The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 38 Money and Love

Ten minutes later, in a presidential suite in Shangri-La Hotel.

Fang Xiaoru threw two bags full of money to the ground, and said to the girl in front of him, "Do you want this money?"

This couple, the male is Lin Caizhe, and the female is Zhao Jiajia.They are all students who graduated from the Magic Theater Academy last year. The female learns acting and the male learns director.

Zhao Jiajia stared straight at the banknotes spread all over the floor, and said hurriedly: "Think, think!"

"If you want to do as I said." Fang Xiaoru walked to the sofa to the side, sat down, and said casually: "Take my clothes off first."

After hesitating for less than a second, Zhao Jiajia decisively dragged her coat, revealing her beautiful figure.

"What on earth do you want to do!" Lin Caizhe yelled at Fang Xiaoru, and then quickly picked up the clothes on the floor to put on Zhao Jiajia."Jiajia, get dressed quickly, we don't need the money."

"You have to go!" Zhao Jiajia pushed Lin Caizhe away hard, and threw the clothes he picked up far away.

Fang Xiaoru's mouth was always smiling.Said: "I took off my underwear too."

Zhao Jiajia heard this, although she felt a little ashamed, but when she saw the whole 500,000 yuan on the ground, she didn't hesitate anymore and began to untie the fierce cover.

"No way! Jiajia, you can't do this kind of thing for money." Lin Caizhe rushed up to grab Zhao Jiajia and stop her from continuing to take it off.

"You leave me, it's not that I haven't done this kind of thing. A full 500,000 yuan, this is money I can't save for several years."

Zhao Jiajia slammed Lin Caizhe away and followed Fang Xiaoru's instructions.

"What! Have you done this kind of thing before?" Lin Caizhe seemed to be struck by lightning. He stood there blankly, with a painful expression on his face: "You often stay away at night, saying that you live at your girlfriend's house. Could it be that ...... Is this all lie to me?"

Zhao Jiajia looked at Lin Caizhe and screamed: "Yes, I have been lying to you!"

Two lines of tears dripped into Lin Caizhe's eyes, and he muttered, "So what they said is true. You are really using your body for money."

The man does not flick when he has tears, but he is not sad.

After learning that his girlfriend, as his friend said, often carried him out to sell, Lin Caizhe felt like the sky was spinning, and he couldn't breathe in grief.

Zhao Jiajia roared: "Otherwise, how can I buy Hermes, otherwise, how can I buy Dior! In my opinion, it is better to sleep with anyone than you! At least they will give me a lot of money, and You can only let me live in a small house of 30 square meters!"

"Haha! Hahahaha! It turns out that I have always been like a fool!" Lin Caizhe seemed to be crazy, his eyes were red, and he said angrily:

"I originally thought that the relationship between you and me is innocent and will stand the test of time. I didn't expect you to betray your body and soul for money!"

Zhao Jiajia also responded angrily: "Yes, I am such a woman, and I am a woman who worships gold! But you are all to blame. If you have money, how can I go out and sell? How can I lie in my junior year? A ten-year-old man in bed!"

Lin Caizhe's heart was completely dead. He didn't expect that his girlfriend, who spoiled like Bao, would actually do such things behind his back.This made him feel a gloomy life.

"Sir, I sat as you said, and my clothes are all stripped off. If you want my body, I can give it to you. Don't worry, my technique is very good and it will definitely satisfy you."

Zhao Jiajia walked to Fang Xiaoru's body and assumed a very attractive posture.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said faintly, "I am not interested in you, you are too dirty."

Zhao Jiajia's expression was stagnant, but the next moment he stared at the money on the ground, and said: "Then the money belongs to me?"

Fang Xiaoru said jokingly, "I never told you."

He turned his head and looked at Lin Caizhe, who was standing still and desperate, and said, "Lin Caizhe, right? This is half a million. I will give it to you, whatever you want. You can use it to make a movie, give it to you. Whether it’s my girlfriend, I don’t care about it. You are the master."

Lin Caizhe was shocked when he heard the words, his eyes fixed on Fang Xiaoru, and he asked, "Why are you doing this?"

Fang Xiaoru shrugged and said, "I just can't understand a woman who worships money like her. You are a macho man who is said to be quite talented, so why bother to bow in front of such a woman. Okay, I should go too, Qian I put it here too."

After that, Fang Xiaoru turned and walked out of the presidential suite.

After Fang Xiaoru left, Zhao Jiajia rushed forward, trying to hold the 500,000 yuan in his arms.

"Get away from me!" Lin Caizhe slapped Zhao Jiajia's face and slapped her away."You don't even want to get the money!"

"Azhe, can we not break up. With this money, I will never go out and mess around again. Let's live a good life."

"You bastard bitch, I finally recognized your true face today. Even if I burn the money, I won't leave you a point!"

After this incident, Lin Caizhe had completely awakened.The so-called love between them is just a joke in the face of money.

He looked at Fang Xiaoru's long-lost back and murmured: "Thank you for letting me see the nature of this woman clearly, and letting me see this cruel world clearly."