The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 108 College Entrance Examination

Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye it came to June 6, which is the day before the college entrance examination.

During this time, Fang Xiaoru called Lin Caizhe another 20 million yuan for the construction of his film and television company and the initial investment in Lin Caizhe's films.

Under Lin Caizhe's manipulation, his Universe Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. has also been on the agenda.

The company also signed two actors, a man and a woman.The man is a rookie with good acting skills, and the woman is Zhao Wantong, who took the initiative to give Fang Xiaoru the hidden rules.

Lin Caizhe also seems to know the unspoken rules Zhao Wantong gave Fang Xiaoru, and his attitude towards her has changed a lot, even a little respectful.

This made Zhao Wantong's heart overjoyed, and he decided to pay attention, and in the future, he must hug Fang Xiaoru's thigh tightly.

The college entrance examination is going to be tomorrow, Oona is seizing the last bit of time, reading the book seriously, desperately trying to remember more knowledge.

But Fang Xiaoru didn't even turn a page of the book, so he wasn't in a hurry.

The main reason is that he has already kept in mind all the relevant knowledge content from the first year to the third year of high school. It is useless to watch it, and he can't get it into it.

As the college entrance examination approached, he was not in a hurry, but made Ou Zhengfei anxious.

When the college entrance examination is approaching, there are only two kinds of people who do not feel anxious and nervous.

The first is to learn particularly good academic bully, and the mental quality is excellent, this kind of people will not feel pressure on the college entrance examination.

The second type is careless scumbags, they don't care if they have the mentality of being broken.

Obviously, in the eyes of Ou Zhengfei, Fang Xiaoru is the second type of person.

"Hey, forget it. Just as A Hong said, when he graduates from high school, let him study abroad."

In the living room, Ou Zhengfei sighed.

Qi Hong, who was sitting next to him, felt even more contempt for Xiaoru, who despised him even more.

Soon, June 7th arrived, and the college entrance examination came as scheduled.

In this country, the college entrance examination is undoubtedly the most important thing every year.

Neither Ou Zhengfei nor Qi Hong went to work at the company on this day.They made a special trip to spare two days to take care of Ou Na and Fang Xiaoru, so as to avoid any mistakes during the college entrance examination.

Coincidentally, both Oona and Fang Xiaoru's examination rooms were divided into Magic City No. 6 Middle School, but they were not in the same classroom.

In the morning, several people woke up early.

After having breakfast, I checked carefully to make sure that the admission ticket, stationery, etc. were not missing before I set off for the examination room.

Today, Ou Zhengfei drove Ou Na and Fang Xiaoru to the examination room in person.

On the way to the examination room, Ou Zhengfei repeatedly urged: "Don't be nervous during the exam, be careful."

Ou Na said impatiently: "Dad, don't worry. You said it ten thousand times yesterday. Besides, my wish is the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, not the Capital University. Even if I didn't perform well, I will enter with my grades. The Imperial Academy of Fine Arts is not yet proper."

Upon hearing this, Qi Hong immediately turned his head from the position of the co-pilot, stared at Oona, and said, "Nana, mom depends on you in everything. But you have to listen to your mom if you wish for the college entrance examination. You must be admitted to the Department of Management of Beijing University. I will accept your father’s company in the future."

Oona pursed her lips and said in dissatisfaction: "Mom, I told you that I am not interested in managing companies! My hobby is art!"

Qi Hong was anxious, "You boy, why don't you listen."

Seeing that the atmosphere is not good, Ou Zhengfei hurriedly intervened and said, "Okay, you just need to say a few words. Whatever Nana likes, just stick to her. Aren't I in the prime of life? Wait until someone comes to pick me up. Ban, it's still decades away. You think too far."

Ona's face suddenly overflowed with a bright smile, and said coquettishly: "It's still Dad who treats me well."

Seeing this, Qi Hong could only helplessly shook his head.Now that the college entrance examination is about to go on, it may affect Oona's performance, so I won't say more.

Ona looked at Fang Xiaoru with her eyes closed, and said worriedly: "Xiaoru, I think you haven't read carefully these days. What should I do with the college entrance examination later?"

Fang Xiaoru opened his eyes and smiled and said, "Don't worry about me. Three months ago, I said that I was going to be admitted to the Beijing University.

Although she knew that Fang Xiaoru hadn't studied much at all, she copied her usual homework.

But I don't know why, Oona remembered that Fang Xiaoru had always had some incredible performances recently, and she believed Fang Xiaoru's words in her heart.

"Xiaoru, I believe you."

On the front co-pilot, Qi Hong's eyes flashed with disdain.But because Ou Zhengfei was on the sidelines, she couldn't express it in person.

Soon, the car drove into the gate of Magic City No. 6 Middle School.

Although there was still half an hour before the exam, everyone arrived early.I would rather arrive one hour early than one minute late.

This is the status quo of the college entrance examination, and it also reflects the importance of the college entrance examination in this country.

Under Ou Zhengfei's advice, Ou Na and Fang Xiaoru walked into the campus and went to their classrooms during the exam.

The first exam is for Chinese.

15 minutes before the exam, the invigilator and the candidates were all present.

There are a total of three invigilators, one of which reads the examination room discipline on the podium, while the other two are divided into two sides, one by one to check the candidates' admission tickets and ID cards, and look at the photos above to compare with the candidates' faces.

Five minutes before the exam, all the test papers were sent out.But the examinee can't write, can only start answering the question when the first bell sounds.

But except Fang Xiaoru, almost all the candidates seized this little time and quickly scanned the questions on the paper.

Race against time!

When the bell rang, Fang Xiaoru opened the test paper and began to answer the questions.

In the four exams, Chinese may be Fang Xiaoru's lowest correct rate.

Why do you say that?Because Chinese has a particularly abnormal topic-reading comprehension.

This type of question, even if the original author answers it, is completely different from the reference answer.,, ..