The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 89 Drugs

In Brother Ming's room, all he had taken off was only a little pants.With bright eyes, he approached Liu Mengya step by step.

Although Brother Ming was anxious in his heart, he did not go directly to him rudely.He found a small bottle in the cabinet beside him and said:

"Little beauty, your innocent appearance makes my brother really unbearable. But after a while, you will become slutty."

"No, no." Liu Mengya cried and kept begging for mercy.

Brother Ming opened the bottle and said, "You don't want it now, I will ask Lao Tzu to fuck you later."

He pinched Liu Mengya's mouth and forcibly poured all the potion in the small bottle.

"Hey, it only takes a quarter of an hour for the medicine to work."


Liu Mengya sobbed in despair. Although she didn't know what Ming Ge was feeding her, it was definitely not a good thing.

Her beautiful eyes were covered with a layer of mist, and two lines of clear tears involuntarily slipped down.

"Little beauty, before that, let my brother take off your clothes for you."

Brother Ming chuckled, he stretched out his hand to untie Liu Mengya's shirt.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and the whole room seemed to vibrate.

Brother Ming was taken aback, and his hand stretched out in the air shrank back abruptly.

He turned his head and looked around, and saw at the door, a man with an extremely gloomy face and cold eyes like a thousand years of ice came in.

But the door made of stainless steel was broken by his foot.

"Xiaoru, save me!"

Liu Mengya saw the man at the door, her dim and hopeless eyes, instantly glowing.

"You are so bold to kick Laozi's door!"

Brother Ming's eyes were sharp, without saying anything, he directly hit Fang Xiaoru with his fist.

The tiger head tattoo on his arm became more hideous as his muscles bulged.Ming Ge is brave, usually five or six strong men, and he is not his opponent at all.

Fang Xiaoru finally let go of Fang Xiaoru's hanging heart when he saw that Liu Mengya was just tied up there and still unharmed.

Facing the active attack of Brother Ming, a glint flashed in his eyes and he gave a cold snort:

"court death!"

He flickered, avoiding Ming Ge's attack, and hitting Ming Ge's chin with an uppercut.


Brother Ming was hit by the punch and flew up. His jaw had been dislocated, and his mouthful of teeth spurted with blood.

But Fang Xiaoru's attack was not over yet. When Brother Ming was hit and flew up to a height of two meters, he jumped into the air, and his right foot was like a battle axe, slamming down.


Brother Ming let out a painful cry, like a cannonball, crashing to the ground heavily.

Just for an instant, Brother Ming, who was watching the scene at the Longting Casino, was left with a breath.

He was lying on the ground dying, with blood on his mouth, and he didn't know how many internal organs were broken.

Fang Xiaoru's kick, although he didn't use internal force, was an angry blow. Not to mention ordinary people, even the trump card special forces in the army, could not bear his kick.

"Ming... Brother Ming..."

Ma Dong, who was hiding at the door and afraid to come in, saw the miserable situation of Brother Ming and ran away in shock.

Fang Xiaoru's ruthless means scared his guts.If he didn't leave at this time, and waited until Fang Xiaoru learned that Liu Mengya was kidnapped by him, then it would be terrible to think about the end.

Fang Xiaoru walked quickly to Liu Mengya, freed her hands and feet, and asked with concern: "Mengya, did he hurt you?"

"Woo I'm so scared."

Liu Mengya threw herself into Fang Xiaoru's arms, hugged his waist tightly, and kept sobbing.

If Fang Xiaoru hadn't arrived in time, she could have expected her tragic result.

"Cry, you will be fine after crying." Fang Xiaoru held Liu Mengya in his arms and gently patted her jade back.

Liu Mengya cried for a while, lifted up her teary eyes, and said pitifully: "Xiaoru, I'm afraid, you take me out of here."

"Okay, let's go now."

Fang Xiaoru hugged Liu Mengya with both hands and left the room like a gust of wind.

When he left, he kicked Ming Ge violently.

Brother Ming, who had fainted, was awakened by the severe pain in his lower body.

"Ah! My egg! My egg!"

Brother Ming clutched his lower body, sweating in pain.After yelling twice, the pain passed out again.

After leaving the cruise ship, Fang Xiaoru hugged Liu Mengya and walked away on the waves.

"Xiaoru, I'm so hot, I'm so hot."

Not long after she went ashore, Liu Mengya felt hot all over, and a blush appeared on her face and neck.

Moreover, her hands began to subconsciously fumble on Fang Xiaoru's body.His eyes gradually disappeared, leaving only a stream of spring water.

"No, this is drugged!"

When Fang Xiaoru saw Liu Mengya like that, he knew immediately that this was being drugged.

If Liu Mengya was awake, she would never have such eyes and actions.

"I feel terrible."

Liu Mengya's hands were already wrapped around Fang Xiaoru's neck, and Zhu's lips moved toward Fang Xiaoru's face.

"You have to find a place quickly to solve this medicine for her."

Fang Xiaoru glanced around and finally saw a skyscraper.

This building is called Magic Building, with a total of 126 floors and a height of over 600 meters.

Fang Xiaoru glared on the spot, turned into a whirlwind, instantly jumped to the third floor of the building, and then rushed straight to the top of the building.

After dozens of seconds, two figures appeared on the 600-meter rooftop of the Magic City Building.

Above the high altitude, the air is thin and accompanied by the howling of cold wind.

Standing on the 600-meter tall building and looking down, the cars and pedestrians on the road have become smaller than ants.

Fang Xiaoru came to the corner of the rooftop and found a place to shelter from the wind.Then he took off his coat, laid it on the ground, and carefully put Liu Mengya down.

Soon, on the rooftop of more than 600 meters, the scenery is beautiful.,, ..