The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 14 Sit-ups

"Fang Xiaoru, let me help you do it first."

On the lawn, Liu Mengya said softly.

Her voice is very nice, warm, with a feeling of Xiaojiabiyu.


Fang Xiaoru doesn't care about who goes first.

After speaking, Fang Xiaoru sat on the lawn, stretching his legs forward.Then he told Liu Mengya:

"You press my leg, don't let it arch up."


Liu Mengya responded, and squatted down, stretched out two pink arms, each of them pressed Fang Xiaoru's foot.

"it has started."

Fang Xiaoru reminded him and started doing sit-ups.

"one two three four……"

Fang Xiaoru did it very quickly, doing eight in one breath.

"Hey, that classmate, your movements are very non-standard, and your calves are completely off the ground."

But at this moment, Liu Jiani came over and the other Xiaoru said:

"What you did just now is not standard, so I redo it. And this female classmate, you, a girl, can't hold him down with just two hands."

Fang Xiaoru looked down at his calf, and it arched as expected, which was indeed very substandard.Then nodded:

"Yes, teacher, I will do it again."

Liu Jiani nodded and walked to the front to watch other students' conditions.

"Sorry, I blame it all, you have to do it again."

Liu Mengya lowered her head, full of apologies.

"What are you talking about, how can I blame you. Isn't it just redoing eight? What's the big deal. Besides, the main responsibility is still on me. It is my own non-standard work that makes this happen."

Fang Xiaoru waved his hand, taking the responsibility on himself.

When Liu Mengya heard the words, there was a hint of surprise in her eyes. She did not expect that she had poor grades, like sleeping in class, and even molesting the class teacher's deskmate, she would have such a responsibility.

"Or, you sit on my feet and then press my knees. Otherwise, with your strength, you can't hold them down at all."

Fang Xiaoru made a suggestion.

Liu Mengya was taken aback, hesitated for a while, then nodded and agreed: "Then do as you say."

So after Fang Xiaoru lay down, Liu Mengya sat on his feet and pressed his knees with both hands.

"I'm ready, you can start."

Despite the pants, Fang Xiaoru felt an amazing elasticity from Liu Mengya's buttocks the moment Liu Mengya sat down.

In the distance, Chen Yaonan saw the girl he admired, actually sitting on Fang Xiaoru's feet, and his eyes burst into flames.

He was furious and gritted his teeth: "This opportunity was originally mine! Fang Xiaoru, if you dare to fight me, I must make you regret it!"

He hit the ground with a heavy punch, venting his anger.


The student who was doing sit-ups under him suddenly exhaled in pain. It turned out that Chen Yaonan's punch had hit his ankle.

"What's it called? Don't do it quickly."

Chen Yaonan did not apologize for her behavior, but stared at the classmate under him fiercely.

That classmate's name was Wang Cheng, who was usually bullied by Chen Yaonan.

As long as Chen Yaonan glared, he was terrified and trembling, and did not dare to resist.

Fang Xiaoru raised his head and looked at Liu Mengya's pure and unblemished eyes, shook his head vigorously, drove away the evil thoughts in his heart, and said, "I'm starting."

"one two Three……"

In this way, Fang Xiaoru, with the assistance of Liu Mengya, began to do sit-ups with difficulty.

Before forty, Fang Xiaoru could still do it smoothly.

But when he came to forty, he felt pain in his abdomen, and the muscles of the Buddha were being pulled, which was very uncomfortable.

"Forty-five, and fifteen are over, come on!"

Liu Mengya saw that Fang Xiaoru's sit-ups gradually slowed down, and knew that he had encountered difficulties, and could not help but encourage him and cheer for him.


Fang Xiaoru gritted his teeth, resisting the almost paralyzed abdominal muscles, and clenched his teeth to hold on.

By this time, the strength of his abdomen had become very small, and his body used the strength of his legs under instinct.

Fang Xiaoru's feet vigorously arched upward, taking Liu Mengya who was sitting on his feet away from the ground.

"Fang Xiaoru, hold on, it will be done immediately."

Liu Mengya kept encouraging.

"Fifty-eight... fifty-nine... sixty!"

Finally, with the assistance of Liu Mengya, Fang Xiaoru completed sixty sit-ups.

When he finished the sixty sit-ups, he felt a tearing pain in his abdomen, and then fell on the lawn with a "bang".

He has never exercised in 17 years.Coupled with the excessive consumption at the age of sixteen, his physical fitness was very poor, even running 800 meters, doing 60 sit-ups and panting.


Fang Xiaoru took a heavy breath and said silently in his heart:

"It seems that I want to use my points to buy a cheat sheet for strengthening my body. Such a body is really bad."