The richest man in the magic city

Chapter Thirty Do You Know Who I Am

This man named Ahui used to be a black boxer, but was later favored by Zhou Tianqiang and he was hired under his command.

For so many years, I have been with Zhou Tianqiang and made a lot of contributions.

Many of Zhou Tianqiang's turf can be laid down thanks to him.

It is said that once, Ahui alone rescued Zhou Tian from the hands of a dozen brawny men with swords.

Therefore, he can be said to be Zhou Tianqiang's favorite confidant.

However, in the king's box, a group of second generations had no sense of crisis, and they surrounded Wu Shangjie one by one, wanting to hear him talk about Brother Qiang.


Suddenly, the door of the box was knocked open directly from the outside.

A few big men wearing black suits and sunglasses broke in under the leadership of a scar face.

This group of people are the bodyguards of A Hui and Zhou Tianqiang.

"Who is Ajie?"

Ahui scanned the inside and after confirming that there was nothing to threaten him, he asked loudly.

After Ahui's group of people broke in arbitrarily, the box became quiet for an instant, and everyone could see that this group of people were not good.

"I am. Is there anything wrong with you?"

Wu Shangjie stood up and asked puzzledly.

The timid girls in the box were even more frightened when they saw Ahui's ferocious look.

"Then come with us, our boss wants to see you."

With a look of Ahui, two big men in black rushed forward and subdued Wu Shangjie.

"What do you want to do?"

Wu Shangjie struggled desperately, but his little strength didn't work at all.

"You guys, do you know who we are? Just dare to arrest people indiscriminately!"

Zhang Xinyu stepped forward and stopped in front of Ahui.

"Whoever you are, get out of me quickly."

A Hui said coldly, pushing Zhang Xinyu to the ground with a push.

"Is your boss that fat pig!"

Wu Shangjie shouted that he was held tightly by two big men in black, unable to move.

"Which is your girlfriend?"

A Hui asked coldly, without answering Wu Shangjie.

"I am his girlfriend. If you dare to touch us today, you will not be able to get out of Wangjiang Pavilion!"

Gu Xiao raised his head and said very arrogantly.

"Hehe, the tone is not small, take it away."

A Hui sneered twice, and two more black-clothed men rushed forward and put Gu Xiao up.

"Stop! We know Brother Qiang, if you dare to mess around here, there is absolutely no good fruit to eat."

Zhang Xinyu shouted.

Ahui frowned upon hearing this, and asked, "Which strong brother is it?"

Zhang Xinyu proudly said: "Naturally it is Zhou Tianqiang, the owner of this store!"

Ahui frowned. He didn't expect that these people would actually know Brother Qiang, so it wouldn't be too tough.

With a move, he said to the four big men in black: "Let go of them."

"Now you know you are afraid, don't leave quickly."

Zhang Xinyu said triumphantly.

Ahui glanced at him and said, "Since you know Brother Qiang, I'm not good at arresting people forcibly. Let's go with me and end your friend's beating."

"Okay, then we will go to see your boss."

Zhang Xinyu readily agreed. He believed that Wu Shangjie knew Brother Qiang, and faced these fierce people without fear.

"You all come with me, don't want to run."

After Ahui finished speaking, he took the lead and walked outside.

"What should we do, do we want to call home?"

A second generation said anxiously.

"It's okay, this is the site of Brother Qiang, and I'm afraid of what they do. As long as Ajie carries the name of Brother Qiang, no one dares to do anything to us.

Zhang Xinyu looked at the backs of Ahui, sneered, and followed.

This group of second generations, after hearing what Zhang Xinyu said, they felt that no matter how they were rationalized, they would no longer be so scared, and they all followed.

Only Wu Shangjie was worried for a while, in fact, where did he know a strong brother.

He just delayed the relationship, and booked this king box with the manager of Wangjiang Pavilion, which had nothing to do with Brother Qiang.

"At this time, I can only go one step at a time, hoping to suppress them with the name of strong brother."

Wu Shangjie followed behind, thinking silently in his heart.

Soon, several people followed A Hui and came to the Emperor's box.

"Boss, everyone has been brought here."

A Hui said a word, then stepped aside.

"It was this kid who beat me, mother, today I must kill you."

The fat-eared boss Li pointed at Wu Shangjie, and said spittingly.

"Ahui, pull him out and let Boss Li vent his anger."

Zhou Tianqiang said lightly, but his hand has been walking on that beautiful woman's leg.

"This big brother, I must tell you, if you move one of my brother's hair, you may not be able to get out of Wangjiang Pavilion."

Zhang Xinyu stepped forward and said proudly.

As soon as he said this, Ahui's body moved immediately and he was going to take him down.

Zhou Tianqiang waved his hand, signaled Ahui to go down, looked at Zhang Xinyu with a playful look, and said, "How can you keep me from going out?"

Zhang Xinyu pointed to Wu Shangjie and said: "You don’t know, my brother has a lot of friendship with Brother Qiang. On the site of Brother Qiang, if you dare to go wild, there will be no good fruits. I think this matter is better solved peacefully. it is good."

Zhou Tianqiang's face was stagnant, and the playfulness in his eyes became more intense. He looked at Wu Shangjie and said, "Do you know Brother Qiang?"

"Yes, I have a lot of friendship with Brother Qiang."

Wu Shangjie said, as if you are more acquainted, don't mess with me.

"Hehe, then do you know, who am I?"