The richest man in the magic city

Chapter Twenty-Two Men Must Be Cruel to Himself

Ten minutes later, Fang Xiaoru walked out of the Hilton Hotel with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Hey, this is really a worthwhile trip. Lisa's figure is really great, she can be called a stunner in the world."

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the random task and rewarding five points."

Suddenly, the cold mechanical sound of the system rang in Fang Xiaoru's mind.

"You actually have five points! Your stingy broken system actually gave five points!"

Fang Xiaoru was so happy that he couldn't find Bei for a while.

Although I have learned from the system before, the point rewards for random tasks are much higher than those for main tasks.

But he never expected that this random mission would have so many points rewards.

After getting five points in one go, Fang Xiaoru felt as refreshed as eating ginseng fruit.

"Enlarge the potion, increase the potion. I have to go back and buy a bottle of the increase potion!"

Fang Xiaoru's heart was full of enthusiasm, and he hurried home impatiently.

"By the way, why are the points rewards for random tasks so high, but the main tasks are so few?"

Fang Xiaoru couldn't help but asked curiously when he returned to his room.

"The point rewards for random tasks fluctuate up and down according to the specific tasks. The level of difficulty is different, the points rewards obtained are different.

The main task is clear and easy to complete.It's all about sending extra points to the host."

Fang Xiaoru nodded, he understood.

It turns out that the points for the main mission are just extra gifts. If you want to get rich points, you still have to put your hope on random missions.

"Then how can we trigger random tasks?"

Fang Xiaoru asked again.

"Since it is a random task, of course it is triggered randomly."

Fang Xiaoru: "..."

Well, what I said is the same as what I didn't say.

"System, I want to buy a bottle of augmentation potion. How is this augmentation potion used?"

Fang Xiaoru opened the points mall, found the potion for increasing, and clicked to buy.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully purchasing a bottle of augmentation potion!"

The next moment, a medicine bottle one centimeter high and one centimeter in diameter appeared in Fang Xiaoru's hand.

I don't know what material the medicine bottle is made of. It looks very tall, and it contains white potion for enlargement.

"The host only needs to apply the medicine evenly."

After getting the usage method, Fang Xiaoru couldn't wait to use the potion.

"The system, why hasn't it changed? Did I buy fakes!"

After a while, Fang Xiaoru couldn't help but feel anxious looking at what had not changed.

"Please take care of the host. After using the augmentation potion, it will take one minute to take effect." The system explained.

In this way, in Fang Xiaoru's restless waiting, one minute passed quickly.

"It's big, big! It really is big!"

After seeing the obvious changes, Fang Xiaoru was extremely excited.

"It's amazing, it's amazing! It seems that as long as I complete a few more random tasks, I will be able to recover from it."

Fang Xiaoru looked at the enlarged potion bottle in his hand, showing a look of yearning.

"The products produced by this system must be excellent."

The system's arrogant voice appeared untimely, awakening Fang Xiaoru from the YY.

"It took a little point to buy the potion for augmentation, and now there are six points left. There are enough points to buy a bottle of white intermittent cream."

Fang Xiaoru hesitated while looking at the sunflower treasure book at hand.

He asked: "System, is the intermittent ointment really so magical that it can perfectly recover the severed limb in twenty-four hours?"

System: "Yes."

Fang Xiaoru was still a little worried, and asked, "Even if it's all right?"

System: "As long as it is something on the human body, it doesn't matter what it is."

Fang Xiaoru: "But isn't the Sunflower Tale that only eunuchs can practice? If I have practiced the Sunflower Tale and then connect it back, will there be a problem?"

System: "Please rest assured, after the improvement of this system, there will be no problems."

Fang Xiaoru heard the words and didn't give himself a chance to hesitate or be afraid. He quickly selected the intermittent cream, and then clicked to buy.

After buying the intermittent ointment, he picked up the Sunflower Collection.

"Ding! Found the Sunflower Book, do you practice?"

Fang Xiaoru looked at the secret book in his hand, gritted his teeth, and finally showed a touch of cruelty and firmness in his eyes, saying:

"If you are a man, you have to be cruel to yourself! I choose to practice!"

As soon as the voice fell, Fang Xiaoru's Sunflower Booklet turned into a ray of light that penetrated his forehead. At this moment, all the information about the Sunflower Booklet appeared in his mind.

"Ding! Congratulations to the Host Society Sunflower Collection. Current level: First look at the doorway."

At the same time, Fang Xiaoru felt a cold in his lower body, and his thing fell off.

His face turned pale in shock, and he didn't care about combing through the long list of messages in his mind, and quickly took it back with intermittent ointment.

After applying the intermittent ointment, it instantly turned into a warm current, flowing into Fang Xiaoru's wound.

After a while, everything was perfectly restored to its original state, with no trace of scars visible.

After a closer look, he found that there was no difference compared to before, and Fang Xiaoru's hanging heart finally let go.

"Huh~ It scares me to death."