The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 111 Reporter Interview

The parents at the school gate shook their heads one after another.

Although he was ready in his heart, when Ou Zhengfei saw Fang Xiaoru handing in the paper again in advance, he was still disappointed.

However, when the exam in the afternoon was over, Ou Zhengfei's mood improved a lot when Ou Na came out with a relaxed face.

When I went back, it was another sumptuous dinner.

After dinner, Fang Xiaoru continued to meditate and practice as before.

And Ou Na did not read a book, and watched TV with Ou Zhengfei downstairs for a while to relax. At nine o'clock in the evening, she went to bed early.

Fang Xiaoru and Oona both studied science, and took a comprehensive examination of science in the morning on June 8, and auspicious in the afternoon.

For these two exams, Fang Xiaoru still turned in the paper half an hour after the exam.

Among them, comprehensive science is the smoothest course in Fang Xiaoru's exam. He almost answers the questions directly when he sees the questions. The speed of answering questions is much faster than that of teachers.

In the afternoon, auspicious language has some problems.

Although Fang Xiaoru's current auspicious words have reached an astronomical number, there are almost no words he does not recognize.

In addition, he read a few grammar books and even solved the grammar.

Whether it's cloze or reading comprehension, or multiple choice questions or essays, he is easy to come by.

To him, the above question is like a high school student doing the first grade of elementary school. It is not too simple.

But the listening questions at the beginning of the Auspicious language test stumped him.

Although Fang Xiaoru can write and read.But he can't read, let alone listen.

He only listened to one listening test, and then gave up.

So, fortunately, he chose C for all the answers.After eighteen minutes of listening, he basically answered all the questions on the Auspicious language test paper except for the composition.

In the last auspicious composition, he wrote a 200-word essay in less than five minutes if he had a master.

After half an hour after the exam started, he left his seat again and handed in the paper.

The other students in the examination room are already immune to this scene.

But the prince and concubine sighed against Fang Xiaoru's back.Last time Fang Xiaoru rescued her cousin Mengmeng from a trafficker, and she was very grateful to her.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru like this, the prince and concubine also felt a pity.

The examiner watched Fang Xiaoru walk out of the classroom and murmured: "This student, perhaps, will make an appearance in this year's college entrance examination."

He picked up the test paper, looked at Fang Xiaoru's name, and remembered it in his heart.

But he said that when Fang Xiaoru handed in the papers for the fourth half hour and walked out of the school gate ahead of schedule, a female TV reporter suddenly stopped him.

"Hello, this classmate, I am Wang Jing from Magic City TV Station. I want to interview you, I don't know if it is possible."

Wang Jing is long and quiet, with snow-white skin. Although he is not tall, he has a very good figure.

Fang Xiaoru nodded and said, "No problem, you can interview."

Although he doesn't care much about the college entrance examination, he is a teenager after all.

It would be extremely happy if he could get a good grade in the test and make a blockbuster, so that those who look down on him would shut up.

He thinks that apart from Chinese reading comprehension and Auspicious listening, there are no other problems.Entrance to Beijing University is very stable, so he is still in a good mood now.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's agreement, Wang Jing hurriedly signaled to the staff behind.The staff immediately fought and set up all the cameras.

Wang Jing stood in front of the camera and took the microphone and said, "I am Wang Jing, a news reporter from Magic City TV. Today is the last day of the college entrance examination. I came to Magic City No. 6 Middle School to interview a student who just took the college entrance examination."

After that, she turned to Fang Xiaoru and said, "What's the name of this classmate?"

Fang Xiaoru: "My name is Fang Xiaoru."

Wang Jing: "Okay, Fang Xiaoru. So the first question, why did you come out so early?"

Without waiting for Fang Xiaoru's answer, the onlookers next to him said one after another: "This classmate, for four consecutive exams, only took 30 minutes to come out."

When Wang Jing heard the words, there was a gleam of surprise on her face, and asked, "Fang Xiaoru, are they true?"

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said, "They are not very accurate. I should have spent only 20 minutes for each exam. However, there are regulations in the examination room that the paper can only be handed in after 30 minutes, so I can only wait until thirty minutes."

Wang Jing continued to ask, "Is it because this year's test paper is too difficult and you can't do it, so you hand in it in advance?"

Fang Xiaoru replied, "It's because I did the questions too fast."

Wang Jing was stunned for a moment, but didn't expect Fang Xiaoru to reply like this.But the more distinctive it is, the more news that everyone likes can be unearthed.

Stars appeared in her eyes, and she said, "Then do you mean this year's college entrance examination paper is very simple for you?"

Fang Xiaoru nodded and replied honestly: "Except for Chinese reading comprehension and Auspicious listening, other topics are really not challenging."

Wang Jing: "Oh? Why are these two exceptions?"

Fang Xiaoru replied: "As everyone knows, even if the original author of the article answers it, it may not be close to the standard answer.

As for Auspicious listening, it is my personal reason.I'm a person who has a bad listening Geely, and I can't understand a single sentence. Fortunately, I filled in all C."

She asked again: "Then the last question can be regarded as a personal question. I am personally curious. I don't know which university Fang would like to apply for? Are there any confidence in being admitted?"

Fang Xiaoru said lightly: "Volunteering is naturally the strongest capital university in the empire. As for admission, there should be no problem."

Fang Xiaoru's several answers made Wang Jing happy.

She was even thinking about the headlines on the news tomorrow.

Shock!Candidates who handed in papers in half an hour criticized Chinese reading comprehension questions!

[Genius candidates hand in papers in advance, confident to go to Beijing University! ..