The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 5 Looking Coldly

"Old Ou, you can't leave Nana with everything. Nana goes to study art, who will help you manage your huge company in the future?"

Qi Hong said.

"Mom~ I don't want to worry about work all day like my dad."

Oona wrinkled her small and cute Qiong nose and said.

"If your dad's company is not handed over to you, is it possible to hand it over to outsiders?"

Qi Hong's voice suddenly became sharp, her face changed and she looked a little angry.

When she said the words "outsiders", her eyes swept Fang Xiaoru as if it were not.

Fang Xiaoru had an unbearable life for a year since his father died accidentally.During this year, he hadn't learned anything else, but his ability to observe words and expressions had already come into his room.

On the surface, Qi Hong's remarks were meant for Ou Na, but in fact they were meant for Fang Xiaoru.

Her words clearly indicate that Fang Xiaoru is just an "outsider" and don't have other thoughts that shouldn't be.

Due to the fact that the other party is an elder and Ou Zhengfei's face, Fang Xiaoru just lowered his head to eat silently, pretending not to hear the potential meaning of Qi Hong's words.

"Okay, okay, Nana is still young, so why did she talk about company affairs."

Ou Zhengfei has been up and down in the mall for more than ten years, and he has never seen any kind of intrigue.He understood the deep meaning of Qi Hong's words instantly.

When Qi Hong saw this, there was no trace on the surface, and he lowered his head and took a sip of the soup.

The more Ou Zhengfei showed the defense of Xiaoru, the more Qi Hong rejected Fang Xiaoru.

"Xiaoru, the college entrance examination is coming in three months. What are your plans?"

Ou Zhengfei asked.

He also knew Fang Xiaoru's grades, and if nothing else, he would not even be able to pass the test.

Ou Zhengfei has made up his mind. If Fang Xiaoru fails the ranking, he will be arranged to work in his Zhengfei Group.I train him for a few years first, and then I am assisting myself in managing the company's schedule so that I can take over my class later.

Although Oona is his daughter, Oona is a girl after all, and her personality is very free and she is not suitable for management work.

"He, he made a rhetoric in front of all the classmates today that he wants to take the Beijing University exam."

Before Fang Xiaoru could speak, Oona said first.

After speaking, she looked at Fang Xiaoru with a joking expression, waiting to see his jokes.

"Beijing University? Xiaoru, it's not that auntie said you. To be a person requires one's strength, not to be too high. With your grades, it is hopeful that you can try hard to get one of the three."

Qi Hong preached to Fang Xiaoru, as if the elders cared about the younger ones.But the contempt between her eyebrows and eyes was keenly caught by Fang Xiaoru.

"Xiaoru, you really want to apply for Beijing University."

Ou Zhengfei asked.

"Yes. I want to take the Beijing University."

Fang Xiaoru raised his head, looked directly into Ou Zhengfei's eyes, and said seriously.

Ou Zhengfei's heart was shocked, he saw confidence in Fang Xiaoru's eyes.

He stretched out his hand and patted Fang Xiaoru's shoulder, and encouraged: "Since you have made a decision, then work hard. Uncle believes you and will definitely be admitted to Beijing University."

"Dad, he is the lowest student in the school. You actually believe that he can be admitted to Beijing University?"

Oona stared at the boss with jewel-like eyes, looking like a ghost.

"Nana, don't say that about Xiaoru. As long as you have a firm goal, Dad will support it."

Ou Zhengfei scolded.


Ou Na snorted and pursed her small mouth to express her dissatisfaction with Ou Zhengfei.

She glanced at Fang Xiaoru who was sitting next to her, feeling very upset, and secretly said: "Dad always protects you, wait for the college entrance examination results three months later, to see how much you have the face to face dad."

A dinner is over soon.

After dinner, Fang Xiaoru put on her schoolbag and prepared to go back to her room.

Ou Zhengfei's home is a three-story villa. The first floor is a living room and a kitchen. There are two rooms on the second floor. One is the bedroom of Ou Zhengfei and Qi Hong, and the other is a study.

The layout of the third floor is similar to the second floor, with two rooms.One master bedroom, one guest room.

Ona lives in the master bedroom, and Fang Xiaoru lives in the guest room next to her bedroom.

"Oops! I lost my two thousand dollars!"

After returning to the room, Fang Xiaoru realized that the two thousand yuan was missing.His face changed suddenly, not knowing what the consequences would be.

"However, the lost money should be... also included in the consumption amount, right?"

One night, Fang Xiaoru felt a little nervous, and kept comforting herself with this.

The bedroom of Ou Zhengfei and Qi Hong.

"Ahong, Xiaoru's mother has disappeared since he was a child, and his father died unexpectedly when he was sixteen. His life is very pitiful. Now I have taken him home to raise, I hope you can really care about him as a relative."

Before going to bed with the lights off, Ou Zhengfei said.

"Zhengfei, what do you mean? Fang Xiaoru has been here for half a year. When did I treat him badly for food and clothing?"

Qi Hong asked loudly.

"Ahong, I didn't mean that. You know, twenty years ago, I just graduated from school. After working for two years, I went to the sea to start a business, and the company suffered a huge loss.

All relatives and friends, for fear of being implicated by me, stay away from me.It was Xiaoru's father who gave me a large sum of money that he had worked so hard to save.

It is precisely because of his funds that I can make a comeback and create the current Zhengfei Group.You said, now he has the only blood in the world, can I ignore it?"Ou Zhengfei said.

Qi Hong clung to Ou Zhengfei's arms and said, "I know all of this, but you are too concerned about him."

Ou Zhengfei hugged Qi Hong tightly, and said: "A Hong, we only have one baby daughter. After the daughter grows up, she will always marry. Instead of letting her marry out, it is better to hire a son-in-law who knows the roots and knows the bottom line at home."

Hearing this, Qi Hong pushed aside Ou Zhengfei, and screamed: "Okay, it turns out that you have been thinking this way. No, I will never agree with this matter! I don't care how you care about Fang Xiaoru, but Nana definitely can't marry him. give him."

Ou Zhengfei was taken aback and asked, "Why can't Nana marry Xiaoru?"

Qi Hong said coldly: "Because he is not good enough!"

Seeing Qi Hong's resolute attitude, Ou Zhengfei was not very demanding, so he had to haha ​​and said: "Okay, well, they are still young now, we will discuss this later."

Qi Hong turned her back directly and said forcefully, "I will not agree to it in the future. In any case, Nana can't marry that worthless kid."