The richest man in the magic city

Chapter One Hundred Seven

"Master Fang, do you know if you still have Qi and Blood Pill, I am willing to pay a big price for it."

Kong Lecheng, the owner of the tea house, said.

Kong Lecheng almost monopolized all the domestic tea business and sold domestic tea to more than 30 countries overseas.

In terms of assets alone, no one besides Ma Hongqiang can compare with him.

This is a rich man worth tens of billions.It's just that he is low-key, so the world still knows that Ma Hongqiang is a little bit more.

"Yes, Master Fang, just ask for the price. We have nothing to ask for, just a few Qi and Blood Pills."

It was Peng Xiang, one of the three deputy mayors of the city.

Although Peng Xiang is in his prime of life, his old man is already very old.The purpose of his coming here is for his elderly father.

Since there was no Yannian Yishou Pill, and after witnessing the obvious changes in Xi Guogang, they put their idea on the Qi and Blood Pill.

"I don't have a blood pill now, so let's say goodbye."

Fang Xiaoru finished speaking, turned around and left.It doesn't matter what kind of big boss sitting here, he doesn't give them any face.

"I'll give it to you."

Xi Qiu yelled slightly, and quickly followed.

The big guys in the lobby were left with a stunned face. They looked at each other and couldn't help laughing.

This Fang Xiaoru, who said he left, clearly didn't put them in his eyes.

"Old Xi, I really don't know where you met such a young man."

Peng Xiang looked at Xi Guogang and said with envy.

The others also sighed.Some people are even thinking about whether to make a beautif and get a few qi and blood pills from Fang Xiaoru.

"Hehe, Xiaofang, this kid is really good. He has the ability, but he doesn't rely on his talents."

Xi Guogang was also happily seeing the envy of everyone.

"By the way, there is still a Zheng Hu's blood pill left here."

Suddenly, a wealthy businessman said.

Hearing this, everyone's expressions suddenly changed, turning their heads and looking at the Qi and Blood Pill placed in the jade box.

"How to deal with this pill?"

The people present all stared at the Qi and Blood Pill with scorching eyes, and everyone wanted to get a hand.

"Zheng Hu used the Qi and Blood Pill to pretend to be the Yannian Yishou Pill to deceive me and wait. Now he has run away. This Qi and Blood Pill should be a common thing for all of us. If we cut it up evenly, let's share it with everyone. ."

After a long time, Ma Hongqiang suggested.

"Everyone wants this Qi and Blood Pill, and they don't want to give up. It can only be done right now."

Kong Lecheng, the owner of the tea house, also agreed.

In the end, under the suggestion of these two people, they decided to cut this Qi and Blood Pill into pieces, and each one would divide it equally.

After deciding what to do with Zheng Hu's Qi and Blood Pill, Peng Xiang turned his head and said to Xi Guogang:

"Old Xi, can you introduce me to Master Fang. As you know, the condition of my old man is getting worse and worse. If you can ask Master Fang for a Qi and Blood Pill, he will definitely get better. ."

Xi Guogang pondered for a while and said, "Xiao Peng, your father and I have been friends for many years. But I can't help Xiaofang make decisions without authorization, so let me ask him some time. As for his wish If you don’t want to see you, there is no guarantee."

Hearing this, Peng Xiang was overjoyed, and said quickly: "This is natural. I am really grateful for Mr. Xi to recommend me."

And wealthy businessmen like Ma Hongqiang and Kong Lecheng didn't envy this scene.

However, they have no friendship with Xi Guogang, so they won't care about it.I could only calculate in my heart anxiously, and after returning home, the whole city inquired about this young man named Fang Xiaoru.Be sure to get involved with him, and finally get one or two Qi and Blood Pills.

A private auction ended in this way.

When the game ended, the big guys in the field gave Mr. Liu a cold look.

Mr. Liu suddenly fell into an ice cellar. He and Zheng Hu jointly planned such a scam.Now that the scam has been exposed, he has been hated by these bigwigs. I believe it will not be long before what is waiting for him is a series of cruel blows.

That night, Zheng Hu and Mr. Liu met in a private club.

At this moment, Zheng Hu could no longer suppress the resentment and anger in his heart. His eyes were bloodshot, and he said in a negative test:

"Fang Xiaoru, Fang Xiaoru! You break my muscles and abolish my martial arts. This hatred is not shared! But his strength has reached the strength, and I have no hope of revenge in this life. I am so cruel!"

Mr. Liu also sighed and said, "Master Zheng, we are really all planted in the hands of this kid. After today, my power in the magic city, Liu Wentao, has been shaky.

I can no longer stay in the magic city. I still have some assets in Malaysia.In these two days, I am going to leave the magic capital and go to Malaya."

"Malay country!" Hearing the name of this country, Zheng Hu's eyes suddenly lit up, and he laughed:

"I have the hope of revenge. My master met a head-down master from Malaya years ago. If we can invite this head-down master, plus my master. Together, they will definitely be able to clean up Fang Xiaoru. !"

In Southeast Asia, since ancient times, there have been people who use the technique of head drop as their profession. These people are called head drop masters.

Head drop technique is a very mysterious and terrifying ability that can kill people invisible.

The head-down division is also divided into black-clothed head-down division and white-clothed head-down division.The former is mainly about accepting money and wealth from others, and there is no morality at all; the latter is mainly to help people to surrender, to be in harmony with others, etc.

And the head-removing teacher from Malaysia in Zheng Hu's mouth is exactly a head-removing teacher in black!

As long as you give money, he will do things for you.

Zheng Hu said: "Mr. Liu, I would like to invite my master to go out, and then I will invite a head-down master. With the cooperation of the two, we will definitely be able to kill Fang Xiaoru. However, it takes a lot of money to hire a head-down master. Funds, please also ask Mr. Liu to support me."

Mr. Liu looked sullen and said: "That kid is our common enemy. He not only cut off my palms, but also made me have no foothold in the devil. Master Zheng can rest assured, no matter how much money I pay !" ,, ..