The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 34 Face Slap

This is a huge reversal. The other party said it was settled within five minutes, and it was settled within five minutes.

Everyone is curious, what is the identity of the woman who called Fang Xiaoru?What is the identity of Secretary Wang that Zhou Tianqiang said?

Why did that woman say to help Fang Xiaoru settle this matter? Zhou Tianqiang received a call from Secretary Wang on the back foot.

What kind of relationship is there between them?

It's not just the second generations like Wu Shangjie and Zhang Xinyu. At this moment, even Oona looks at Fang Xiaoru with a strange expression.

She lives under the same roof with Fang Xiaoru and attends classes in the same class.But I never found out that Fang Xiaoru actually knew this kind of character who had evened Zhou Tianqiang with just one phone call.

Fang Xiaoru silently retracted the embroidery needle on his finger. He originally planned to use the embroidery needle to kill Zhou Tianqiang when he had to. Anyway, it was absolutely impossible for him to kneel to Zhou Tianqiang.


Fang Xiaoru snatched the gun in Zhou Tianqiang's hand, and then pressed the muzzle against his forehead.Coldly said:

"Don't mind? You pointed a gun at me and slapped Nana. How could I give up so easily?"

"Brother Qiang!"

A Hui, who had been relieved of his anger, screamed and rushed towards Fang Xiaoru.


Without hesitation, Fang Xiaoru pulled the trigger and shot A Hui in the leg.

Ahui was shot in the leg and fell to the ground immediately, clutching the wound, his face full of pain.


As soon as the gunshot rang, there was an earth-shattering scream in the emperor box.

Especially those second generations are even more afraid of hysteria.They usually only hear gunshots on TV and movies. How can they have such experiences in reality?

Zhou Tianqiang's face was also blue and white. He never expected that Fang Xiaoru would actually reject his apology, and had the courage to shoot.

"Xiaoru, don't mess around!" Oona was very worried that Fang Xiaoru would do stupid things on impulse."Xiaoru, it is illegal to kill, let's put down the gun and go home, OK?"

Fang Xiaoru turned his head and kicked Zhou Tianqiang, who was nervous in his heart, to the ground.Looking down at him condescendingly, said coldly:

"You slapped Nana, and I can't just let it go. Since killing is illegal, I don't want to kill you. As the saying goes, tooth for tooth, eye for eye, I will slap you ten times."

After all, in the stunned everyone, Fang Xiaoru raised his palm high and slapped Zhou Tianqiang's face fiercely.




He clicked to the left and clicked to the right.Every slap in the face made a clear and loud sound.

After ten slaps, Zhou Tianqiang's face was swollen like a pig's head, and he couldn't see the original look at all.

"Gosh! How dare he slap Brother Qiang in the face!"

The second generation behind, seeing this scene, almost stared out of shocked eyes.

In their minds, Zhou Tianqiang is a veritable boss of the magic city. There are dozens of KTVs and casinos under his name, and there are also many five-star hotels. There are thousands of younger brothers who work for him.

Such a character was actually beaten on the ground by Fang Xiaoru at this moment, and there was no room for resistance.

Such a scene has deeply changed Fang Xiaoru's impression in their minds.

Originally thought that he was just a poor boy with nothing, who would have thought that at this critical time, he had to rely on him to get rid of Zhou Tianqiang's investigation.

Fang Xiaoru let Zhou Tianqiang go after ten slaps.

He walked to Oona's side and said, "He slapped you. I have already helped you take revenge. If you feel dissatisfied, I will continue to teach him."

"No, no!" Ou Na shook her head again and again, and she quickly took Fang Xiaoru out of the box."If you continue to fight, he will be killed by you. Let's go quickly."

Where Oona and Fang Xiaoru passed, the black bodyguards hurriedly backed away.

Have strength, courage, and background.Such a person, they are really scared.

Seeing that Fang Xiaoru had already left, the second generations of Wu Shangjie and Zhang Xinyu were also busy following behind and rushing outside.

"Brother Qiang, are you okay." The beautiful woman next to Zhou Tianqiang, after Fang Xiaoru left, hurriedly ran to help Zhou Tianqiang up, and asked with a look of concern.


After Zhou Tianqiang sat up, he spit out a bloody saliva.

In that saliva, two front teeth can be vaguely seen!

"Call the military division and let him find out the origin of this kid." Zhou Tianqiang's eyes were full of raging anger, and his voice was low and full of killing intent."I must repay this grudge!"

However, after experiencing such an incident, those two generations were not in the mood to go to KTV to sing. After exiting the gate of Wangjiang Pavilion, they went home.

In the taxi going back, Oona stared at Fang Xiaoru curiously and looked up and down.

"Hey, what are you looking at me doing like this?"

Under Oona's gaze, Fang Xiaoru felt uncomfortable.

"How did you do it?" Oona blinked her black jewel-like eyes and asked: "You were so tired after running eight hundred meters, how come you can fight so much today?"

Fang Xiaoru said with a serious face: "Because I practiced the Sunflower Collection."

"Cut!" Oona rolled her eyes, "Just forget it if you don't want to say it."

Fang Xiaoru was speechless, but I was telling the truth.

Perhaps the reason for being frightened, Oona quickly narrowed her eyes, put her head on Fang Xiaoru's shoulder, and fell asleep.

"Ding! The host triggers a random mission. Feeling the killing intent from Zhou Tianqiang, ask the host to kill Zhou Tianqiang."