The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 37 A Couple

"It's amazing! It's terrible!"

Although Xi Guogang has seen all kinds of spectacular scenes, at this moment, he is still shocked.

With only one embroidery needle, the teacup is divided into two.

If such an embroidery needle falls on a person, it is simply unimaginable!

Xi Qiuwei, who had always been dissatisfied with Xiaoru and even thought he was bragging, stopped talking at this moment.

It was just that the look in her eyes towards Fang Xiaoru changed, and she was curious now.She wondered what exactly is Fang Xiaoru's identity?Where did you learn the internal strength?

"My internal strength is still not at home, making Xi old laugh." Fang Xiaoru said flatly.

Xi Guo just recovered from the shock, sat back in the chair, and asked expectantly: "I don't know who your master is Xiaofang? Can you recommend me?"

Fang Xiaoru's expression was stunned. His internal strength was cultivated through the Sunflower Collection. There is no master.

Seeing the hesitant expression on Fang Xiaoru's face, Xi Guogang couldn't help asking, "Is it inconvenient to tell?"

Fang Xiaoru nodded, and said, "My master told me that he was not allowed to disclose his information to anyone, even his name."

Fang Xiaoru had to make up a lie casually, and couldn't tell him that I had a system, so it was so awesome.

Xi Guogang's eyes darkened, his face full of pity, and he said, "It's the same with the masters. They like quietness. This is also my blessing."

It can be seen that his counterpart Xiaoru is very envious of having such a "master".

Fang Xiaoru didn’t want to talk more on this topic, so he quickly turned the topic off and said: “Old Xi, you have practiced foreign kungfu for decades, and you must have many opinions of your own. I happened to encounter some problems in martial arts. Explore it?"

To discuss martial arts with Fang Xiaoru, a master with internal strength, Xi Guogang couldn't ask for it, and this is why he invited Fang Xiaoru to visit his home.

Soon, the two entered the discussion of martial arts.

Fang Xiaoru cultivated the Sunflower Collection, with no internal power, but he did not know how to control this power perfectly.

However, Xi Guogang is very insightful about how to use his own power, but he has no idea about internal power and is very curious.

So the two of them discussed enthusiastically, learning each other's knowledge to make up for themselves, and both sides benefited a lot.

Time flies quickly, a little while in the morning.

When Fang Xiaoru walked out of the Xi’s villa, he gained a lot from how to use his internal strength correctly and effectively.

"No, today is already Sunday, but this week's 640,000 yuan has not been spent!"

Walking on the road, Fang Xiaoru suddenly remembered this incident.

These days, he has been immersed in the sea of ​​practice every day and cannot extricate himself.

Seeing that the internal force in the dantian gradually grew from a trace to the thickness of a toothpick today, he was completely indulged in the improvement of strength.

Twenty minutes later, Fang Xiaoru appeared in the city center.At this moment, his dress has changed drastically.

He is wearing a Givenchy casual outfit, and the total of his shirt and pants has exceeded one hundred thousand yuan.

Now he was standing on the street, thinking about how to spend the remaining half a million.

Buy a watch?No, next week, my consumption amount will be 1.28 million. It is meaningless to buy hundreds of thousands of watches.

Buy a car?Forget it, a half-million-dollar car is simply disqualified.

Would you like to buy a bag for Nana?This can be.

Just as Fang Xiaoru was thinking of what kind of name to give Oona a bag, a woman's roar reached his ears.

I saw a couple in their twenties arguing in front of him on the right.

The girl pointed at Fang Xiaoru and snarled angrily at the boy:

"If you are as rich as him and wear tens of thousands of dollars in clothes, I won't break up with you!"

The boy grabbed the girl and pleaded with his face: "Jiajia, I will definitely make money in the future, and I will definitely buy you brand-name bags and brand-name clothes.

Would you please give me some time?The teacher has said that I am very talented in directing. I will definitely become an excellent director in the future and let you live a good life."

The girl shook off the boy's hands vigorously, "Wait! Wait! Wait! I have waited enough! Although you are very talented and talented as a director, what's the use?

You have no money, no connections, and others look down on you, a fresh graduate. Where do you go to make movies?Can't even make a movie, so what kind of director?What are you talking about making money?"

The boy said anxiously, "Jiajia, I have already contacted the sponsor, and now I only have 300,000 funds, and my film can start shooting. You give me three months, and three months for me. Is the time good?"


Fang Xiaoru coughed twice and walked up to them when the couple was pulling and pulling and clamoring about breaking up.

The girl saw that the person who came by was exactly the rich brother she was referring to.She froze for a moment, and asked: "What's the matter with you?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "Miss, you have made a mistake. The clothes on my body have been over 100,000, and not the tens of thousands that you can buy. Besides, is it just for you? Now that your boyfriend has money, you won't break up with him?"

The girl looked at Fang Xiaoru with a puzzling face, wondering what he wanted to do.But she nodded and said:

"I just don’t want to have a hard time with him. I live in a small house less than 30 square meters every day before I choose to break up. If he has a million, no, he only needs to have a net worth of 500,000. It won't be like this."

Fang Xiaoru nodded and said, "Well, come with me."