The richest man in the magic city

Chapter Thirteen Partners

On the playground, the students in Class One of Grade Three are looking for their little friends, forming a team, and assisting each other in doing sit-ups.

Fang Xiaoru stood there and looked at Oona.He transferred to this class for only half a semester, and because of poor studies and poor family, he did not make a good friend in this class.

He wanted to prepare for rejection, and turned his face down to find Oona to team up, but found that Oona was already with her tablemate Zhang Xiaomei.

"Fang Xiaoru, do you want to stay with me."

When Fang Xiaoru was in an embarrassing situation where he could not find his teammates, a weak voice rang in his ears.

Fang Xiaoru turned her head and saw Liu Mengya lowered her head, standing behind him cowardly.

Due to family reasons, Liu Mengya is devoted to learning every day and never actively communicates with her classmates.

Coupled with her own introverted character, it left a feeling of loneliness.

Therefore, even though she is one of the four major college students in the No.1 Magic City, she has no friends like Fang Xiaoru.

When she was anxious that she could not find a teammate, she happened to see her tablemate Fang Xiaoru also alone, so she came over with courage.

"It's classmate Liu Mengya. I just don't have a partner, so let's be together."

Fang Xiaoru happily agreed.

In his opinion, although Liu Mengya has a weird personality and never communicates with others, she is a big beauty after all, and she is also her own tablemate.It was a pleasant choice to form a team with her.

"Xiaoya, I don't have a partner, you might as well be with me."

But at this moment, a boy unceremoniously pushed Fang Xiaoru away, showing a smile that he thought was handsome, and walked to Liu Mengya.

The boy's name is Chen Yaonan, one of Liu Mengya's suitors at school.

As I said before, students in the first grade of Grade Three either have particularly good grades or they are powerful and powerful at home.

And Chen Yaonan belongs to the kind of powerful people in the family.His father was in the electrical appliance business, and his family's assets were very rich.

Relying on the wealth of the family, Chen Yaonan pursued Liu Mengya by various means.But it was always ruthlessly rejected.

Although Liu Mengya's family is poor and her mother is seriously ill, she is a self-improving woman.

She firmly believed in her heart that as long as she worked hard, she would be able to change her destiny.

Therefore, she would rather go out on weekends to teach other children and earn a meager salary to subsidize the family, rather than reach out and take the bank card that Chen Yaonan handed her.

"Sorry, I have already agreed with Fang Xiaoru."

Liu Mengya said seriously.

She is a very principled girl. It is true that she refused Chen Yaonan because she had just agreed with Fang Xiaoru.

"Fang Xiaoru? But Fang Xiaoru already has a teammate."

Chen Yaonan pretended to be surprised.

"He is clearly alone and has no teammates with him."

Liu Mengya's brows furrowed, and the look in Chen Yaonan's eyes was a bit bored.

This guy is like a fly. It's really annoying to be around him all day long.

Chen Yaonan turned around, pointed at a man who was only a promise in the distance, and said, "Look, isn't that Fang Xiaoru's partner."

After that, Chen Yaonan put his arms around Fang Xiaoru’s neck and whispered in his ear:

"Do you think it is, classmate Fang Xiaoru."

"Go away!"

Fang Xiaoru pushed Chen Yaonan away with a cold voice.He walked to Liu Mengya's side and said:

"Student Liu Mengya, let's go and gather quickly."


Liu Mengya nodded, ignoring Chen Yaonan who was standing aside with a look of confusion, and walked to the physical education teacher Liu Jiani with Fang Xiaoru.

"He...he dare to defy my meaning?"

It took a long time for Chen Yaonan to wake up from the shock.

The identity of the rich second generation brought him a lot of convenience.He can be said to want the wind to be the wind in school, very chic.

The children of ordinary people, how dare to provoke him.

Chen Yaonan has always been aloof and self-righteous, always sending and bullying ordinary people's children at will.

But now, he actually hit a wall in front of Fang Xiaoru, who didn't even fart in his heart. Such a gap made him totally unacceptable.

"Fang Xiaoru, right? I dare to defy my meaning. I must let you know what regret is!"

Chen Yaonan stared at Fang Xiaoru's back, his eyes gloomy.

"The two classmates over there, hurry up and gather. Everyone has chosen a teammate, so you two are the only ones left."

Liu Jiani took the horn and shouted in Chen Yaonan's direction.

Chen Yaonan walked to the boy he had pointed out to Liu Mengya before and gave him a fierce look.Road:

"Didn't you hear what the teacher said? Don't leave now."

"Yes Yes."

The boy responded with no exception, lowering his head and following Chen Yaonan.Looks terrified of him.

"Well, from now on, everyone and their teammates will do 60 sit-ups each.

One person does it, and the other presses the other person's leg to ensure the standard of movement."

As Liu Jiani's voice fell, the students in the first grade of grade three lined up on the playground in pairs, preparing to start doing sit-ups.