The richest man in the magic city

Chapter Fifty Five

Fang Xiaoru didn't even look at the 20,000 yuan, and said jokingly, "Are you planning to use money to insult me?"

"Why? Too little?" Huang Shao took out a wad of banknotes from the bag again, "Is it enough? If you have enough, get out of here!"

Shao Huang was really angry now. He didn't expect that the student in front of him was so impeccable that he was not satisfied with 20,000 yuan.

The waiter and the manager Li Hong all looked at Fang Xiaoru contemptuously, thinking that he was too greedy.

There was only one waiter who ordered Fang Xiaoru just now, and he didn't think so.

Excluding the dishes ordered, the 82-year-old Lafite alone is worth 42,999 yuan.How can such a person be greedy for tens of thousands of dollars?

The two welcome ladies at the door also gathered around at this time, and whispered where they were.

"It's just a student, so greedy, and it's worth it when he grows up."

"It's really shameless. If I were Huang Shao, I wouldn't give him a penny."

"It's disgusting, the quality is too bad."

"Yes, yes."

Although the two voices were small, the atmosphere in the entire restaurant was very depressed at this moment and seemed very quiet, so all their voices were heard by Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru raised his head, looked at Huang Shao with a mentally handicapped look, coldly spit out two words: "Fool!"

"What are you talking about!" Huang Shao's face instantly chilled, and he yelled at the manager Li Hong: "Manager Li, what are you waiting for, don't hurry him out!"

Huang Shao has been completely irritated by Fang Xiaoru. Today is his first dinner with his new girlfriend. He doesn't want to be disturbed or destroyed by anyone.

"Shao Huang, don't be angry, I'll let the waiter drive them away." The manager Li Hong acted like a pug. He turned to several male waiters and said, "Hurry up and drive them away."

The waiter who ordered Fang Xiaoru quickly ran to the manager Li Hong and said softly: "Manager, this person just ordered a bottle of Lafite for 82 years."

He said this to remind Li Hong that Fang Xiaoru's identity should also not be underestimated.

Sure enough, when the manager Li Hong heard the words, his pupils suddenly shrank. He looked at Fang Xiaoru's table, and he saw a bottle of Lafite 1982.

Obviously not ordinary people can afford more than 40,000 wines.

Seeing this, manager Li Hong did not dare to let people drive Fang Xiaoru away easily.

While manager Li Hong was hesitant, Fang Xiaoru did something that surprised everyone.

He picked up three stacks of money on the table and slammed it on Shao Huang’s face, sarcastically saying:

"Thirty thousand yuan can let your Grandpa Fang leave me?"

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

A teenager who looked like a student actually took money to hit Huang Shao's face.

"Is he crazy?"

"It's over, Huang Shao won't let him go."

"In front of Huang Shao, this boy is over."

Several waiters looked at Fang Xiaoru in horror. They couldn't imagine what kind of anger would erupt from Huang Shao, and what kind of end this young man would end up.

Shao Huang brushed off the banknotes scattered on his shoulders, and then the female companion next to him said: "Jie'er, I didn't expect to encounter such a thing, but I will solve it soon."

After that, he turned his head to look at Fang Xiaoru, his eyes were cold, his voice was very cold, and he said, "You can't be too greedy. Pick up the money on the ground and leave it for me. Otherwise, you won't get anything. , I will regret it."

Fang Xiaoru held his forehead with his hand, and said, "I don't want to talk to you idiot. Manager, how much did he spend on this place?"

Manager Li Hong replied subconsciously: "Two... one million in two hours."

Fang Xiaoru directly took out his bank card and threw it to Li Hong, the manager, and said, "I paid two million. You quickly drive this idiot away. I have a headache when I see him."

"Two million!"

"I'm going, is this the rhythm of grudge?"

"Really? Is it possible that this student is also a rich second-generation?"

Everyone was completely stunned. Such a scene can only be seen on TV.

When Huang Shao heard Fang Xiaoru's wild words, his color instantly changed.As the young owner of Tianle Media, he is in the upper-class society of the magic city, and few people dare to confront him.

Right now there is a boy who looks like a student, who provokes him directly.

Whether it is for his own face or to leave a good image in front of a beautiful woman, he will not easily let Fang Xiaoru go.

Suddenly, the faces of the two welcoming ladies were full of disdain, and said: "How can a person who comes by taxi get two million. And his bank card is an ordinary card, which must be bluffing. ."

After hearing this, everyone stared at the card in Fang Xiaoru's hand, and it turned out to be an ordinary bank card.

At this moment, there were still some drummers in their hearts, and they immediately believed that Fang Xiaoru was cheating.If he really has 2 million in his card, he must be a VIP customer of the bank, and the card he holds will not be an ordinary card.

Just like the card in Huang Shao's hand, it was a black gold card.

"It turns out to be a guy with a big head." Huang Shao sneered and said to manager Li Hong: "Manager Li, go and brush him. If there are really two million, I will recognize it and leave on the spot. If not, hehe..."

"and many more!"

Just when the manager Li Hong was about to swipe his card, Fang Xiaoru suddenly shouted.