The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 10 School

"Hey, system, are you there?"

Lying on the bed, Fang Xiaoru, who couldn't sleep in excitement, shouted.

"Host, speak directly if you have something, don't ask if it's there."

Fang Xiaoru: "!"

This system is actually arrogant.

He said solemnly: "I have read many novels, and other people's systems are all beautiful women's voices. How come my turn is your cold mechanical voice, this is too unfair to me, you say yes."

System: "So what?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "So I'm thinking, can you change the voice. My requirements are not high, for example, Mr. Bodo's voice is very good. Do you think my suggestion will work?"

System: "No."

Fang Xiaoru said again: "Teacher Bodo can't do it, what about Teacher Cang?"

System: "No."

Fang Xiaoru didn't get discouraged, and continued: "Then just let a loli's voice come in. It's okay."


Fang Xiaoru saw that the system hadn't answered for a long time, and could not help but thought depressed: "Could it be that I am bound to a fake system?"

The next morning, the new week began again.

Under the urging of the alarm clock, Fang Xiaoru reluctantly got up from the bed with a pair of panda eyes.

He lost sleep last night, thinking about how to consume the huge amount of money provided by the system in the future.

Rubbing his sleepy eyes, Fang Xiaoru washed them quickly, and went downstairs to have breakfast.

Today Monday is Lisa's morning reading class again, but I can't be late.

"Wow! Fang Xiaoru, were you a thief last night? Why are you having such big dark circles?"

At the table, Oona has already started to eat breakfast.After seeing Fang Xiaoru's panda eyes, he couldn't help exclaiming.

"What the fuss, no one has a time of insomnia."

Fang Xiaoru pulled out the chair and sat down to enjoy the breakfast prepared by Fu Ma.

"Crack, click!"

While Fang Xiaoru was immersed in eating, Oona took out her mobile phone and kept taking pictures of him.


Fang Xiaoru glanced at her lightly, ignored her and continued to eat.

After half a year of contact, he has completely understood Oona's character.It's okay if you ignore her. Once you confront her, she will definitely pester you to the end.

Sure enough, seeing Fang Xiaoru's indifferent attitude, Oona narrowed her mouth, feeling meaningless, and put her phone away.

Not long after, both of them ran out of breakfast.

"Hey, Fang Xiaoru, we're done. I copy my homework for you, and you have to drive me."

When going out, Oona patted Fang Xiaoru on the shoulder, for fear that he would forget.

"Got it."

Fang Xiaoru walked to the bicycle parked at the door and replied lazily.He didn't go to bed until nearly three o'clock last night. He was already seriously deprived of sleep, and looked very spiritless.

"Hey, what the hell did you do yesterday, why did you look so lifeless? Don't have any trouble then, your skin is thick and it doesn't matter if you fall. If you break my beautiful face, you will be very guilty Up."

Oona touched her smooth and ruddy face and said very narcissistically.

"What nonsense, I'll leave without coming up again."

Fang Xiaoru rode the bicycle, looked at Oona who was in narcissism, and shouted impatiently.

"Cut, what are you doing so loudly, do you seem to have a loud voice!"

Oona was not easy to bully, she gave Fang Xiaoru a big roll of eyes, and then unceremoniously sat in the back seat of the bicycle.

Although Ou Zhengfei is rich, his daughter's education is still very strict.

Since Oona went to junior high school, she has not sent a car to pick her up and she has to go to school alone.

Fortunately, their home is not very far from Magic City No. 1 Middle School, and Oona can reach it by bike in ten minutes.

Later Fang Xiaoru moved into this home, after several exchanges.The two reached an agreement. Ona loaned her homework to Fang Xiaoru to copy. In return, Fang Xiaoru had to ride her bicycle to school.

"let's go."

Fang Xiaoru reminded him, and stepped forward to school on his bicycle.

"Eh! Did you mean to do what you are riding so fast!"

Due to inertia, Oona's body slammed backwards. Fortunately, her eyes were quick and her hands were quick, she quickly hugged Fang Xiaoru's waist and did not fall.


Fang Xiaoru succeeded in the prank and let out a happy laugh.

"Damn Fang Xiaoru, you must have done it deliberately! You are still brooding about the last time I stepped on you. I didn't expect you, a big man, to hold such grudges."

Oona pinched the soft flesh on Fang Xiaoru's waist with her little hand, .

"It hurts! Stop it, do you want a car accident?"

Fang Xiaoru felt a sharp pain in his waist and hurriedly stopped.


Oona also felt that this was very dangerous on the main road, so she snorted heavily before letting go of Fang Xiaoru.

"Right here, come down. If you go further, you will be seen by your classmates."

With about a hundred meters away from the school gate, Fang Xiaoru handed the bicycle to Ona and walked into the school gate by herself.

As one of the four major college flowers in the Magic City No.1 Middle School, Oona has attracted attention in her every move.If Fang Xiaoru directly drove her into the campus, he might make waves.

Therefore, Oona will always go in by herself on her bike when she is about to arrive at school.

Fang Xiaoru didn't care about this, and if there was less trouble, there would be less trouble.