely rumors!

It is definitely a marketing strategy of Song Herran team, they must resolutely resist the behavior of the heroic research circles.

The artist of the entertainment circle is mutually stepped on each other. No matter, it is a circle of a circle, but now these artists do not ask for red and unscrupulous means, it is too much.

Although Lu Lu had a large wave of passers-by, Lu Lu has won a good feeling of passers-by, but she said that she is Lu Hongyu's niece. Everyone has fallen a lot of good feelings.

Star marketing can, but not distinguished, there is a bit of disgusting people.

So many passers-by began to disrupted from land deer.

Of course, in addition to Lu Lu, everyone is more disgusted is Song Herran.

Luo is so little, nothing is not a broker.

So the land deer fans began to tear the Song Helhi, and Song Helhi fans will be weak, and their brother is so good to a good girl, and the result is not good.

The brothers and sister powder of the family before and harmonious, now I am regenerated, and I can't help but I can't help it, except for these people.

Qiao Yi did not expect that the situation will develop to this step.

He has always known that netizens have been born with brain, very terrible, but I have never been revealed that the truth of things is still disclosed, fans and netizens can tear their public relations team can't handle. .

If you continue, the reputation of Song Herran and Lu Lu will be damaged.

It can now be placed on the public relations team to suppress public opinion, or the exuberant of other artists will not work.

The current solution is only one, that is, the truth is announced to the public, and the Lu Hongyu stands out to explain who his little prostitute is.

Can Luo Hongyu willing?

A researcress like Lu Hongyu is a person who attaches great importance to the entire country. It is a very sacred existence for ordinary people.

These messy things like this are generally disdainful and entertainment.

Moreover, Lu Hongyu admitted, will definitely shock the entire Internet, this will be affected by Lu Hongyu personal **, after entertainment, the dog is always concerned about Lu Hongyu, which will cause very serious troubles to Lu Hongyu.

Qiaoyi looked at the public's ignorant public opinion, and the urgent burned to Song Hecheng proposed to find Lu Hongyu and Song Yan Ting to order this storm.

I didn't expect Song Her, but they refused.

Reasons for refused Song Her did not say, but Qiao Yi learned Song Her's personality. She knew that Her he didn't want to add trouble to Lu Hongyu and Song Yan Ting.

But now this situation, if you don't add trouble, Song Helhi's reputation will be damaged.

Song Herran fate and she is bundled. Song Her's cause is her career. As a broker, how can I bear to look at the artists who have cultivated fall down the altar.

So I still contrary to Song Hecheng, Joey contacted Lu Hongyu and Song Yan Ting.

She has not opened it, the two big men have already known why she is.

Since Song Herran and Lu Lou, Lu Hongyu and Song Yan Ting will pay attention to the movement of the entertainment circle, so Song Her's situation they already know.

Since the brothers found, Lu Hongyu always wanted to find a suitable timing, telling the public, but because it is a bit busy, she holds.

I didn't expect that he was only put on holding this news, and the nephew niece was suspicious of netizens.

It seems that this thing can't be dragged again.

So Lu Hongyu and Song Yan Ting, Wen Zeyun, the three brothers have discussed some, decided to send Weibo together, tell the public.

Song Yan Ting and Lu Hongyu have no private microblogging, and the company or team's Blue V official Bo is announced, and Wen Ze Yun has issued Weibo Aite.

Wen Ze Yun as a movie emperor with breakfast, this microblog, immediately let everyone fall in glasses.

"What ?????? and real estate borders Song Yan Ting are Wenzhun's brother?"

"I rely on, Song Herran is Song Yan Ting's son?"

"Today is not April Fool's Day, I am not dreaming, how can these three people may be a brother! If they are brothers, the Song Helhi and Lu Lu are real brothers and sisters?"

"This is a fidelity of the fidelity, the Lu Lu has three top big uncle, but also has a top brother? This purple mestor will not be so good."

"Stupid upstairs? You see that this is not melon, this three days Weibo is Wen Ze Yun, Lu Hongyu, Song Yan Ting's official property is sent out." 4

"Lying in the trough, it is not a marketing, Lu Lu is really Lu Hongyu's niece !!! Mude."

"Wen Ze Yun and Lu Hongyu said in recent interviews to leave their own property to Lu Lu, I maintained a calm rough estimate, Lu Lu is likely to be the youngest richest in my country!"

