The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 16 Opening the Treasure Box

I have to say that Fang Xiaoru was shocked by the photo in front of him.

Lisa in the photo has golden curly hair, black eyes, and red lips lightly. When she looks back, she is amazing and beautiful.

"What industry are you in?"

While Fang Xiaoru was staring at the photo in a daze, Lisa sent a message.

"Me, I'm responsible for spending money."

Fang Xiaoru replied half-truth.

But when this sentence reached Lisa, he understood it as the boss who was in charge of paying for it.

"What about you, what do you do?"

Fang Xiaoru asked.He wants to confirm whether the opposite is really Lisa.

"I can't compare to a boss like you, just an English teacher."

Upon seeing this message, Fang Xiaoru had basically confirmed that the other party was Lisa, but for the sake of insurance, he had to confirm further.

"It's too inconvenient to use this software. Why don't we give me your deduction number. Let's use the deduction to chat?"

Magic City One Middle School, Lisa's office.

She took the phone and murmured: "Would you like to deduct the number for him? Forget it, let's give it. The other party is not only a mature handsome guy, but he also rewarded me with a reward of 20,000 yuan. He should be quite rich. of."

Thinking of this, she typed a series of numbers and sent out her deduction numbers.

But Fang Xiaoru received the deduction number, and immediately went to the class group to compare with Lisa's deduction number.

In this comparison, I found that the two are exactly the same.

"It turned out to be Lisa!"

Fang Xiaoru almost exclaimed.

I have always seen myself displeased, and I always teach my English teacher, actually playing dating software.

"Okay, I got hold of this handle, I see what face you have to teach me in the future."

Fang Xiaoru sneered, a weird smile came up at the corner of his mouth.

"No, I have to play with her."

Fang Xiaoru opened the buckle, logged in the trumpet he used before, and added Lisa.

Fang Xiaoru: "Looking at your information, you should be married, right?"

Lisa: "Why, do you ignore them because they are married?"

Fang Xiaoru: "Of course not, young women or something, I like it best. But since you are married, you are not afraid of being discovered by your husband?"

Lisa: "My husband works in a Japanese company. He travels all year round and he rarely comes back once a month."

After talking about this, Fang Xiaoru thoroughly understood why Lisa used the same city dating software.

Although this software is called the same city dating software on the face of it, it is actually a dating software!

Lisa studied in the American Empire, and she is very bold in dressing and following the trend of the American Empire.

And she looks sexy and beautiful, and she must have been pursued by many people before getting married.

Now that he gets married, his husband is away on business all the year round, and it is rare to go home once.In addition, she was 31 years old, at the age of a wolf like a tiger, how could she be lonely.

So the city dating software became her best choice.But she has very high requirements for making appointments. First of all, she must have money, because she is a money worshiper who looks like money.Secondly, she must be handsome. If she is ugly, she would rather endure the lonely nights every day.

Fang Xiaoru: "You look so beautiful and so sexy. Your husband is often away from home, so you are not afraid of you cuckold him?"

Lisa: "Since you think people are sexy, why not go to the'NotMe' bar for a drink?"

Fang Xiaoru: "Unfortunately, I am in the capital now, so I can't go to the appointment with a beautiful woman. Next time, I will invite you next time."

NotMe Bar is one of the most well-known bars in the city, attracting a large number of young men and women every day, and it is also the best place to hunt for beauty.

Lisa asked Fang Xiaoru to go to the NotMe bar, and the meaning is self-evident.

Although itchy, Fang Xiaoru refused.

In an office less than a hundred meters away from the art classroom, Lisa looked at the message on the phone, her ruddy lips showed a playful smile.

"Is this trying to catch up?"

In the evening, after dinner, Fang Xiaoru returned to his room.Can't wait to shout in my mind:

"System, I want to buy a cheat book to keep fit, do you have any recommendations?"

"No." The system's voice was still cold.

"No? How could there be none? With so many products, how could there be no suitable ones? I have to complain about you when you are here."

Fang Xiaoru said unhappy.

"If you can find a place to complain, I'll please. Besides, you only have four points, and you want to buy good things?"

The system did not hesitate to taunt the opponent Xiaoru.

"Customers are God, even customers without money are also God! Your working attitude is not good in our human world. Hurry up and come up with the best solution for me. I want to get the highest with the smallest investment. Return."

Fang Xiaoru said all the while covering his head and face.

"If so, the host can choose to open the treasure box."

Fang Xiaoru hurriedly asked, "What is Kaibao Box? Give me a specific introduction."

"One point can open a white treasure box, ten points can open a golden treasure box, one hundred points can open a purple treasure box, and one thousand points can open an orange treasure box.

The higher the level of the opened treasure box, the richer the treasures obtained."

After listening to the system's explanation, Fang Xiaoru's eyes lit up and he quickly said, "Open me a white treasure box."

"Ding! The host opens a white treasure box and obtains the item-Boya Hancock's underwear. Do you want to receive it?"