The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 59 World Card

Fang Xiaoru's life now is very moist. During the day, he either kisses me and me with Liu Mengya in the classroom, or he uses buttons to molest Lisa.

But it made him a little depressed. Since three days ago, Oona had ignored him. Every time she saw him, she kept her face cold.

Even more strange is that she didn't let Fang Xiaoru take her to school in the morning.

Fang Xiaoru was not sure about this, so she had to wonder in her heart whether it would be the days when the girls came every month.

This week, he spent 2.56 million in advance and completed the main task.The points on his body rose from twenty-two points to twenty-three points.

That night, Fang Xiaoru was lying on the bed, looking at the twenty-three points, his hands were itchy again, and there was an unstoppable desire to open the treasure box in his heart.

This kind of desire is like a League of Legends player who has some spare money in his hand and can't help but want to draw.

I always thought I could get a black dragon for a hundred dollars.

And now Fang Xiaoru is in the same mood. He always wants to prescribe a pill that can increase internal strength, just like Xiao Huan Pill and Da Huan Pill.

He rolled around with a carp, sat up from the bed, and shouted in his mind: "System, come out for me, I want to open a golden treasure box."

As soon as Fang Xiaoru's voice fell, a treasure box appeared in his mind. The treasure box was surrounded by gold silk and looked very extraordinary and tall.

The treasure box opened slowly, and a bright golden light overflowed from it.

Slowly, the light became more and more flaming.

"What good thing is such a dazzling light?"

Fang Xiaoru's eyes widened, and he waited for the treasure box to fully open with a look of excitement and expectation.

After two seconds, the treasure box was finally fully opened, and a golden card slowly emerged from the treasure box.

"Ding! The host opens a golden treasure box and obtains the item-the Eight Dragons World Card! Do you want to receive it?"

Fang Xiaoru asked puzzledly: "Dragon Eight World Card? What is this?"

The system explained: "The Tianlong Ba Bu World Card, as the name implies, with this card, you can go to the Tian Long Ba Bu World Card."

Fang Xiaoru's eyes lit up, and his face was full of excitement: "So awesome! How should I use it then?"

The system said: "The host only needs to silently enter the world in his heart, but there is one point that must be explained to the host. Each world card can only be used once.

For example, if the host enters the world of Heavenly Dragon Babu with this card, this card will disappear.If you still want to enter, you must go to the points store to buy or open a treasure box to open it."

"Does the point mall still have this stuff?"

Fang Xiaoru hurriedly searched the world card in the search bar of the mall, and he found that there were various world cards on it.

There are three colors of these cards, namely gold, purple, and orange.

According to Fang Xiaoru's observations, the higher you go, the higher the world is.

For example, the golden world cards are mostly martial arts worlds, such as the Eight Divisions of Heaven and Slaying Dragons, etc.

The purple world cards are some animation worlds like One Piece.

Of course, what suffocated Fang Xiaoru the most was the orange world card, which could lead to the mythical world!

There are things like Journey to the West, the World of Gods, the World of Primordial Desolation, etc.

But the prices of these world cards made Fang Xiaoru daunted.

The cheapest Golden World Card, priced at 50 points.

The Purple World Card sells for 100 points.

And the orange world card that Fang Xiaoru yearns most, which can lead to the mythical world, actually has 500 points!

"Mad, I found that I was really too poor. If I have enough points, I must go to all these worlds to play.

Especially in the mythical world, if I get a step in the cultivation technique there, wouldn’t it be a god-like existence when I returned to the earth?"

Fang Xiaoru became more excited as he thought about it, and more excited as he thought about it.

However, when Fang Xiaoru was caught in YY, the system relentlessly attacked: "With the current strength of the host, it will not survive in any mythical world for three days."

Fang Xiaoru cursed: "You are a broken system, if it weren't for your main mission to give you too low points rewards, I have already bought a small pill, or even a big pill, how can I always stay in the realm of the first glimpse of the doorway? ."

"The host gets the item-Tianlong Eight World Card! Ask again, do you receive it? If you don't receive it, the system will collect it with 25 points."

Fang Xiaoru quickly said, "Get it, of course you get it!"

The Golden World Card, which is worth 50 points, was actually recovered by the system with only 25 points, which was completely compressed. It is really a pit!

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for receiving the Heavenly Dragon Eight World Card. Open the world mission, ask the host to go to the Heavenly Dragon Eight World, and win the luck of any of the three protagonists. Mission reward: 100 points.

"Fuck! There is a task of 100 points?" Fang Xiaoru was shocked, this system was too stingy.Since he tied the system to the present, the points he has obtained have not added up to a hundred points. He is afraid of poverty.

"The point reward is so high, if the mission fails, what punishment will it have?"

System: "No punishment."

"There is no punishment, that would be great." Fang Xiaoru breathed a sigh of relief and asked again: "Can you explain what it means to take away luck?"

System: "For example, if the host seizes the eighteen palms of Jianglong and the leader of the Beggar Gang, which should have belonged to Xiao Feng, it will be considered as completed."

Fang Xiaoru nodded, and said, "Is it because I captured Duan Yu's Beiming divine art and Lingbo's Weibu, or let Wuyazi pass on the power within sixty years to me, it is considered to have completed the task."

System: "Exactly."

Fang Xiaoru: "The last question, if I go to the Eight Worlds of Heavenly Dragons. If I stay there for a year, how long has the earth passed?"

System: "The host goes to other worlds, the time in this world is static."

Fang Xiaoru was overjoyed and said, "It's great, so I don't have to worry about the passage of time in this world."