The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 119 Changes in Wind Direction

A reporter from Suzaku News rushed to the principal Zhang Feng and asked with his microphone: "Principal Zhang, it is reported on the Internet that Fang Xiaoru's previous grades are at the bottom of the class. Why did this test have such amazing results?"

This is a sharp question, and it is also the question that these reporters most want to ask during this trip.

The scene suddenly became quiet, and all the reporters pricked their ears, wanting to hear how the principal would explain.

Faced with such a problem and such a battle, the principal Zhang Feng was also a little embarrassed. He coughed twice and said: "A great man once said such a sentence, everything is possible! Similarly, I believe very much. Our students.

Although Fang Xiaoru won the champion, I was surprised.But I don't question him. If he cheated and got the answer in advance, it is absolutely impossible.

Everyone knows that it is impossible for the person who writes the college entrance examination to get in touch with the outside world before the exam is over.I believe that classmate Fang Xiaoru won the first place in the country by virtue of his own ability."

I have to say that Zhang Feng is an old fox. He immediately pushed the focus of the problem to the college entrance examination mechanism.

If you suspect Fang Xiaoru cheating, that's okay, and find out where his answer comes from.

But obviously, this is not the answer that reporters want to hear. They throw out all kinds of sharp questions one after another.

None of Fang Xiaoru's substitute teachers were let go, and they were all blocked by reporters.

The college entrance examination results were announced at 8 o'clock in the morning. By 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the doubts about this year's college entrance examination champion Fang Xiaoru had reached unprecedented heights.

Many people who didn't know the truth, when they learned that each exam was handed in within half an hour, and the scores were always the lowest, unexpectedly got a champion, all of them expressed disbelief.

Either he questioned Fang Xiaoru's cheating, or he made a mark on the test paper and colluded with the reader to achieve such a result.

Finally, Professor Tang Hanlin, a well-known domestic writer and expert on ancient Chinese research at Magic University, specially registered a meager account for this purpose and published the first meager in his life to rectify Fang Xiaoru's name.

The meager content is as follows:

I, Tang Hanlin, of the Magic City University, is also one of the students of this time.Fang Xiaoru’s essay was corrected by me, and this essay has given me endless aftertaste.

The exquisite use of words, the profound knowledge of classical Chinese, searched the entire imperial literary world, but could not find the second one.I believe that people with such literary literacy will never cheat!

Moreover, the Empire resumed the college entrance examination for 32 years and the national unified college entrance examination for 6 years. No one has ever been able to get the champion by cheating.Netizens, please don't think about others, but have your own thinking.

Tang Hanlin, as a master of domestic literary circles, has a heavy weight in what he said.

However, the number of netizens is too large, and he is alone, and he seems to be less of a person.He said that Fang Xiaoru's article was well written, but after all, there was no picture and no truth, so it didn't make much difference.

Until the evening, the questioning of the college entrance examination champion finally reached its culmination.

Major news sites on the Internet are discussing this matter.

On the day of the college entrance examination, a few minutes of interview video of Wang Jing, a reporter from Magic City TV and Xiaoru, was even more circulated.

All those who have watched this interview video are even more suspicious of Xiaoru's performance.

"Tsk tusk, half an hour to hand in the paper, and he got a champion in the exam. Is he Wenquxing going down?"

"It turns out that this is the top pick in the college entrance examination this year. Look at him answering reporters' questions. He is so arrogant. If such a person can get the first place in the exam, it must be shady!"

"Eating shit upstairs, people are not arrogant, but self-confidence, self-confidence, you know?"

"The atmosphere of the empire has disappointed me more and more. I didn't expect fairness and justice to be trampled on like this. Even the top prize can be obtained by means, ha ha. In my heart, there is really indescribable sadness."

"Made, sooner or later such a country will be destroyed by corrupt officials!"

"Ten officials and nine are greedy. If you are not greedy, just wait to step down!"

"It's better for the U.S. emperor. This will not happen to the U.S. emperor. If I have money, I must immigrate to the U.S. emperor."

"A few mentally handicapped upstairs!"

"If the emperor is good, then you can go to the emperor, but I don't think you can save money for immigration in your life, hahahaha."

"The whole thing is Keyboard Man."

"Aren't we discussing the top pick in the college entrance examination? Why is the building crooked again?"

At eight o'clock in the evening, due to the harshness of public opinion, the Ministry of Education published Fang Xiaoru's college entrance examination paper on its official website and on its meager.

As soon as Fang Xiaoru's test paper was published, it immediately caused an uproar.

There are four test papers for language, mathematics, auspicious language, and science.

The answer above is neat, the curling surface is very tidy, there is no alteration, the first impression is very good.

But the most shocking thing is Fang Xiaoru's composition.

That is a classical Chinese essay, with about 900 words throughout.All those who read this article closed their mouths.

However, as Professor Tang Hanlin said, if you can write such an article, you will not cheat, and there is no need to cheat, because the entire empire cannot find a master of literature who can write such high-quality classical Chinese.

Many netizens who previously thought that Fang Xiaoru was awarded the top prize through cheating have left messages under the meager of the Ministry of Education to express their apologies.

#RU Sorry!#This meager, liked and reposted by hundreds of thousands of people.

"It turns out that we really misunderstood him. The person who can write such an article is definitely a great writer."

"Yeah. I'm not afraid of everyone's jokes, I am also a journalist. But I counted it. There are more than 50 words in this article, which I don't know. Just this article, there is no literature. The master can write it. It is impossible for anyone to write such an article for him."

"Upstairs 666, you only have 50 words, I don't even know more than 100 words."

"Speaking weakly, I checked the dictionary, but I can recognize all the words, but I haven't understood the meaning of each sentence. Most people don't understand it at all."

"I just want to say that when I read this article, it's just like reading the articles written by ancient writers in Chinese textbooks.

The previous trend of the opposing Xiaoru's crusade suddenly changed after the Ministry of Education published the test papers.,, ..