The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 7 Late

"Miss, it's just an indirect kiss, it's not a big deal."

Fu Ma saw Oona's vomiting dim sky, she was a little worried, and quickly comforted.

"Indirect kissing!"

Oona, who had retched for a while and felt a little better, suddenly felt nauseated when she heard Fu Ma's words.

"I actually had an indirect kiss with this guy!"

When Oona thought about this, she was very aggrieved, and her tears flowed down.

I cherished my first kiss for 17 years, so it's gone?Oona only felt dizzy for a while, and the huge blow made her almost fainted.

After washing her mouth countless times, Oona sat on the chair blankly.

She seems to be collapsed now, she has no strength at all.She glanced at Fang Xiaoru who was standing aside blankly, her lips moved, but in the end she didn't say anything, pushed away Fu Ma's support, and walked upstairs staggeringly.

"It turns out that I misunderstood. It seems that wealthy daughters are not so open. But as for such a big reaction?"

Fang Xiaoru shrugged and walked out the door indifferently.Checking the time, if you don't hurry up, you are likely to be late.

However, Oona went back to her room and rushed directly on the huge pink bear doll.

"Ahhhhhhh! Why am I so unlucky, the first kiss is so gone?"

Oona felt aggrieved. She picked up the bear doll and swooped indiscriminately to vent her grievances.

"Miss, this is not actually a kiss. A real kiss requires both lips to touch together, and you are at best...just..."

Fu Ma also followed upstairs, she was worried that Oona would do something amazing.

"What is it at best?"

Oona sat up and asked with watery eyes.

"At best, you only ate Young Master Fang's saliva without touching his mouth, so this is not a kissing at all."

Fu Ma comforted with an affirmative expression.


Ona heard this, she was going crazy.It's okay if Fu Ma doesn't come to comfort her, the more comforted, the more she drives her crazy.

At first, she was about to accept that she and Fang Xiaoru had indirect kissing, but now Fu Ma is shocking.

Although Fu Ma intended to comfort Ona, she reminded her that she had eaten Fang Xiaoru's saliva.

"I'm not alive, I'm not alive!"

Tears came out of Oona, rolling around on the bed frantically, no matter how much Fu Ma comforted, it was of no avail.

In the end, she was really tired of crying, so she hugged the quilt, covered her head and fell asleep.

"Miss, don't sleep, you have to sleep."

Fu Ma reminded me cautiously.

In Magic City No. 1 Middle School, a figure is running fast in the campus.

"Oops, I'm going to be late. Today is Lisa's morning reading class, and she's going to be scolded bloody again."

Fang Xiaoru ran out of breath, trying to enter the classroom before ringing the bell.

"Jingle Bell……"

However, what made him desperate was that when he had just stepped into the corner of the stairs, the class bell had already rang.

"Fang Xiaoru! What's the matter with you? Yesterday you vowed to be admitted to Beijing University, so why are you late today. Is this your attitude to study?"

Sure enough, as soon as he walked to the door of the classroom, Lisa scolded him sternly.

I don't know how long it took, Lisa let go of Fang Xiaoru after verbally cursing for a while.

"Go in, next time you dare to be late and affect other students, you just don't come to the morning class."

Lisa glanced at Fang Xiaoru in disgust, and finally let him into the classroom.

Lisa is a person who loves vanity the most.And is a moneyist.

What she hates most is the poor, thinking that the poor have no quality and do not care about hygiene.

The second thing I hate is students with poor grades, because these students will lower her grades in school and affect her future promotion.

Fang Xiaoru has no father or mother, and he sends samples to other people's homes, and his academic performance is even worse.

He has all the two things Lisa hates.

Therefore, looking at the entire class, Fang Xiaoru became the most unpleasant person for Lisa and the best object for her to vent her anger.

Fang Xiaoru put down his schoolbag and sat back in his place.He smiled coldly in his heart, and said: "Today you look down on me, in the future I will definitely stand where you can't look up!"

He took out an English book and flipped through a page, intending to take a look and pass the boring time.

But as soon as he opened the English book, the words presented in it made him dumbfounded.

After his father died unexpectedly, Fang Xiaoru spent more than a year in ruins. Now he reads English books and only knows two of ten words, and these two words are still junior high school vocabulary.

"Forget it, forget it. I am not learning at all, I can only put everything on the system."

Fang Xiaoru closed the English book and thought of it silently.

Memory Bread can be purchased with only eight points. Once you have Memory Bread, you are afraid of the college entrance examination.

"System, system, I have put everything on you. You must lead me to the top of my life."

Fang Xiaoru murmured while holding his head.

Liu Mengya on the side saw that Fang Xiaoru had opened an English book in her spare time, thinking that he was really determined to work hard.

Who knows that he closed the book before ten seconds, and then sat there not knowing what he was muttering.

Liu Mengya shook her head, sighed, collected her mind, and read the text attentively.

She aspires to be in Beijing University, and now is only three months away from the college entrance examination. She must seize every minute and every second of her time to study.