The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 88: Coming on the Waves

Dragon Court Casino is the largest private casino in the city.But this casino is not on land, but on a luxurious cruise ship.

This cruise ship has been docked on the East China Sea all year round.

There are many people coming and going here every day, some people lose everything, and leave with shame.There were also people who made a lot of money and left happily.

At this time, there were two men and a beautiful girl in a guest room on the cruise ship.

The girl's hands and feet were tied, and her mouth was sealed with tape. This girl was the missing Liu Mengya.

"Brother Ming, I have sent my niece to you. Besides, I tell you, she has never talked about a boyfriend, and she is still a good person."

Between the two men, there is a man who is Ma Lingcui's younger brother and Liu Mengya's uncle-Ma Dong!

"Ma Dong, your niece, she is so beautiful." Another man with a tiger head tattoo on his arm looked at Liu Mengya, nodded in satisfaction, and said:

"If it is true as you said, she is still a good person, I will spare you 20,000 yuan, and I will pay 280,000 yuan."

"What!" Ma Dong was taken aback, and said anxiously, "No, Brother Ming, didn't you say that if you are satisfied, you will pay me off the debt?"

"Why? Didn't I give you 20,000 yuan?" Brother Ming said sarcastically, "Is it possible that you still want to get 300,000 yuan? 300,000 yuan, I can play several tender models. "

"Brother Ming, you can't do this!" Ma Dongxiu took the risk, and he took the risk of kidnapping his niece in order to pay off the debt of 300,000, not 20,000.

"Go ahead, go out quickly, don't affect Lao Tzu's happy time." Ming Ge kicked Ma Dong, and he yelled.

Ma Dongji red eyes, he stood in front of Liu Mengya and said loudly, "Brother Ming, if you don't pay me the 300,000 gambling debt, don't even want to touch her!"

"Hehe, you're still quite courageous, how dare you talk to Lao Tzu like that? Are you tired of living?" Brother Ming rushed forward and punched Ma Dong in the face, making a firm punch.

Without a fight, Ma Dong felt dizzy and staggered a few steps before falling to the ground.

Brother Ming's eyes were perverted, he squatted down, slapped Ma Dong's face heavily, and sternly said: "If you don't want to live anymore, just tell me, I don't mind having one more dead body in this East China Sea! "

Ma Dong felt Ming Ge's killing intent, and only then remembered that he was the most vicious person in this casino, and he didn't know how many lives were on his hands."Brother Ming is forgiving, Brother Ming is forgiving."

Brother Ming kicked Ma Dong's abdomen again, yelling angrily: "Since I don't want to die, don't you hurry to get out of here!"

"Yes, yes, I'm leaving now, I'm leaving now."

Ma Dong hurriedly got up, clutching his painful abdomen, and left the room in a panic.

"Hey, little beauty, don't worry, brother is here, no one will bother us now."

As soon as Ma Dong left, Brother Ming smiled and walked towards Liu Mengya.

Liu Mengya's hands and feet were tied, and her mouth was sealed.I want to scream but I can't scream, and I can't struggle if I want to.Seeing Brother Ming approaching her step by step, she was terrified.

"Tsk tsk, this face, this figure, and this look."

Brother Ming walked to Liu Mengya and smelled a nice fragrance.He couldn't help taking a deep breath, with an intoxicated look on his face, and said:

"Unexpectedly, you still have body fragrance. You are really a superb beauty. I really got lucky this time."

Brother Ming tore off the tape that was sealing Liu Mengya's mouth and said, "Little beauty, don't be afraid. Brother promises that it will make you comfortable to heaven."

"Ah! Help! Help!"

As soon as the tape on her mouth was torn off, Liu Mengya shouted loudly.

"Little beauty, save your energy and save it for calling later. The rooms here are completely soundproofed. Even if you call your throat, no one will hear it."

Brother Ming's eyes were shining, and he looked at Liu Mengya unscrupulously.

With a frightened face, Liu Mengya pleaded with Brother Ming, "Please let me go. I will pay you the money my uncle owes you."

"Little beauty, my brother is already on fire, how can I let you go. Don't worry, don't be afraid, this is the only way for every woman. After this step, you will become a real Woman."

Brother Ming said, taking off his clothes.

Above the East China Sea, a figure was in the night, riding the waves from the coast a few kilometers away, and went straight to the luxury cruise ship.

About ten meters away from the cruise ship, I saw the figure kicking on the sea fiercely, floating like an immortal, and finally landed on the cruise ship’s deck.

He came on the waves without a drop of water on his body.

Under the light of the lights on the deck, he slowly saw his face clearly, it was Fang Xiaoru!

As soon as he landed on the deck, Fang Xiaoru ran like a cheetah, looking for Liu Mengya's trace.

"En! Isn't this Ma Dong who came to Mengya's house yesterday to borrow money?"

While running at high speed, Fang Xiaoru still keenly caught Ma Dong's figure.

Ma Dong looked very embarrassed at this time, his face was also very bleak, he was lying on the deck looking at the sky.

"Ma Dong!" Fang Xiaoru ran to Ma Dong and asked, "Ma Dong, where is Liu Mengya?"

"Xiaoya?" A panic flashed in Ma Dong's eyes, and when he looked up, he saw Fang Xiaoru.

Ma Dong came to Liu Mengya's house to borrow money yesterday and saw Fang Xiaoru's face. Now he still has a vague impression.There was a ghost in his heart, and the panic was all on his face.

"Mengya's disappearance really has something to do with you!" Ma Dong's face was so obviously panic that he could not escape Fang Xiaoru's eyes.

He grabbed Ma Dong by the neck and lifted him out of thin air.Shouted angrily:

"Say! Where is Mengya!"

Fang Xiaoru's voice blasted into Ma Dong's ears like a thunder.His feet were kicking in the void, his face flushed red, and he said, " Brother Ming's room." ,,.