The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 43 Matchmaking

"Fang Xiaoru, I didn't expect you to have such a great skill."

Liu Mengya, who had recovered from fear, said with an incredible face.

Originally, Fang Xiaoru was just a classmate who liked sleeping in class but not listening to class.

But Fang Xiaoru shocked her one after another in the past two days. Not only did she get more than one million deposits, but now she is also a Wushuang Wushuang. Faced with four gangsters holding knives, she easily subdued all of them.

I have to say that Fang Xiaoru's original impression in Liu Mengya's heart has been completely overturned.

Instead, he is a young man who is rich in gold, kind, eager to help others and good at skills.

"It's normal, like them. Ten more won't be enough for me."

Fang Xiaoru waved his hand, this is just a trifle to me.

Along the way, Liu Mengya always peeked at Fang Xiaoru from time to time. She was very curious about what kind of person this tablemate who had been with him for nearly half a year was?

"What? Is there something on my face?"

Fang Xiaoru was keenly aware of Liu Mengya's secret sight, and couldn't help asking.


Liu Mengya's small face immediately blushed, like a ripe little apple, white and smooth, making people want to bite.

About twenty minutes later, Fang Xiaoru brought a bag of fruits and a bouquet of flowers to Liu Mengya's mother's ward.

Liu Mengya's mother was named Ma Lingcui, and she was in her early forties.Now after the operation, her face is much better than before.

Looking at the contours of her face and Liu Mengya's current appearance, one can imagine that when she was young, she was also a great beauty.

"Mom, this is my tablemate Fang Xiaoru."

As soon as she entered the ward, Liu Mengya introduced her to her mother.

Fang Xiaoru handed the fruits and flowers to Liu Biping, smiling and saying, "Good uncle, good aunt."

Liu Pingping took the fruits and flowers, and said, "Hey, you boy, come here, what more fruits and flowers can you buy?"

When Liu Mengya's mother Ma Lingcui saw Fang Xiaoru coming in, she struggled to sit up and was so scared that Fang Xiaoru and Liu Mengya quickly pressed her to the bed.

"Auntie, you just had an operation, just lie down and tell me."

"Yes, mom, the doctor said your wound will take more than half a month to heal. You can't move around."

The father and daughter Liu Mengya and Liu Piping were also taken aback.

A smile appeared on Ma Lingcui’s face and said, "Student Fang, thank you for reaching out this time. I really don’t know how to thank you, so I asked Xiaoya to bring you over and say thank you in person. ."

Fang Xiaoru sat on the chair beside the bed and said, "Auntie, you are polite, Mengya is my deskmate, and I should help her."

Ma Lingcui's face was full of self-blame, and she sighed, "Hey, my illness has dragged down Xiaoya and her father, and brought down the family."

Liu Mengya scolded: "Mom, what are you talking about, don't talk about it in the future."

"Yeah, my wife, as long as you are healthy, it's nothing for me to be tired."

Liu Piping held Ma Lingcui's hands, his eyes were extremely firm.

Ma Lingcui looked at her husband, who was only forty-two years old, but her head was covered with white hair, and her forehead was wrinkled. She looked like a 60-year-old man, tears could not help but poured into her eyes.

"Mom, why are you crying? We will definitely get better in the future."

Liu Mengya looked at her mother with tears in her eyes, her voice couldn't help but choked up.

This family is really not easy. Ma Lingcui has been sick for more than ten years and consumes a lot of medical expenses every year.

All the burdens of the family are on Liu Piping's body.Liu Piping is just a small vendor in an ordinary vegetable market, and all his income is from selling fish every day.

But with such a small amount of money, how can this family be supported?

Therefore, he sells fish during the day and does heavy work at night. For more than ten years, he has rarely slept for four hours a day.

Under such high pressure, he grew old so quickly. He was clearly only a 42-year-old middle-aged man, but he looked no different from a sixty-year-old man.

"Okay, don't cry both of you mother and daughter. If you cry again, classmate Fang will laugh."

Despite all the hard work and exhaustion every day, Liu Piping feels satisfied as long as he sees his wife and daughter doing well.

After a while, Ma Lingcui said to Xiaoru, "Student Fang, I asked Xiaoya to call you over this time, and there is another thing. Is your money, can you give me a period of grace until Xiaoya graduates from university? Later, I will return it to you slowly?"

"Auntie, what's this?" Fang Xiaoru smiled speechlessly, and said, "Just put your heart in your stomach and get well. I don't need you to pay back the money."

"No need to pay back! How can this work?" Liu Piping immediately got upset, "We must pay back the debt."

Although this Liu Pingping is honest, he will not change what he believes.Fang Xiaoru shook his head helplessly, and said, "Then it's up to you."

After several people chatted in the ward for a few minutes, Fang Xiaoru got up and left.

Ma Lingcui said, "Xiaoya, you can send it off to classmate Fang."

After Fang Xiaoru and Liu Mengya left, Ma Lingcui sighed: "Xiaoya, this classmate, is really a good boy."

Liu Piping also sighed, "Isn't it, you are sick, and those relatives are hiding from me, for fear that I will ask them to borrow money. Only Xiaoya, a classmate, helped us through this difficult situation."

Ma Lingcui looked forward to: "You said, if he becomes our son-in-law in the future, that would be great."

Liu Pingping said amused: "What do you think, classmate Fang is not an ordinary person at first glance, how could he like our Xiaoya."

"Why is it impossible?" Ma Lingcui became excited immediately, "Isn't Xiaoya beautiful? Besides, if he didn't have any idea about our Xiaoya, how could he give me such a large sum of money to treat my illness? ?"

Liu Piping lowered his head and thought, and felt that Ma Lingcui's words made sense.

"So, when I am discharged from the hospital, I will invite him to our house for a meal to see if it is possible to match him and Xiaoya."