The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 85: Lisa's Divorce

It's another brand new Monday. This week, it will also be Magic City One Middle School. Classes will be held in the last week of the whole senior year.

After the end of this week, the school will be closed to allow students to adjust their moods at home to welcome the exams in the near future.

When reading auspicious language morning class, Lisa seemed to be out of state today, not as energetic as before, and her face was very haggard, as if she had suffered a serious illness..

Fang Xiaoru saw Lisa look like this, picked up his phone and sent him a message: "You look a little wrong today, what happened?"

Lisa felt the phone vibrate for a while, saw the information on it, and then looked up at Fang Xiaoru, seemingly wronged, and ran out with red eyes.

Fang Xiaoru saw that there was something obviously wrong with her, and pretended to go to the toilet, got up and walked outside the classroom.

Lisa trot all the way and ran up to the rooftop of the building.

"Lisa, what's the matter with you?"

Fang Xiaoru walked to Lisa's side and asked.Although he has no feelings for Lisa, he has always had a one-night stand with her. Seeing her like this, he can't help feeling compassionate.


Lisa heard Fang Xiaoru's voice and threw herself into his arms, sobbing constantly.

The beauty is in her arms, and the jade is fragrant.But at this moment Fang Xiaoru didn't have that sloppy mind. He slapped Lisa's jade back and comforted: "What happened?"

As Lisa kept sobbing, her shoulders shrugged.She lifted Ewha's rainy cheeks and said sadly: "My husband, he divorced me."

"Divorce?" Fang Xiaoru's heart tightened and asked cautiously: "It's not related to me, is it?"

Lisa shook her head and said with tears: "The reason why he doesn't go home all year round is not because of work, but because he raised a junior outside! He even gave birth to a five-year-old son with a Fusang woman!"

Lisa cried and said, "I only knew about this the day before yesterday. The day before yesterday, his junior, with his son, came to me. Under my persecution, he confessed."

"I'm so stupid, I'm so stupid. Ooo"

As Lisa was talking, her emotions became more agitated, the pitiful appearance of pear blossoms with rain, anyone who saw it would feel pity.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head, just patted Lisa's jade back lightly, not knowing how to comfort her.

After crying for a long time, Lisa wiped her tears and said, "Thank you, Fang Xiaoru. I feel much more comfortable after talking to you."

Fang Xiaoru said, "Just be comfortable, you are so beautiful and sexy, and the men chasing you are all lined up at the school gate from here, so why bother for him."

Lisa burst into laughter, and said, "Men are all virtues. I won't accept courtship from other men anymore."

Fang Xiaoru asked, "Could it be that you plan to stay single like this?"

Lisa glanced at Fang Xiaoru with autumnal eyes, and said, "I want to follow you forever."

Fang Xiaoru was swept away by Lisa's eyes, and his whole body was shocked.Lisa is too mature to drip, and almost no man can resist her temptation.

After the morning class, the prince and concubine came to the entrance of the classroom in the first grade of high school.

She stood at the door, peering into it, looking for Fang Xiaoru's figure.

School flowers like Prince and Concubine attracted the attention of boys in the class.

"Prince Concubine, I don't know what's up with you, maybe I can help."

At this time, a male student showed a look that he thought was handsome and walked up to the prince and concubine.

"No need." The prince and concubine walked past him, and under everyone's surprised eyes, you came to Fang Xiaoru's table.Knock on the table and said:

"Fang Xiaoru, can you go out? I have something to tell you."

Fang Xiaoru felt the vibration of the table and raised his head from half asleep and half awake, "Prince and concubine, what can I do for you?"

"It's not convenient to say here, let's talk outside." The prince and concubine directly took Fang Xiaoru and pulled him out of the classroom.

"I'm not mistaken, am I? The prince and concubine, one of the four major college flowers, actually pulled Fang Xiaoru?"

"How did Fang Xiaoru know the prince and concubine? What is the relationship between them?"

This is the voice of all boys in the first grade of senior high school.

They looked at Fang Xiaoru who was held by the prince and concubine in shock and jealousy.

How does this low-key poor student in the class know the goddess in their hearts?

Liu Mengya's beautiful eyes were shining, and the appearance of the prince and concubine made her feel insecure.

The male student at the door who took the initiative to strike up a conversation with the prince and concubine, saw the prince and concubine taking Fang Xiaoru out of the classroom, his face was red and white, feeling very embarrassed.

On the stairs, Fang Xiaoru asked, "What is going on? I can't talk about it in the classroom yet."

There is no communication between him and the prince and concubine. They met because of Oona.

"It's okay." The concubine Prince let go of Fang Xiaoru's hand, "After I went back yesterday, I told my family to describe the situation at that time.

My cousin is very curious about you. She has a friend from China who has a congenital disease. All doctors are helpless.

So she wants me to help, ask you to meet, see if you can do anything."

Fang Xiaoru nodded and said, "Okay, let's have lunch at noon."

Although he didn't have much friendship with the prince and concubine, in the face of Oona, Fang Xiaoru still did not refuse such a small request.

"Thank you so much!" The princess took out her mobile phone, "Let's exchange mobile phone numbers. I will call you after school at noon."

After writing down their mobile phone numbers, the two walked to their classrooms.,, ..