The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 53 Mramp; Mrs Restaurant

Liu Mengya is a Taurus. Taurus girls are very conservative and like stability. Once there are changes, they will feel unreliable in their heart and have a slower personality.

She hadn't dared to face Fang Xiaoru for several days since the dragonfly kiss that day. As soon as she saw Fang Xiaoru, her face would immediately blush.

Today is April 25th, Wednesday, Liu Mengya's birthday.Under Fang Xiaoru's repeated coercion, she finally agreed to have dinner with Fang Xiaoru.

Under Fang Xiaoru's leadership, after school in the afternoon, the two came to Mr&Mrs restaurant.

The Mr&Mrs restaurant in Magic City is a world-class creative French restaurant and the only Michelin three-star French restaurant in Shanghai.

The elegant environment, romantic and luxurious inside, is very popular among young lovers.

But again, the consumption here is high.The per capita consumption is above 2,000, and if it were not for the elites with a monthly income of tens of thousands, they would never come here to eat.

Standing at the door of Mr&Mrs restaurant, Liu Mengya refused to enter.

"Let's change another house, it's too expensive."

Fang Xiaoru grabbed Liu Mengya's little hand and directly pulled her into it."It's just dinner, this little money is nothing to me."

Liu Mengya couldn't struggle, and in desperation had to follow Fang Xiaoru inside.


At the door, two welcoming ladies in red cheongsam, all of good shape, smile like flowers, and very enthusiastic.

However, after Fang Xiaoru and Liu Mengya walked away.One of the welcome ladies said with disgust:

"Two students in school uniforms came here to eat too."

Another welcoming lady also echoed: "The key is still two poor students. Didn't you see that they came by taking a taxi? I ​​will make a joke when I can't pay."

Although it sounds a bit marketable, it is also natural.Everyone who enters and exits the Mr&Mrs restaurant is a handsome man and a beautiful girl.Suddenly, when I saw two students, I couldn't help but feel a little underestimated.

"If one day, I could also meet a golden prince charming, who would take me here for dinner every day, that would be great." The Miss Yingbin on the left thought with a idiot.

At this moment, a Porsche 911 stopped at the door.A young man in a black trench coat and sunglasses got out of the car.

After getting out of the car, he quickly walked around to the other side, opened the co-pilot door, and held a lady's hand very gently.

This is a lady who is about twenty-five years old, with fair legs, a nice face, and very beautiful, but it gives people a domineering feeling.

"Look, it's Shao Huang from Tianle Media." Miss Yingbin on the left said excitedly.

"What are you so excited about? Didn't you see the woman next to him? She is much more beautiful than you." The welcome lady on the left and right shot mercilessly.

When Huang Shao led the lady into the door of Mr&Mrs restaurant, the two welcome ladies hurriedly bowed and said:


The smiles on their faces were different from the smiles that greeted Fang Xiaoru just now.

Meeting Fang Xiaoru was a professional smile, but when meeting Huang Shao, it was from the heart. The smile was full of flattery and even a little hope?

Not only is the smile different, but the bow is also different.

Facing Shao Huang, they deliberately bent their waists a lot, revealing their deep career lines, hoping to win Shao Huang's attention.

But Huang Shao tightly nodded slightly, and ignored the two welcome ladies.

On the contrary, the lady who was holding Huang Shao's arm turned her head and gave them a sarcasm and disdain.

Miss Yingbin on the left looked down at her huge murder weapon, and looked very unconvinced: "It's much bigger than the woman next to him, so she didn't even look at it!"

"Hey, the women next to Huang Shao change almost every week." The Miss Welcome on the right was full of idiots, "When will it be our turn, that would be great."

Mr&Mrs restaurant is full of elegance and romance.

Fang Xiaoru and Liu Mengya sat down in one position under the guidance of the waiter.

In this restaurant, there are beautiful women everywhere, and they are all very temperamental.The beauties that are rarely seen on weekdays seem to be Chinese cabbage here, grab a lot.

"Mr. Miss, this is the menu." The waiter stepped forward and gave Fang Xiaoru and Liu Mengya a menu.

Liu Mengya opened the menu and saw that the dishes above were all in the hundreds, and there were even thousands of them.She was taken aback and said timidly: "The dishes here are too expensive, let's change one."

Fang Xiaoru grinned at her and said, "Today is your birthday, so I would like to treat you to a big meal."

"You... how do you know my birthday today."

Liu Mengya's eyes widened and her face was shocked.

Since she remembered, she had never had a birthday.Dad is busy day and night, mother is lying on the hospital bed all day long, where is there time for her birthday.

Today is her eighteenth birthday, and she never expected someone to help her celebrate.Unexpectedly, Fang Xiaoru invited her out for dinner, actually celebrating her birthday.

An emotion called happiness slowly came to her heart, and two blushes appeared on her white face quietly.

Fang Xiaoru did not answer. He took the menu and said to the waiter: "Bring me two scallops of Saint-Jacques and one veal stew with white sauce..."

He ordered eight or nine dishes in one breath, only to stop under Liu Mengya's restraint.