The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 110: Qi Hong's Disdain

But Fang Xiaoru walked out of the classroom to the school gate.

You cannot stay in school after you hand in the test paper.

Before he left the school gate, the parents who were waiting at the gate pointed to him.

"Why did this student come out so early? This exam has just begun."

"Yeah, could this kid be sick? But it doesn't look like it."

"Hehe, hand in the paper in only half an hour. Such a student is too irresponsible for his future."

"That's right, he must be self-defeating. With the mentality of failing to pass the test anyway, he handed in the paper ahead of time."

"If I had such a child, I would have to slap him in the face."

"Hey, I don't know whose child this is, or how his parents were educated."

Ou Zhengfei and Qi Hong, who were on the other side of the school gate, also saw Fang Xiaoru.

Ou Zhengfei wanted to walk over, but after hearing the comments from the parents, he finally decided to wait in place.

Qi Hong sneered and said: "Zhengfei, look at him, he is so careless even with such a big event as the college entrance examination. If you leave Nana to him, can you rest assured?"

Ou Zhengfei didn't speak this time, his face was tangled.

Finally, when Fang Xiaoru came over.He said in a deep voice, "Xiaoru, why did you come out so early? It's just like the college entrance examination, it's too shameful."

Qi Hong also shook his head, and said to the side: "Yes, Xiaoru, the college entrance examination is a major event in life. Even if you can't answer the questions, you can't give up like this."

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "Uncle, don't worry, mine is the answer to the paper before handing in."

Ou Zhengfei obviously didn't believe it, and said, "Nonsense! It's less than 40 minutes from the exam. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to write an essay. How can you finish the question!"

Fang Xiaoru didn't know how to explain to Ou Zhengfei, but said confidently: "Uncle don't worry, I will definitely give you a test at Beijing University."

Looking at the confident expression on Fang Xiaoru's face, Ou Zhengfei shook his head and said nothing more.

Anyway, I have already planned to send him to study abroad. Since he is studying abroad at his own expense, the performance of the college entrance examination is not important.

It's just that Fang Xiaoru's attitude towards life events made Ou Zhengfei very disappointed.

Qi Hong looked at the bleak color on her husband's face. She wanted to let Fang Xiaoru recognize the facts. She opened her mouth, but finally did not speak.

Sitting in Ou Zhengfei's car, several people waited for Oona to leave the examination room.

At 11:30 in the morning, the bell of the paper handing in rang, and the candidates who were fighting in the examination room also walked out of the examination room one after another.

About ten minutes later, Oona also came out.

As soon as Qi Hong saw Oona, he hurriedly asked: "Nana, how did the exam go?"

Ou Na was about to answer, but was interrupted by Ou Zhengfei.

Ou Zhengfei said to Qi Hong: "Go, go, lose one after the exam, don't think again, don't ask again."

He turned his head and said to Ona again: "Nana, the Chinese is over. Let's go back to have a good lunch, and then sleep again, so that we can prepare for the exam in the afternoon."

Oona nodded, got into the car and sat beside Fang Xiaoru.

The two of them were in the car and neither asked the other how they had taken the test, nor did they have the right answer.

Because this will affect the afternoon test.

Ou Zhengfei knew this and prevented Qi Hong from asking.

When I returned home at noon, I had a lunch carefully prepared by Fu Ma, and then took a nap.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, the two rushed to the examination room again.

The examination room of the college entrance examination is like a battlefield. There is nothing wrong with this sentence.

June is midsummer, and the sun is very venomous.

Many parents, under the scorching sun, sent their children into the examination room.

Although knowing that waiting at the gate of the school would not help the children, they were happy one by one.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, the test was math.

Fang Xiaoru has kept all the high school formulas in his mind firmly, and just remembering the formulas may not work.

But he also memorized the previous years' college entrance examination papers, simulated exam papers, and three-year simulated two-year college entrance examination exercises from all over the country.

Fang Xiaoru took a look at the math test paper, no matter what the question was, he could find the corresponding question type in his mind.

He has firmly mastered various problem-solving methods.

What function, sequence of numbers, space geometry, interval and so on.Once he got it, he knew how to do it.

This time, his speed was also incredible.

Don't talk about multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions, just the next few big questions, he also did it very smoothly.

Even though it was a big question, he glanced at the question and started to answer on the answer sheet.There is no meaning of drafting at all.

When he filled in all the answers on the answer sheet, he glanced at the clock above the blackboard, 3:25.

When he stopped writing, there were still five minutes to hand in the paper.

He looked around and found that several of his classmates were pale, sweating on their foreheads, biting the pen, and sitting there for a long time without writing.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and secretly said that if he hadn't remembered the bread, he would be the same as them.

When the needle was pointing at 3:30, Fang Xiaoru got up again in the shocked eyes of the candidates, handed the test paper to the chief examiner, and then smiled and stepped out.

In the morning, I learned of Fang Xiaoru's strength of the chief examiner, and at this time he was not thinking that Fang Xiaoru was fooling around.

He looked at Fang Xiaoru's answer sheet, and it turned out that every question had already been answered, and the surface was very neat and tidy, and there was no room for alteration.

The examiner sighed: "This student is really scary."

At 3:34 pm, when Fang Xiaoru appeared briskly at the school gate again, the parents waiting around the gate began to talk again.

"This child turned in papers in advance when he took the Chinese test in the morning, and now he turned in his papers in advance for the math test. He took two consecutive exams for only half an hour. It seems that he really intends to break the jar.", ....