The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 96: Under the Pomegranate Skirt

Fang Xiaoru's sharp, sword-like eyes looked at Mr. Liu deeply and said:

"Take this bunch of trash on the ground and roll away!"

Mr. Liu lowered his head, afraid to speak, his eyes flashed with deep resentment.He supported his body, staggered, and left the Ye Lai Xiang bar.

And the more than three hundred people lying on the ground, one by one, also trembling, helping each other, enduring the pain, and leaving dingy.

Everyone in Wen Tao Hui came in ferociously, but finally left in an extremely embarrassed manner.

After this battle, Wen Tao had lost more than 300 core members, and Mr. Liu had two palms cut off, which was a heavy loss.

After today, the demonic underworld forces will surely reshuffle.

And Fang Xiaoru, who personally caused all this, is bound to become a hot figure in the underworld.An emerging power showed his terrifying fangs to the underworld.

After Mr. Liu and his brethren from the Wentao Club left, the huge bar suddenly became empty.

The original noise is gone, only the blood on the ground and the pair of dazzling palms witnessed what happened just now.

Ahui and all of his younger brothers looked at Fang Xiaoru's eyes full of fierce worship.

Receiving bullets with bare hands, or desert eagle!

And unambiguously cut off Mr. Liu's palms.

Such a terrifying and decisive person, let them who are up to the road, send respect and worship from the depths of their hearts.

After solving Mr. Liu, Fang Xiaoru ordered Ahui to take the injured younger brothers for treatment.

After everyone left, only Fang Xiaoru and Sister Yun were left in the bar.

The panic on Sister Yun's face also faded, and her eyes looked at Fang Xiaoru with a strange light.

She lifted Lianbu lightly, twisting her graceful posture, and snuggling against Fang Xiaoru's body. The low-cut evening gift undoubtedly revealed her career line. This is undoubtedly a well-known beauty.

She lightly opened her red lips and said, "Fang master, you are so strong, people will fall in love with you."

There is a faint musky fragrance on her body, which smells very nice.

Fang Xiaoru pushed her away from her body, and said coldly, "Don't be so close to me."

Sister Yun was taken aback, looking at Fang Xiaoru with a dull face.No man can refuse her charm, Fang Xiaoru was the first to push her away.

She froze for a while, a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, without feeling embarrassed, she continued:

"Master Fang may not know that Wentao will be one of the biggest underworld gangs in the magic city. Mr. Liu has a security company with thousands of younger brothers. Master Fang cut off his palms today. , He will never give up."

Fang Xiaoru smiled contemptuously, and said disdainfully: "What if he is unwilling to give up? If he dares to provoke me, I will just take advantage of the situation to annex his Wentao."

Sister Yun was taken aback first, then she pressed her lips together and smiled: "Mr. Liu is naturally not enough to look at him with such strength."

"Since the matter here is over, I will leave first."

After this happened, Fang Xiaoru stopped staying any more, turned and left the Ye Laixiang bar, leaving Sister Yun alone in place.

Sister Yun looked at Fang Xiaoru's back, her beautiful eyes gleaming, and she muttered:

"It's just a hairy boy. I don't believe that my charm can't attract you. In the future, I will make you obediently bow down under my pomegranate skirt."

Time flies quickly, and it's the weekend again.

By the end of the week, it means that Fang Xiaoru’s high school course has been completely finished, and the rest just needs to wait at home for the arrival of the college entrance examination.

There are only ten days to go to the college entrance examination. Both Oona and Liu Mengya are studying homework seriously at home all day long.

Fang Xiaoru was a little anxious now, because after he bought a small pill for Liu Mengya, he only had three points left on him.

The college entrance examination is on the next Wednesday, from now until the week of the college entrance examination, he can only collect two points.

But memory bread requires eight points, which means that if no random task is triggered during this period, he will not have enough points to buy memory bread.

At that time, he had said that he was going to be admitted to Beijing University, which will become a big joke.

"No, I'm going to go shopping outside, staying at home, will not trigger random tasks."

Fang Xiaoru changed his clothes and went out to run into random tasks.

Although random tasks are random, there must be an event to trigger them.

"Jingle Bell"

But when Fang Xiaoru was walking down the street, the phone rang.

Fang Xiaoru took out his mobile phone and saw that it was a strange number.


"Is it Mr. Fang? I'm Lin Caizhe. I don't know if you remember."

On the other end of the phone, a man's voice came.

Lin Caizhe?Fang Xiaoru thought for a while. It was a director who graduated from Magic Theater Academy that he met on the road a month or two ago.

"Lin Caizhe, I remember. Is there anything you want to do with me?"

Lin Caizhe seemed very happy when he heard that Fang Xiaoru remembered him, and said, "This is Mr. Fang. In March, didn't you sponsor me half a million to make a movie."

My movie was released a month ago. Although it was a small-cost movie, it got a very good response.Just yesterday, the box office just exceeded 30 million.For me, it was an unexpected result.

Our crew members held a celebration banquet at the Marriott Hotel at noon today.And you are also one of the sponsors of our film, so I would like to invite you to this celebration party.I wonder if Mr. Fang is free?"

Fang Xiaoru thought to himself, anyway, he was going out to run into random tasks, so it's better to go to the celebration dinner of Lin Caizhe.

"Yes, you send me the address."

"Thanks to Mr. Fang for his face."

Soon after the phone was hung up, Fang Xiaoru received the address sent by Lin Caizhe.

Fang Xiaoru wandered around the street twice without triggering a random task.After checking the time, he rushed to the Marriott Hotel.,, ..