The richest man in the magic city

Chapter Nineteen

"Hey, hug me, or don't blame me if you fall."

On the road to school, Fang Xiaoru rode a bicycle all the way.

"Fang Xiaoru, after spending half a year with you, I finally discovered your secret."

On the back seat of the bicycle, Oona was triumphant.She said to herself:

"Let me just say, with this young lady's beautiful appearance and proud figure, how come your eyes look at me different from those boys in school. So you are bent!"


Fang Xiaoru, who was riding a bicycle, almost squirted a mouthful of the old school when he heard these words.

He slammed the brake and stopped.

"Oh! Why did you brake suddenly."

Ona, who was sitting behind, bumped her head on Fang Xiaoru's back. Fortunately, she put her arms around Fang Xiaoru's waist in time, otherwise she might fall off.

"I'm straight, not curved!"

Fang Xiaoru turned around and said to Oona seriously.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's serious face, Oona forced herself to hold back her smile and lighted her small head perfunctorily, saying:

"Don't worry, I will never tell anyone about this."

Fang Xiaoru held his forehead with his hands, very helpless.It seems that his image in Oona's heart has been completely subverted.

He glanced at Oona, stopped talking, and rode his bicycle to school in silence.

"In fact, bending has the advantage of bending, so that you can be my best friend."

Ona wanted to comfort Fang Xiaoru, but after saying this, she couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

Fang Xiaoru just didn't say a word, but he shouted in his heart: "Wait for Lao Tzu to restore his former glory, no! As long as half of the past, I absolutely want you to see what is called straight man's anger!"

Riding all the way, the two soon arrived at school.

After the morning class, the students walked to the playground one after another, preparing to gather for radio gymnastics.

Fang Xiaoru was seriously lacking in sleep today, and wanted to use this time to supplement his sleep, so he did not go with the students.

"Go to the bathroom first, and then squint for a while, otherwise the first period will be Lisa's class, if you fall asleep, she will be taught again."

Fang Xiaoru walked to the urinal in the bathroom, untied his pants and prepared to urinate.

Due to radio gymnastics, Fang Xiaoru was the only one in the bathroom at this time.

However, just as Fang Xiaoru was about to untie his pants, he suddenly heard his name mentioned in the stool toilet behind.

He couldn't help but pricked his ears and listened carefully.

"Remember what this kid looks like? Find a time to teach him a lesson."

"I remember that the students in your class either have good grades or are rich or expensive, and have a good family. What is the origin of this kid?"

"The origin of the fart! Don't worry, he is an ordinary person. His father died and he is now sending samples to someone else's home."

"In that case, then I can rest assured. It's just the reward..."

"When did I, Chen Yaonan, treat my brother who worked for me badly, don't worry, it will cost two thousand yuan after it's done."

"Then thank you Brother Nan, I will definitely finish this matter beautifully for you, and promise that the kid who beat him will cry for his father and his mother."

"As long as you don't kill and mutilate, you can take care of the rest."

"I'll take care of the importance, brother, I'm done with it, so I will go out first."

"Well, you go out first, I have to wait a while."

Hearing this, Fang Xiaoru turned around quickly.

After a while, there was the sound of opening the door behind him, and a figure came out from inside.

The moment Fang Xiaoru walked out of the toilet, he saw clearly his size and appearance, and kept him firmly in his heart.

After this person left, Fang Xiaoru turned around again and came to the front of the toilet where Chen Yaonan was.

"Want to teach me? Then don't blame your grandfather Fang for starting first!"

Fang Xiaoru sneered, then took out that, aimed at the crack of the door, and started peeing inside.

"Wow! What is this?"

Chen Yaonan was going to the toilet comfortably, and suddenly a bubble of yellow liquid spilled from the crack of the door onto his face, dripping him all over.

He touched it with his hand, then smelled it, and suddenly burst into a loud roar:

"Which animal is it?"

He stood up abruptly, opened the toilet door and rushed outside.

In the end, because the pants were not lifted up, he fell into the toilet to eat shit.

"Ah!! No matter who it is, I must make you regret coming to this world!"

Chen Yaonan's anger value has soared to the extreme, roaring crazy in the toilet.

When Chen Yaonan came out of the toilet, he was full of excrement and urine, and looked very embarrassed.

His eyes were extremely cold, and his eyes burned with raging anger.Gritting his teeth:

"You better not be found by me! Otherwise I will let you know what cruelty is!"