The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 40: Beating People in the Face

on Monday.

For two consecutive English classes, Fang Xiaoru slept on the table.

Whether it was the text or the sentence that popped out of Lisa's mouth, he could not understand or understand at all, and in the end he could only fall asleep.

If this were to be placed before, Lisa would definitely pick him up and give him a severe lesson.But after experiencing the incident at the Hilton Hotel, Lisa's attitude towards Xiaoru has completely changed.

She is now very afraid that Fang Xiaoru will reveal her secrets, and she dare not find fault with Fang Xiaoru.

It's just that the look in her eyes towards Fang Xiaoru is a bit strange, it seems to be a little longing?

Finally, the day's course finally passed through the torment, Fang Xiaoru packed his schoolbags and prepared to go home.

But when he passed the corner of the stairs, he saw Liu Mengya and Chen Yaonan at the same table walking towards the roof of the building.

"No, Liu Mengya has always treated Chen Yaonan without pretentiousness. Why did he go to the rooftop with him alone?"

Fang Xiaoru thought of Liu Mengya, who had always listened carefully and took notes when he was in class today, but was not in an abnormal state.

"There may be ghosts in this."

Fang Xiaoru murmured, and then quietly followed the two of them and walked to the rooftop.

"Mengya, I have given you a weekend to think about it. You know, there is no shop in this village. If you drag on and cannot pay the medical bill, your mother will be in danger."

As soon as I walked onto the rooftop, I heard Chen Yaonan's voice.

Fang Xiaoru stood at the door, looking forward.

Seeing Liu Mengya lowered her head, her face turned pale for a while, her hands clasped tightly, as if a fierce struggle was going on in her heart.

"Your mother's condition originally required long-term recuperation. The recurrence is now serious. If you don't have an operation to cure it, I am afraid it will be dangerous." Chen Yaonan took out a bank card from his pocket."There are three hundred thousand in this card, enough to cover your mother's surgery and other medical expenses."

Liu Mengya looked at this bank card, her inner struggle became stronger and stronger.

Chen Yaonan smiled and handed the bank card directly to Liu Mengya's eyes, and said, "As long as you go to the hotel with me tonight and promise to be my girlfriend, this card is yours, and your mother can have the operation as soon as possible. , Out of the dangerous period."

Liu Mengya remembered her mother who was lying on the hospital bed but had no money for treatment and gradually entered a dangerous period. Finally, she made up her mind and stretched out her hand tremblingly.

"I'm going to your uncle!"

Fang Xiaoru couldn't bear it anymore, he just kicked up, kicking Chen Yaonan to the ground heavily.

"As a classmate, you also do this kind of thing? Is he really a scumbag!"

After Fang Xiaoru knocked over Chen Yaonan, she was still unsure, punching and kicking at him, screaming.

"Fang Xiaoru! It's you again. This is between me and Liu Mengya. What are you coming to join in the fun!" After Fang Xiaoru stopped, Chen Yaonan finally took a sigh of relief. He breathed fire in his eyes and stared at Fang Xiaoru angrily.

"The two of us are just desirable and necessary. This is a fair deal. What qualifications do you have to intervene?"

"Bah!" Fang Xiaoru pointed at Chen Yaonan and cursed, "You are also called fair trade? You are taking advantage of the danger!"

Chen Yaonan also said loudly: "I'm taking advantage of the danger, but I can pay for medical expenses to help her mother out of danger. I didn't persecute her, everything is her voluntary.

Fang Xiaoru kicked Chen Yaonan again, and turned to Liu Mengya and said, "Student Liu Mengya, this scumbag is clearly taking advantage of the danger, so don't care about him anymore."

Two lines of glittering tears were drawn on Liu Mengya's delicate face, and she said desperately: "I have no choice. Without the money for surgery, my mother may...may not be able to hold on."

"Have you heard, my 300,000, can save her mother's life!" Chen Yaonan got up from the ground and looked at Fang Xiaoru proudly.

"You poor and poor, since you like to be more nosy, well, you are responsible for her mother's treatment fees. But this is a full 300,000, just like you, can you get it out?"

"Chen Yaonan, I agree to your request." When Liu Mengya finished this sentence, her eyes were extremely hollow and her face was filled with despair, as if she had lost her soul and her heart was ashamed.

As long as you work hard, you can change your destiny.This belief has always been implemented in her heart.

She studied hard, and every time she took the exam, she firmly occupied the first place in the whole year. Not surprisingly, she was definitely the best university in the empire.

As long as she stays for another four years, after she graduates from university, the family's situation will definitely improve gradually.

However, God seemed to be deliberately making things difficult for her, and did not give her time to change her destiny.

Last week, a terrible news came that her mother's condition had relapsed and was very serious. If she did not hurry to perform the operation, the situation would be unthinkable.

In order to raise her mother for 18 years, this strong girl finally bowed her head in the face of fate and chose to succumb.

"Have you heard her answer? So, you needy and hurry up!" Chen Yaonan glanced at Fang Xiaoru disdainfully, picked up the bank card on the ground, and handed it to Liu Mengya.

"Mengya, accept this card, you are my Chen Yaonan's girlfriend. Don't worry, I don't have anything else, I just have money, and I will take care of your mother's medical expenses.

Just when Chen Yaonan thought he was going to embrace the beauty, Fang Xiaoru kicked him away again, and said contemptuously: "300,000 is also called money?"

He took out his cell phone and showed Chen Yaonan the deposit information in it: your 1234 card, at 16:31 on April 16, the Imperial Bank income (remittance) was 1,280,000 yuan, and the balance was 1,280,000 yuan.Empire Bank

"Silly son, have you seen it? This is just the amount of money Dad spends a week!"