"The first richer", Lu Dee, Lu Wei, my sister love you! "


Several Weibo sent a half an hour, the previous public opinion quickly reversed, and quickly disappeared with the deer and Songheran remarkable, the remaining is full of love.

However, whether it is a boiling sound, or now full screen, there is no known.

When the uncle of God, the last 1% of the task strip was filled, she was sitting in the living room to see the pig porch, suddenly the pink pig pig in front of him, no one turned, Jin Guang four-shot gantry appeared Before your eyes.

Lu De Station is under the gantry, looking at the arches of the brilliance in the cloud, I don't know what it is.

This day is that she has become the first day after human beings. It can now be true, but she is full of minds, the head of the brother, Enso brother, Big, Irobe and Uncle, Fifi, Sister and Morning Morning There are still many people who like her, good to her.

She doesn't want to separate them.

Lu Defu is not happy at all, but there is two shadows in front of her.

Then she heard the familiar shout: "Lu Lu, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Lu Lu heard the voice and looked up. He saw the familiar people. Uncle, there was a silver dragon, and Lu Lu glanced at the giant dragon, and I didn't know what it was.

Dragon saw Lu Lu's shocked little expression, laughing softly, followed: "Lu Lu, have you forgotten your brother so soon?"


"You are a dragon brother? But ..."

Lu Lu quickly responded, and the dragon brother has become a true dragon, so his real body has not been different from before, she quickly wanted to hug brother, but the giant dragon is too big, She can't even hold a paw.

The dragon brother saw that the sound was laughed, and then the dragon body turned and turned into human form.

Lu Lu looked at the brother of human shaped, left to see the right, said: "

After the previous dragon brother, it was obviously the long brother.

Xiaolong sneaked into the heart of Lu Lu, explained: "Little fool is the true skin of my true skin, before I saw the face of my face, I am free to change."

"So ..." So Her Kong's brother is really only ordinary human beings, and she is admitted to her.

Lu Lu looked at the heart of the dragon brother, and looked at the gantry behind his brother. I didn't know what to do for a time.

The brother is very good to her. If she suddenly disappeared, my brother will definitely be particularly sad.

She doesn't want to make it sad.

Zhenlong and Guardian God see that wearing Lu Lu's kindness, look at it, explain: "Deer, if you really have to remember the world, you can choose to stay waiting for you to end the life, then submit tasks Open the gantry. "

"Really? This is a representative, I can accompany the brother and uncle's uncle," Human life is only decades, the elderly will die in the first thing, so she can After you will die, leave the human world again.

Lu Lu thought, just want to confirm with the uncle of God, I heard the God replied: "Yes, you can wait until they have passed the world, you will come to Longmen."

After getting an accurate answer, Lu Lu looked at the Dragon Brother for a long time.

She walked forward to pull the brother's clothing: "Dragon brother, can I come to the Dragon Palace later?"

Xiaolong brother smiled slightly, and the favorite of the small head of Lu Lu, "Of course, you can, as long as you are happy, when you want to come to my brother, my brother will pick you again."

Day, one day, every time, human seven or eighty years in him, only seven or eighty days, a blink of an eye.

Lu Lu looked at the Junlong brother as before, and she smiled sweetly.

Suddenly, the dragon brother and the uncle and the gantry of the gantry were disappeared.

She felt the shaking of the body, immediately opened his eyes.

Song Her's face was enlarged in front of him. After he saw Lu Lu woke up, he said with a petty tone: "I am so happy to sleep, how can I have a silly sister like you."

At this moment, Lu Lu didn't care about my brother. She was stupid. She looked at my brother, looking up his brother, said: "Brother, tell you a good news, Lu Lu will not be separated from my brother."

Song Herran:? ? ?

What does this mean, they have not been separated.

Lu Lu saw a foggy water, like he didn't understand, she said: "Stupid, it is Lu Lu to accompany the brother, old to death will be separated."

Song Her didn't know how Lu Lu suddenly said such a word, he heard these words, Song Helhi, a warm floating.

He thought that the most correct decision he did was that the drama is in the crew, because the heart is soft, and the deer will go back home.

Lu deer is a warm sun. Since Lu Lu appeared, everything around him changed, everything was slowly better.

Song Her has a lot of words to say to Deer, but if you can't understand the deer, you can't understand, you will swallow the words, and finally enrich the short sentence.

"Okay, our family must be separated until dead."

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