The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 104 This kind of pill, I can eat it as a snack

After seeing Zheng Hu's power in the palm of his hand, all the big guys on the scene opened their eyes and trusted him even more.

"What can this little boy know? Why should Master Zheng be familiar with him? Let's go back to the auction."

"Master Zheng has shown the magic of the pill in front of us, how can you let you talk about it!"

"Boy, if there is no proof, even if Master Zheng is not as knowledgeable as you, I can't spare you!"

Several big guys scolded Fang Xiaoru one after another, if it hadn't been for Xi Guogang's face, he would have been driven out.

Fang Xiaoru, who has become a target of public criticism, sneered and sneered: "Do you want a certificate? Haha, then I will give you the certificate!"

He stretched out his hand and took out something from his pocket, which was also a pill.

Everyone looked intently, their faces suddenly shocked.

Fang Xiaoru's pill is exactly the same as the so-called Yishou Yannian Pill in Zheng Hu's hand!

At the moment when Fang Xiaoru took out the pill, Zheng Hu's eyes widened sharply, his expression shocked and disbelief.

This kind of pill, only the ancient martial family has a secret recipe and can be refined.

He stared at Fang Xiaoru fiercely, unable to understand why Fang Xiaoru also had this kind of medicine.

"Why do you also benefit Shou Yannian Dan?" Kong Lecheng, the owner of the tea house, asked with trembling.

Fang Xiaoru smiled contemptuously, and said, "The Yishou Yannian Pill in your eyes is worthless in my eyes. I can even eat such a pill as a snack."

As he said, he threw the Qi-Blood Pill on his hand into his mouth, like he was eating candy, and he chewed.

The big guys present couldn't help feeling dizzy and their heads were dizzy.

The Yannian Yishou Pill they were fighting for was actually eaten as a snack.This makes them feel unrealistic.

"No, your pill just looks the same as Master Zheng's. Master Zheng has personally shown us the magic of his pill. Even if it is not Yannian Yishou Pill, it is a very precious pill.

And as soon as you took it out, you stuffed it in your mouth.I very much suspect that you are sinister and deliberately framed Master Zheng."Just after the atmosphere at the scene became depressed, Mr. Liu said.

"Yes, yes, yes! This kid must have come out to disrupt the situation on purpose, otherwise, how could he eat such a miraculous pill?"

Hearing Mr. Liu's words, all the bigwigs present suddenly realized.

From the bottom of their hearts, they hope that the pill that Zheng Hu is holding can really prolong life. Even if Fang Xiaoru points out that it is fake, they still hold a glimmer of hope.

"Haha." Fang Xiaoru glanced around, shook his head disdainfully, and said lightly:

"I don't want to prove anything, just because Xi Lao has a little friendship with me, and I don't want him to spend money to be fooled. Since you don't believe it, just go ahead and bid."

After that, he turned around and left here and walked to the door.

"Stop!" Zheng Hu leaped fiercely, blocking Fang Xiaoru's path, "You are eloquent, and you must apologize to me for your words, otherwise don't want to go out of this door!"

Zheng Hu knew that if Fang Xiaoru left like this, the big brothers would still have a knot in their hearts, and the bidding would not be as fierce as before.

Although he was shocked that Fang Xiaoru could get the Qi and Blood Pill, he didn't believe that Fang Xiaoru could get a second one.

Even in his family, Qi and Blood Pills are very rare.Although it does not have the effect of prolonging life and longevity, it can enhance human qi and blood.Especially for the elderly with depleted blood and energy, the complexion on the face will immediately improve.

This is also the reason why he dared to use Qi and Blood Pill to pretend to prolong life.

Fang Xiaoru took a deep look at Zheng Hu and said, "I am very dissatisfied with the attitude of this group of people. I originally planned to leave as soon as possible and leave it alone. But if you are so aggressive and dare to threaten me, I have You have exposed your trick."

He turned his head and said to the big guys: "Look your eyes wide open."

Under everyone's gaze, Fang Xiaoru picked up the knife that Zheng Hu had placed aside and stroked his arm.

Suddenly, there was a wound ten centimeters long.

"Aren't you fooled by his hand, a group of short-sighted ignorant people!"

After making all the big guys present see the wound on his arm, he took a piece of white cloth and wiped off the blood on it.

A scene that shocked everyone once again happened. He was clearly scratched and his bloody arm had no wounds at the moment!


"what the hell is it?"

"Zheng Hu put on a small pill and the wound healed. And he didn't even use the pill. What is going on?"

All the big bosses were speechless, Zheng Hu's face was full of surprise and astonishment.

He said cruelly in his heart: "I didn't expect that this unbelievable kid would be a master of Darkness, which is beyond my expectation."

"You think this is miraculous, you think it is the effect of the pill, it is just your ignorance." Fang Xiaoru said contemptuously:

"As long as the martial arts has reached the level of dark energy, you can control the closure of pores and control the contraction of muscles. Such a small wound can be easily healed by a dark energy expert."

"Liu Wentao, Zheng Hu, you should give us an explanation." Xi Guogang's face was completely gloomy.

Mr. Liu's face turned pale suddenly, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and he was trembling and speechless.

Zheng Hu's eyes flickered, his face was ugly, and for a while, he couldn't make up a proper reason.

All of you present here are old foxes, and you can see what's wrong at this moment. They all frowned and looked at Zheng Hu, wanting to hear how he explained.

Fang Xiaoru sneered and said, "Isn't it obvious? He just used your ignorance and treated you as a fool."

"Boy. How dare you tear down my station!"

Zheng Hu's face was gloomy, and his voice was extremely cold.,, ..