The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 91 Ending

Liu Mengya was taken aback, and quickly grabbed Liu Pingping and said:

"Dad, forget it. Am I okay? No matter how he says it, it's my uncle."

There is an uncle who tied his niece to pay off debts. This is really unheard of, unseen!

"Eh, what kind of evil is this all done!"

Liu Piping looked at his wife who was wiping tears on the side, sighed heavily, and walked back to the bedroom with a heavy heart.

At the same time, Ming's room was on the cruise ship where the Longting Casino was located.

"Brother Ming, Ma Dong, we caught you."

Brother Ming's brothers dragged Ma Dong into his room like a dead dog.

Brother Ming lay on the bed, coughed heavily, looked at Ma Dong with spiteful eyes, and said coldly:

"Ma Dong, I was scrapped because of you. But don't think about it!"

Since Fang Xiaoru's teeth were all knocked off by Fang Xiaoru, when he spoke now, it was like a blower, all leaking.

Ma Dong was frightened and begged for mercy on the ground: "Brother Ming, it's none of my business, it's none of my business. I don't know that Xiaoya actually knows such a ruthless person, please let me go, I will definitely look back. I will give you all the money. Three hundred thousand, not a single cent will be less."

"Ha ha ha ha..." Ming Ge grinned grimly, "Money, I have broken eggs, what's the use of asking for money?"

His tone intensified sharply, and he shouted: "Brothers, interrupt his fifth limb and squeeze his egg!"

"Okay." As soon as the voice fell, a strong man with a height of 1.9 meters walked out with a grin, "Brother Ming, please watch it, brother will let you relieve your breath."

"No, don't come over, don't come over."

Ma Dong kept going backwards in a panic, but the room was so big that he quickly retreated to the wall.

"I have crushed eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, but I have never crushed human eggs. It is really exciting."

The strong man kicked and kicked Ma Dong. A monkey in his right hand stole the peach and squeezed Ma Dong's egg.

"Spare me, please forgive me."

Ma Dongdandan was pinched by someone, and his panic was beyond undeniable. His voice was full of crying, and his body was shaking violently like a sieve.

"Hey, squeeze one out first and listen to a sound."

The strong man squeezed hard with his right hand.

Only a crisp sound was heard, and the next moment, Ma Dong let out a scream like a pig.

His face was deformed in pain, and it was bloodless and purple.

Brother Ming, who was lying on the bed, let out a happy laugh when he saw this scene.The pleasure of this revenge even concealed his pain.

"This voice is not loud enough, try the next one."

The strong man used force again and squeezed Ma Dong's second egg.

Ma Dong died in pain, rolling desperately on the ground.People who have never experienced this kind of pain can't even imagine it.

It is said that the female childbirth is the greatest pain in the world, but the pain caused by the squeezing of eggs one by one is not less than that of female childbirth.

After Ma Dong rolled on the ground for a few laps, he finally couldn't stand it and passed out in pain.

"Cut off his fifth limb and put it in his mouth!"

A perverted madness flashed in Brother Ming's eyes. Only this kind of revenge could ease his physical pain a little.

After the brawny man heard what Ming said, he took out a dagger that shone with silver light from his arms.Said to the partner beside:

"Fetch a basin of water here."

When Ma Dong is sober, he will let Ma Dong see his brother being cut off with his own eyes in extreme fear.

Soon, someone brought a basin of water and splashed it on Ma Dong's face.

A basin of water poured down, and Ma Dongli immediately awoke from his coma.

"Grandpa spares his life, grandpa spares his life."

Ma Dong was anxious and kowtowed like garlic.

However, the strong man would not spare her just because he begged for mercy.

He made a look and said, "Hold his hands and feet."

Immediately four brothers walked out and pressed Ma Dong's hands and feet firmly.

Ma Dong was in a large font, pressed on the ground, and the only thing that could move was his head.

The brawny man shook the bright dagger in front of Ma Dong's eyes, and said, "I will use this dagger to cut off your stuff."

", no. Please let me go."

Ma Dong was so frightened that tears and nose flowed out.

By now, he has deeply regretted it.He regretted that he was obsessed with his mind, how could he think of using the body of his niece to pay off debts, and ended up like this.

He struggled desperately, but he was firmly held back, unable to move at all.

"Let me come, I will cut off his stuff myself!"

Suddenly, Ming Ge lying on the bed said.

Hearing this, the strong man walked over, helped Ming Ge and handed him the dagger.

Brother Ming took the dagger, stared at Ma Dong, and said in a negative test: "If you hadn't sent that woman to me, I wouldn't have suffered such disaster and pain. Now, I want you to feel ten Times my pain!"

While speaking, Ming Ge held the dagger's hand and swiped down suddenly.But seeing the blood splashing, Ma Dong's thing was cut off by Qi Gen.


Ma Dong's painful howl and intense pain caused him to explode with unprecedented strength, almost causing him to break free from the shackles of the four people.

"I can't stand this anymore? The more exciting thing is yet to come!" Ming Ge dropped the dagger, grabbed Ma Dong's fifth limb, placed it in front of his eyes, and said, "Did you see it? Put a little bit into your mouth!"

"Break his mouth!"

The burly man squatted down, and Ma Dong's closed mouth opened forcefully.

Ming Ge took Ma Dong's fifth limb, and stuffed it into his mouth until it was completely submerged.

The strong man slapped Ma Dong on the chest, and all his mouth was swallowed in.The others also let go of Ma Dong at this time.

Ma Dong's face flushed, squatting on the ground, retching desperately, but couldn't come out.


Seeing Ma Dong's end, Ming Ge let out a happy laugh.Then he tilted his head and fainted.

"Brother Ming!"

His brothers quickly helped him up and took him to the hospital.,, ..