The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 80 Demon? That's right!

Six human traffickers, five men and one woman, fell to the ground in random directions, all wailing in pain.

The bones all over their bodies were broken, leaving only their heads to move.

They looked at Fang Xiaoru with horror, "Devil, you are a devil!"

"Devil?" Fang Xiaoru smiled sarcastically, "That's right! I am the devil of you traffickers!"

Fang Xiaoru walked directly over their bodies and gathered the children in the three rooms in one of the rooms.

These children ranged in age from 4 to 8 years old. There were ten, six boys and four girls.

Their faces were full of horror and fear, but they were quiet and did not express any harshness.

Since they were abducted and brought here, as long as they dared to yell loudly, they would usher in merciless beatings from traffickers.

So although they are young, they are already scared of being beaten, and there is a shadow in their hearts, and they dare not make a loud noise under any circumstances.

But what made Fang Xiaoru most heartache and even frightened was that they all had missing arms and legs, and none of them was normal!

Standing in front of him was a little girl about six years old, with big eyes and very cute.

But in her eyes, there was no child's innocence, but fear and fear.There is only one section of her right hand, and her forearm is gone.

Next to the little girl was a little boy who was younger than her. His calf was empty, and he couldn't stand on one foot. He could only be supported by a wall to prevent himself from falling.

These ten children, without exception, lacked arms or legs.

Ten children are all disabled.

What a shocking scene!

"Big brother, don't chop Duo Duo's hand. Duo Duo hurts."

The little girl in front of him plucked up courage, raised her head and opened her big eyes, timidly begging Fang Xiaoru.

Obviously, the arms and legs of these ten children were all cut off by the traffickers!

It is often reported in the news that human traffickers are cruel and inhumane, often breaking the hands and feet of the kidnapped children and sending them to the streets to beg.

Children without hands and feet will always win everyone's sympathy, and naturally they will get more money.

Human traffickers use everyone's kindness and sympathy to make profit.

The victims of their interests are the children who should live healthy and healthy under the care of their parents.

Fang Xiaoru with tears in his eyes, touched the little girl Duo Duo's head, and said softly: "Don't be afraid Duo Duo, brother is here to save you. You will wait here for a while, and when your brother finishes your work, you will take you home. "

Fang Xiaoru turned around and went out to the living room, staring coldly at the six traffickers on the ground.

His eyes were cold, and his eyes were like angry beasts, full of mercilessness and blood."You should all go to hell!"

Fang Xiaoru came to the front of a middle-aged man. In his horrified eyes, he picked up the hammer from the ground and slammed it heavily on his toe.


With a hammer down, the middle-aged man's toes instantly turned into a pool of fleshy flesh. He died in pain, but he couldn't struggle because the bones of his whole body were broken, and he could only endure the pain of his heart without moving.

Fang Xiaoru didn't stop his hands. Starting from his toes, he smashed the middle-aged man's legs into mashed flesh little by little.After hitting the foot, hit the hand again.

At this moment, Fang Xiaoru was ruthless and cruel, until all his limbs were crushed.

During this period, the middle-aged man fainted from the pain and woke up again from the coma.Tasted the most extreme pain in the world.

When the middle-aged man's limbs were all smashed into fleshy flesh, Fang Xiaoru looked at the remaining five traffickers indifferently, looking for the next target!

"Don't come, don't come!"

"Devil, you devil!"

The remaining five human traffickers were trembling with Fang Xiaoru's cruel methods, and they were all trembling.

They panic, they are terrified!

At this moment, they deeply realized what kind of despair and fear the children who had their hands and feet severed and chopped off had experienced.

Fang Xiaoru was bloody, like a Shura walking out of hell.He was ruthless and smashed with a hammer!

"Ding! In view of the host's act of punishing rape and eliminating evil, two hundred points are hereby awarded.

The moment Fang Xiaoru stopped, the voice of the system rang in his mind.However, he was not excited about earning points at the moment, and some was just endless indifference and anger towards human traffickers.

"Jingle Bell"

Suddenly, a melodious cell phone rang, and Fang Xiaoru answered the call with a bloodied hand.

"Xiaoru, where are you now?" Oona's worried voice came over the phone.

"I was in the human trafficker's nest and cleaned them all up. I will send you the coordinates." After Fang Xiaoru sent out the coordinates, he hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Fang Xiaoru smiled, opened the door and walked to the ten abducted children, saying, "Don't be afraid of the children, my brother will take you home immediately."

"Wow, I miss mom."

As soon as he heard the words "go home", Duo Duo burst into tears.

As if affected by Duo, the other nine children also started to cry.

Fang Xiaoru was not annoyed, just in the room, slowly enlightening these poor children.

I don't know if it is too long, they seem to be tired from crying.One by one opened his eyes wide and looked at Fang Xiaoru, and he was no longer afraid.They could feel that the big brother in front of them seemed to be different from those bad uncles.

"Children, elder brother can perform magic tricks and can change all your broken hands and feet back. Do you want to see it?"


The little guys looked at Fang Xiaoru hopefully, with stars in their eyes.Although they are young, they have deeply experienced the pain of missing arms and legs.I am longing for the time when I was carefree, running and playing wantonly.,, ..