The richest man in the magic city

Chapter Twenty-Nine

This is a middle-aged man who is full of alcohol. He is very wretched. He has two thief eyes, and he turns straight. After touching Gu Xiao, he put a stinking mouth on him, and he wants to kiss Gu Xiao strongly. .

Gu Xiao yelled desperately and slapped her backhand.

This slap was strong, and the middle-aged man was a little sober in an instant.

The middle-aged man's eyes dazzled, he grabbed Gu Xiao's hair with a hand, and shouted angrily:

"Smelly bitch, dare to hit me with a touch!"

Gu Xiao was pulled by his hair, and a tearing pain came from her scalp. She screamed loudly while struggling desperately.

However, the drunk middle-aged man clasped her tightly in his arms, cursing and taking advantage of her.

But at this moment, Wu Shangjiejie, whom Gu Xiao had not returned, came to look for him.

When he saw this scene, his eyes immediately turned red.

"Paralysis! Damn bastard, how dare you beat Xiaoxiao!"

Wu Shangjie rushed to the middle-aged man and beat him violently. The middle-aged man had already drunk, and coupled with his old age, where was his opponent, he was beaten all over the floor for a while.

After being beaten by Wu Shangjie, the middle-aged man got up and stared at Wu Shangjie with a gloomy face.

But he was also considered smart, and he didn't say harsh words on the spot.

"A stupid thing, no woman can't find it! Don't hurry to get out of here, I will cut you once when I see you!"

The middle-aged man left with a gloomy face, silently.

But Wu Shangjie took Gu Xiao, who was crying, back to the emperor's treasure chest.

When everyone saw Gu Xiao's appearance, they couldn't help asking:

"Xiao Xiao, what's wrong?"

Wu Shangjie said angrily: "I was bullied by a fool just now. Fortunately, I felt it in time and beat him."

"You hit someone? Will you not get revenge"

"Retaliation? We are here waiting for his revenge. If he dares to come, he must be a good lesson."

A bunch of second generations patted the table and slapped their marks. They were the only ones who bullied others, and when have they been bullied by others.

"It's better not to get into trouble. Those who can come to Wangjiang Pavilion to eat are not ordinary people. If they really get in trouble with people who shouldn't, that's not good."

A secretary's child said worriedly.

After all, they are not the top second generation like Oona, and all the celebrities who come and go here are very likely to get someone they can't afford.

"What are you afraid of! Didn't Ajie know Brother Qiang, this is the site of Brother Qiang, and I'm afraid that they won't make it out of the sky."

Everyone murmured, as if they were afraid that the world would not be chaotic.

But he said that the middle-aged man who was beaten by Wu Shangjie badly walked into an emperor's box with his stomach full of anger.

The Emperor Box is the most luxurious and extravagant box in Wangjiang Pavilion. Most people may not be able to book it for half a year, and the price is extremely expensive.

The Emperor Box is said to be a box, but the area is very large, a full 100 square meters.

The layout and decoration inside are extremely luxurious, the floor is covered with precious Persian carpets, the chandeliers above are imported from Italy, and the sofa is a crocodile leather sofa.

There was only one table in the box, and there was a man and a woman sitting at the table.

The man is about forty years old, wearing a Chinese tunic suit, and sitting in the upper seat with a Da Ma Jindao.Behind him, stood a row of bodyguards wearing black suits and sunglasses.

This man is the owner of this restaurant, Zhou Tianqiang!

Next to Zhou Tianqiang is a beautiful woman in her 30s.

She wore a light blue tulle dress, revealing half of her chest and two white arms. The deep career line can attract the eyes of all men, very charming and enchanting!

Zhou Tianqiang saw the wretched middle-aged man coming in with a husky face, he couldn't help but be surprised, and asked, "Boss Li, what's wrong with you?"

Boss Li sat down on the chair and said with a sullen face: "Didn't I go to the toilet to soak up the urine?

I ran into a woman at the door of the toilet, and I just touched her.

Unexpectedly, she slapped her backhand, and then her boyfriend also came and beat me up."

Zhou Tianqiang frowned and asked, "Do you know what the other party is?"

Boss Li slammed the table and gritted his teeth and said: "I observed it secretly, and the other party walked into the box next door. It seems to be called Ajie. Brother Qiang, how do you handle this?"

Zhou Tianqiang sneered and said, "Since Boss Li has something wrong with me, I will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation."

"Ahui, take a few people over, bring that Ajie and his girlfriend, and let Boss Li send it out."

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a man with a sturdy figure, a full face and a scar at the corner of his eye.

"Yes, Brother Qiang."