The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 131 made headlines in Western media

It was said that when Fang Xiaoru returned to Lanesborough Hotel in the special car, she was in Catherine's boudoir.Catherine opened the quilt and looked at her private parts with a look of expectation and tension.

She was embarrassed to watch when Fang Xiaoru was there.Now that Fang Xiaoru left, she couldn't wait to know if there was any change in herself.

This look immediately made her tears blurred, and silent tears fell from her eyes.

Her vagina was already completely open, not as tightly closed as before.She murmured: "I can finally become a normal woman."

Because she is different from her girls, Catherine is always in low self-esteem, making her subconsciously not want to play with boys.

In the end, it developed to subconscious rejection as soon as I saw the boys, not wanting them to approach.

When she grew up, she became a complete iceberg goddess.Except for the elders in the family, it is difficult for any other male to contact her.

If it weren't for Qin Anqi's saying that Fang Xiaoru is expected to cure her disease, Catherine would never see Fang Xiaoru.

Catherine wiped away the tears from her cheeks, re-covered the quilt, and lay there wondering how happy the queen would be when she learned that she had become a normal woman.

After thinking about it, Fang Xiaoru's face suddenly flashed in her mind.

Fang Xiaoru was the first man to see Catherine's body. Whether she admits it or not, Fang Xiaoru's figure has begun to enter her heart, and it is difficult to erase it.

When Fang Xiaoru returned to the hotel, it was almost time for lunch.

After eating a Geely State lunch in the hotel, he set off for one of the most famous attractions in Landun, Big Ben.

While Fang Xiaoru was playing alone, the editor-in-chief office of DailyMirror (Daily Mirror).

Two middle-aged men are having a heated discussion. One of them is the paparazzi who took pictures of Fang Xiaoru in Windsor Castle before!

The paparazzi took the camera and looked at the photos inside to another middle-aged man, and said, "Allen, this is unique big news! 2,000 pounds can't be less.

If you still have to bargain, I will vote for other gossip magazines.I think those small magazines are absolutely willing to spend £2,000 on this news!"

That middle-aged man named Allen is the editor-in-chief of the Daily Mirror.

The Daily Mirror is the most famous gossip newspaper in Geely.Its content focuses on entertainment, sports, gossip, and scandals for fun.

Allen was obviously worried about the news, but he was reluctant to bear the £2,000.

Seeing that the paparazzi was so determined, he gritted his teeth and said: "I can give you 2,000 pounds, but you have to guarantee that you are exclusive news."

As soon as the paparazzi heard Alan's tone, he knew that the deal was stable.He patted the fierce mouth with that stout hand and said:

"I swear to God, this is definitely an exclusive news. But I can't guarantee that it will be an exclusive news after tomorrow. After all, there are no few paparazzi who follow Catherine."

Allen nodded slightly, counted 2,000 pounds, and handed it to the paparazzi.

The paparazzi accepted the 2,000 pounds, kissed it excitedly, and then gave the camera photos to Allen.

After Allen got the photo, he immediately summoned his staff to get them to print it, and published the photo on the official website of the Daily Mirror.And used a red headline:

"Shocked! The mysterious Eastern man walked out of Princess Catherine's castle!"

Once this news was announced, it immediately caught the public's attention.

The entire auspicious country, no, the entire West, was completely upset by this news.

All men, whether they are 70 or 80 years old, young people in their 20s or 30s, or teenagers, commented like crazy on the Internet.

In less than half a day, almost everyone in the West knows this news.And it became the hottest topic of the day on all major social platforms.

Western netizens are all talking about Fang Xiaoru.

"Princess Catherine is extremely indifferent to any man. Why can this Eastern man enter Windsor Castle?"

"Except for the royal guards, only one man has entered Windsor Castle. There is Princess Catherine's father, Prince Smith. And this Eastern man became the second one!"

"The reason why Princess Catherine is indifferent to other men is because of this Eastern man?"

"Oh Maika! I can't accept this fact."

"If Princess Catherine's boyfriend is this Oriental man, I would rather she be a lace edge!"

"How can this Eastern man enter the eyes of Princess Catherine."

"What the upstairs said is right. He is small and weak in his body. I can blow him up with one hand!"

"Just coming out of Princess Catherine's bedroom does not mean that the Eastern man is Princess Catherine's boyfriend."

"Oh! Doesn't this mean anything? God, this is the only man who came out of Windsor Castle except the royal guard and Prince Smith!"

The famous movie star, Oscar winner, and currently the most popular niche Paul saw this news and immediately posted a tweet on Twitter:

"Dear Princess Catherine, I am your most pious follower. I have dated you sixty-three times, but each time was cruelly rejected.

You are distinguished and beautiful, and this oriental man is definitely not worthy of you.I know, he must not be your boyfriend.You know, you even refused me, so why would you like this Chinese person."

Paul's tweet was immediately liked and reposted by a crowd of Western whites.Even his tweet carries a very obvious racial discrimination.

In Baijinhan Palace, the Queen of Geely Kingdom looked at the news that her assistant handed over to her, with a sudden joy on her face.She happily said:

"Catherine has never invited a man to her palace. Could it be that she finally has the desire to make a boyfriend?"

She got up from the sofa excitedly and said to the assistant next to her: "Quickly, arrange the car. I'm going to Catherine and ask her what is going on."

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