The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 8 Two Attitudes

Fang Xiaoru spent a morning reading class in the midst of turmoil.

After the morning class, the first class in the morning happened to be Lisa's English class.


Halfway through Lisa's class, a red shadow appeared at the door of the classroom.

"It's Oona, why did you come to class until now, is there something at home?"

Oona's grades are good. The school's ranking fluctuates between 20 and 30. She is a top student who is hopeful of hitting the top university, Beijing University.

And, as the head teacher, Lisa knows Oona's family background very well and knows that she is a veritable wealthy daughter.

So it's also late, even Oona is much more serious than Fang Xiaoru.

But Lisa's attitude toward the two was completely different.

Fang Xiaoru was only less than a minute late, but was scolded bloody by Lisa.

On the other hand, Oona directly missed the morning reading class and missed even the first class.But Lisa didn't mean to blame her.

"Sorry teacher, I feel a little sick today, so I'm so late."

Oona said to Lisa pitifully that people who didn't know her would definitely be deceived by her appearance.

"Are you not feeling well? This can't be neglected. The teacher will take you to the hospital for an examination."

Lisa walked up to Oona, with a concerned look on her face.

"No, no. I'm fine now, thank you teacher for your kindness."

Oona quickly waved her hand to refuse, with a far-fetched smile on her face.

She was not feeling well. She was clearly annoyed that she had drunk the water that Fang Xiaoru had drunk and vented at home for a long time before she was pulled up to school by Fu Ma.

"In that case, go back to your seat quickly."

Seeing this, Lisa couldn't force her to let Oona into the classroom.

As soon as Oona entered the classroom, a pair of shiny eyes swept to a position near the aisle in the middle.

Fang Xiaoru was sitting there. He lowered his head, wondering if he was running on a job or lost his mind.

When Oona passed Fang Xiaoru's side, she slammed on his toes.


Fang Xiaoru, who was concentrating on browsing the points mall, only felt a sharp pain in his toes, and couldn't help crying out in pain.

"Fang Xiaoru, what is your ghost name!"

Lisa, who was writing on the blackboard, immediately became cold when she heard Fang Xiaoru's yelling.

Fang Xiaoru said, "Oona stepped on my toe."

"Haha...I was so ridiculous that I was stepped on by a girl, and she still had a face shouting so loudly."

"That is, Oona can weigh a girl, but it's just that she accidentally stepped on him, how can it be so painful."

"If I change, I'd rather be stepped on by Oona every day."

Hearing Fang Xiaoru's explanation, several second-generation elder brothers in the class began to ridicule.

"Quiet, quiet!"

Lisa had a cold face, and coldly scolded:

"Fang Xiaoru, if you don't want to attend class, let me go out now. Since you are sitting in the classroom, don't affect other students. Next time, don't blame me for calling your parents."

"Sorry, Fang Xiaoru, I accidentally stepped on your foot."

Oona blinked her big eyes and made a pitiful look. When outsiders saw it, they really thought she was sincerely apologizing to Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru opened his mouth and said nothing in the end.It's no use going on, everyone thought Oona just stepped on him accidentally.

Even if he argued that Oona stepped on him deliberately, no one would believe it.There is a lady in every family, what can you do as a poor boy?

After all, in the entire Demon Capital One Middle School, only the principal knew that Fang Xiaoru was sending samples to Oona's home.No one else knows the relationship between him and Oona.

For this, he had to swallow this breath.Come to Japan for a long time, there will always be opportunities to teach this little girl in the future.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru had a dumb loss, Oona made a smug smile on her lips, and then walked to her seat like a proud little peacock.

Liu Mengya, who was sitting next to her, looked between Oona and Fang Xiaoru in surprise.

Others may not have noticed, but Liu Mengya clearly saw that Oona clearly deliberately stepped on Fang Xiaoru's foot.

"One of them is a transfer student, and the other is a daughter of Zhengfei Group. It stands to reason that there will be no social interaction, so why would Oona, who has always been arrogant, do such a thing to him?"

Liu Mengya's little head thought for a while, but she couldn't figure out why Oona had such behavior.

"Forget it, I don't want to. Other people's affairs have nothing to do with me. My main task now is to hurry up and study.

Liu Mengya shook her head and looked at Lisa's writing on the blackboard attentively.

Although Lisa is a snobbery, she has to admit that her English is very good, and she deserves to be a top student who has returned from studying in the US, otherwise the principal would not give her this key class.