The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 126: Sophia's Story

I don't know how long it took, Sophia woke up leisurely.

Her eyes were blue, like a lake, slowly opening.

"you're awake?"

Suddenly, a man's voice rang in his ears.

Out of the killer's instinct, Sophia's body suddenly tightened, and at the same time an elbow hit hard behind her.

However, something happened that shocked Sophia.She could smash the elbow of the brick and stone, but was blocked by the man behind her lightly.

"I said Sophia, it's hard to meet again after a long time. That's how you treat your man?"

This is Huaxia!

Sophia turned her head abruptly, and saw a familiar face, her pupils suddenly shrank.

This face appeared in her dreams countless times.

This man is a nightmare in her heart.

"Where is this? Why am I here?"

Sophia stared at Fang Xiaoru solemnly, her eyes full of vigilance and resentment, and she spoke a Chinese language in a foreign accent.

"You drunk at the bar yesterday and fainted. I brought you back."

Fang Xiaoru said with a smile, his hands still wrapped around Sophia's waist, holding her tightly in his arms.

Beauty is like jade, warm jade in her arms.This feeling is great.

Until now, Sophia realized that she was naked in her arms by the man in front of her.


She let out a scream and struggled constantly.

Although she is the killer of the blood list, she is famous and frightening.

However, in front of Fang Xiaoru, her strength is far from enough.No matter how hard she struggles, it will not help.

Unable to break free, Sophia screamed: "Damn! You devil, let me go!"

At the same time, a stream of tears overflowed her eyes.

As a killer, a small part of the reason she was drunk in the bar was because of Fang Xiaoru.

Ever since I went to Huaxia to assassinate Fang Xiaoru and was taken away by him, Sophia has been living in pain all day long.

"Why are you crying, I just let go of you."

Seeing her pitiful crying, Fang Xiaoru couldn't help feeling pity and let go of her hand.

However, when he let go of her hand, Sophia cried louder instead. She buried her head on the pillow and kept sobbing.

Fang Xiaoru patted her smooth back and said, "Hey, I let you go. Why are you crying?"

Sophia ignored him, just kept crying.

She has too many things to vent. When she was seven years old, she and her mother were forcibly taken into the killer training base of the blood killer list.

Her mother became the chef of the base. In order not to reveal the secrets of the base, she couldn't leave the base for half a step throughout the year and lived her life in prison.

There are more than a thousand children trained with Sophia.

But in the end, she passed the training of the organization smoothly and became a killer. She was the only one.

The rest, without exception, all died.

Because there was only one spot, her best friend chose to betray and kill her behind her back.

Sophia took care of herself from the age of seven to twenty, and spent 13 years hand in hand. Only when she was a friend of sisters, she became a killer on the blood list.

In the two years since becoming a killer, in order to paralyze the pain of killing her best friend, she frantically accepted the task.And in the shortest time, from the list of killers to promote to the list of killers.

In two years, she has completed ninety-nine tasks.According to the organization's regulations, as long as she has completed one hundred tasks, her mother can be picked up.

And killing Fang Xiaoru was her 100th mission.

However, when she returned from the failure of China, she not only lost the most important chastity of a woman, but also lost her mother.

Although the organization did not tell her how her mother died.

However, through her own secret investigations these days, it was surprisingly discovered that her mother had accidentally offended a top killer and was brutally killed by that top killer.

The blood kill list has three rankings of heaven, earth and people, and the strength of the killer on each list is very different.

With the strength that she had just been promoted to the ranking list, the opponent had to deal with her, like crushing an ant, very easily.

My mother was killed, and there is no hope of revenge.

Under such painful torture, Sophia would fall into the bar drunk.

Fang Xiaoru reached out and turned Sophia, who had been crying for a long time, over and gently said, "Don't cry, can crying solve any problems. If you have anything, you might as well tell me."

Sophia looked at Fang Xiaoru's sincere eyes, and somehow she confided the pain in her heart.

After listening to Sophia's statement, Fang Xiaoru gently patted her on the back to make her feel better.He felt the pain of losing his mother ten years ago.

"Isn't it just revenge? Tell me where that person is, and I will kill him for you."

Sophia wiped her tears and said in surprise: "You?"

Fang Xiaoru said, "What? Do you think I don't have this strength?"

Sophia was not very clear about Fang Xiaoru's strength.But she knew that this was someone who could subdue herself at will.The strength is strong, perhaps not weaker than the top killer.

She quivered her beautiful eyes and asked, "What are you asking for for me?"

Fang Xiaoru had pure eyes and said, "I don't ask for anything."

Sophia frowned and said, "Don't ask for anything, then why are you helping me?"

She didn't believe that there would be help for no reason in this world.What's more, I have assassinated him, the relationship between the two should be enemies.

Fang Xiaoru slapped Sophia's buttocks heavily and said amusedly: "If you have to say something, then what I want is you."

Sophia's eyes were like autumn water, staring at Fang Xiaoru closely, and said seriously: "As long as you help me kill my enemy, my body will always belong to you."

After all, she lifted the quilt, turned over, and straddled Fang Xiaoru's body, picking up Fang Xiaoru's pants very strangely.

Fang Xiaoru grabbed Sophia's little hand and looked into her eyes as well and said, "I know you are not voluntary now, so I will not touch you until I help you kill your enemy."

Sophia trembled when she heard the words.Finally turned over from Fang Xiaoru's body, and then lay beside him, with his eyes open, silently looking at the ceiling.

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