The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 134 Princess Catherine secretly meets the mysterious man

Like yesterday, Catherine took off her clothes, leaving only a fierce mask.

Although there has been such an experience once, Catherine is still very shy.

But it was a little different from yesterday. Yesterday she was to cure her own disease, and to prevent the queen from worrying about her condition every day, so she forcibly endured.

But after yesterday, Catherine's feelings about her counterpart's filial piety changed.

Although looking at her bare body, Fang Xiaoru's eyes were very clear and pure.

In addition, her condition has indeed improved, so when Catherine faced Fang Xiaoru today, she did not have the kind of rejection and aversion to other men.

Of course, shyness is inevitable.

Fang Xiaoru picked up the golden needle and began to apply the needle familiarly on Catherine.

Needle after needle, Fang Xiaoru is very focused and serious.

Although Catherine's body is beautiful, there is no distraction in his heart.

Taisu acupuncture has extremely high requirements on the needle provider.If he has distracting thoughts, it is easy to make mistakes.

If something goes wrong, the consequences are terrible.Lightly rushed away Catherine's veins and paralyzed her.Heavy will take her life.

One hundred and eight stitches, every stitch requires absolute caution.


Finally, after all the 108 stitches were over, Fang Xiaoru let out a deep breath.

What I want to stimulate today is Catherine's uterine zone, so that she can smoothly give birth to aunt.

Although the same as yesterday, there are 108 stitches, but the difficulty and the consumption of energy are far better than yesterday.

After the injection, even if Fang Xiaoru's inner strength was deep, he couldn't help feeling a little tired.

He put away the golden needle and said, "The second course of treatment has ended successfully. A month later, you came to the first aunt, and we will start the third course of treatment."

After speaking, he walked to the side table and poured a cup of hot water.

After the acupuncture and moxibustion, Catherine felt uncomfortable in her abdomen. It was an unspeakable uncomfortable one that she had never experienced.Her aching forehead broke into a cold sweat and said:

"my tummy hurts."

Fang Xiaoru said: "This is a normal phenomenon, and it feels like this when girls come to the aunt. But when you really come to the aunt, you will find it more uncomfortable than this."

With that, he walked to the bed, handed the hot water in his hand to Catherine, and said, "Come on, take a sip of the hot water, it will feel better."

Catherine took the water glass and took a sip. As expected, the pain in her abdomen had improved a little, but it was still painful.

She murmured: "Is this how a girl feels when she comes to aunt?"

Although she felt very uncomfortable in her abdomen, her expression was no longer the pain she had before, and instead there was a ray of joy in her eyes.

Isn't it what she has been looking forward to all these years to become a real woman?

Compared with this, what counts the pain that is only once a month?

After about five minutes, the pain in Catherine's belly finally subsided slowly.

She struggled to sit up and picked up the clothes on the side. The other Xiaoru said, "You turn around, I'm going to get dressed."

Fang Xiaoru blinked, thinking that your body has been seen by me, why don't you make me turn around when you put on clothes? Isn't this unnecessary?

Catherine's mind was exquisite, how could she not see Fang Xiaoru's thoughts, she covered her body with clothes, and said angrily: "Don't turn around now."

Fang Xiaoru shook his head, turned around, turned his back to Catherine.

Although she had already seen her body completely, Fang Xiaoru couldn't help but dream about it when she heard the sound of wearing clothes behind him.

It didn't take long for Catherine to get dressed quickly.She walked off the bed, blushing, and the other Xiaoru said, "Thank you, Fang Xiaoru."

Fang Xiaoru looked at the blushing princess in front of him, couldn't help but laughed out loud.

The goddess who is like an iceberg on weekdays, Princess Catherine, who has always treated men without false colors, would actually blush. This is too contradictory, too inconsistent with her usual image and temperament.

"Why are you laughing?"

Catherine frowned, regaining her former iceberg temperament.

"No...nothing." Fang Xiaoru stopped talking.

Catherine glanced at him and said, "Thank you for your treatment, I am going back now."

After speaking, she walked to the door.

"Ding Dong! Ding Dong!"

But when she was about to leave, there was a hurried doorbell.

She looked out from the cat's eyes, and it was Qin Anqi who was ringing the doorbell.

Turning the handle, Catherine opened the door.

The moment the door opened, Qin Anqi rushed in and closed the door heavily, as if in a hurry.

"Angie, what's the matter?" Catherine asked.

Qin Anqi said with a frightening expression: "Many reporters came from the hotel, all for your Royal Highness and Fang Xiaoru."

"What's going on?" Catherine frowned and asked.

"It seems to be the staff of the hotel, who recognized you when we came up. Now all reporters outside are jammed at the door of the hotel." Qin Anqi said.

"The reporter is just a reporter. Could it be that they can stop us?" Catherine lifted her footsteps, opened the door, and walked outside.

Qin Anqi quickly grabbed him and said, "Your Royal Highness, the scandal between you and Fang Xiaoru broke out on the news yesterday.

When you walk out of the hotel at this time, they will check and find that Fang Xiaoru is also living here. Wouldn't it be a case of the affair between you?At that time, God knows what terrible things the angry people will do to Xiaoru."

Catherine stopped immediately after hearing the words.Although she didn't mind any scandals, if Fang Xiaoru was harmed for this reason, it would not be what she wanted to see.

After all, the people of Geely are very irrational when defending their favorite stars and idols.

Fang Xiaoru walked to the window, looked up outside, and saw a group of reporters carrying cameras around the hotel entrance.

"Princess Catherine secretly meets the mysterious man, this is big news, big news!"

A reporter shouted excitedly.,, ..