The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 61: Po Zhenlong

But it was said that Ahui left all his younger brothers and fled back to Zhou Tianqiang alone.

Zhou Tianqiang saw his subordinate's Deli Gan Jiang panicked and couldn't help asking: "Ahui, why are you so panicked?"

A Hui replied with a frightened look: "Brother Qiang, Huang Shao asked me to help him teach someone, who knows that the other party is actually Fang Xiaoru. All six younger brothers were knocked to the ground by him. I know I am not his opponent. So he ran back alone."

When Zhou Tianqiang heard the name Fang Xiaoru, his face first sank, but then he showed a sneer: "Just let him jump for two more days. The killer of the blood kill list has already been dispatched, and he will arrive in the magic city soon. It's his death date."

However, after Fang Xiaoru interrupted Huang Shao's limbs, he went to the city center to buy a lot of things, such as sharp swords, lighters, flashlights, etc., in case of emergency.

After returning to his room, Fang Xiaoru shouted in his mind: "System, what do you think I should bring?"

System: "The world mission of the Golden World Card has a time limit, one day, if the host does not complete the mission, it will be judged as a failure."

Fang Xiaoru was shocked: "Fuck it, it's such a pit! Only one day, I may not even be able to find the protagonist or any of them, so I still have to do a gross task."

System: "Using the world card will transfer the host to the day and location when the protagonist gets the opportunity, so the host does not have to worry."

Fang Xiaoru nodded, this is quite reasonable.

He took out the golden world card and said, "Then send me to Leigu Mountain, and the time will be the day when Xuzhu obtains the inheritance of Wuyazi."

Then he silently entered the world in his heart, and saw the world jam into a golden aura, forming a door through another world.

Fang Xiaoru stepped in and entered another world.

He only felt that when his eyes were dark, he appeared on a mountain in the next moment.

The mountain was full of people.

Without exception, they are all wearing ancient costumes and holding weapons.

"Is this the world of Tianlong Babu? As expected, there are heroes everywhere!"

Fang Xiaoru looked at the martial arts people on the mountain with excitement. Of course, when he looked at others, they were also looking at him, because his clothes were so strange.

Fang Xiaoru followed everyone's eyes and looked at everyone's focus.

I saw an elderly white-haired old man sitting in front of him. In front of the old man, there was a large bluestone with a chessboard carved on it.

The chessboard was full of black and white pieces, and the pieces were all shining brightly, and at first glance they were nothing.

On the opposite side of the white-haired old man, there was a handsome white-clothed boy holding a white son. He stared at the chessboard closely, but he refused to make a move.

"Is this Duan Yu?"

Fang Xiaoru thought to himself in his heart.

At this moment, a man shouted: "Hey, the guy with the last name, you have already lost, just give up."

Duan Yu was plunged into contemplation. When he shouted like this, there was no way of thinking.

He sighed, shook his head and said: "The old gentleman's Zhen Long is so profound and ingenious that he will not be able to decipher it after a late birth."

Su Xinghe showed regret on his face, and said: "The son has a sophisticated mind. These dozens of moves have reached a very high level, but he has not been able to think further. It is a pity, a pity. Alas, a pity, a pity!"

Listening to his tone and looking at his expression, I was extremely sad and sorry.

After Duan Yu, a few people went up to break the Zhenlong chess game, but none of them succeeded. Not only that, they vomited blood instead.

In the end, Murong Fu and Duan Yanqing failed in succession, and they even chose to slay themselves when they failed!But fortunately, they were saved by people around them.

Fang Xiaoru murmured: "I didn't expect a chess game to actually contain illusions and possess fascinating abilities."

But at this moment, an ugly little monk walked out and shouted: "I will solve this game."

When Fang Xiaoru saw it, he knew that this was Xuzhu, and it was time for him to play.

He flickered and quickly came to the front of Xu Zhu, saying, "This little master, it's better to let me try it first. If I can't, it won't be too late for the little master."

Xu Zhuben is a simple and honest person who doesn't know how to refuse. He stopped his figure after hearing Fang Xiaoru's words and performed a Buddhist ceremony, saying: "Amitabha, this chess game has the function of deceiving people's hearts. Please be careful with the donor. ."

Fang Xiaoru thanked Xu Zhudao and went straight to the chess game.

"Who is this strangely dressed person?"

"His hair is so short, is it a monk from the Western Regions?"

Some martial arts people onlookers began to discuss.

Fang Xiaoru took a white piece from the chess box and landed in an airtight white piece surrounded by black pieces.

Originally, there was still a silver lining for White's chess, and he could struggle for a while, but with this move, he himself ate his own white chess, which was equivalent to suicide.

Su Xinghe angrily rebuked: "Naughty, funny! You kill a piece of white chess by yourself, how can there be such a way to play chess?"

The chess masters such as Murong Fu, Ding Chunqiu, Duan Yu couldn't help laughing.

Fang Xiaoru didn't care too much, and said lightly, "Doesn't the predecessors not hear about Zhizhi's death and live afterwards?"

Su Xinghe sighed and took a piece of white chess that Fang Xiaoru had killed himself from the chessboard, followed by a black piece.

"You killed a piece of your own chess piece, my black moves are pressing, how do you deal with it?"

Fang Xiaoru didn't answer, just picked up Baizi and messed up.

In this Zhenlong chess game, the more people who understand chess, the easier it is to fall into it.But like him, he can win by killing himself a piece of chess first and then making a mess.

Sure enough, when Fang Xiaoru got to the tenth son, Su Xinghe became more and more excited.

When the eleventh son falls, the outcome will be known!

Su Xinghe smiled and said, "Your gifted talent, congratulations!"

Fang Xiaoru smiled without saying a word on the surface, but his heart was overwhelmingly excited.

All the heroes on the mountain waiting to see the jokes were suddenly dumb. They didn't expect that the chess game that stumped all the talents would be broken like this.

Su Xinghe stood up, walked to the doorless wooden house behind him, and said, "Your Excellency, please come in!"