The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 137 The Church of St. Paul in France

On the same day, Geely National Landon time at 1:30 pm.

Queen Elizabeth XIX of Geely State held a press conference at Baijinhan Palace to announce to the public.

The man from China is a good boy. If Catherine is willing to associate with him, she would express her support and hope to get the support of the people.

This sentence immediately ignited the entire Geely network.

Both married and unmarried men, young and old, were in a complete uproar.

"God! Didn't the queen's remarks mean that she had a good impression of the Eastern man and did not oppose Princess Catherine's association with him?"

"I can't accept it! What qualifications does a Chinese kid have to seize the heart of our British princess!"

"It's not true, I don't believe it! Princess Catherine has always been indifferent to visitors, and is as indifferent as an iceberg. How would she like an Eastern kid?"

"God gave us the most beautiful princess in the world, but let Chinese men capture her. This is too cruel for our citizens of Geely!"

"Who knows the identity of this Chinese man, I will come to the door personally and tell him that the noble Princess Catherine is not something he can get involved!"

Everyone was making crazy comments, expressing their dissatisfaction with each other's filial piety.

The princess of Geely, the queen's first heir, the highest goddess in all men's hearts, and the princess Catherine, who has never had any close contact with men, actually has the sign of being snatched by foreigners.

As long as they are males between the ages of sixteen and sixty, they all express their protests online.

However, Fang Xiaoru was destined to not see their protest.Because he was on a flight from Landon to Paris, the capital of France.

And Catherine, after seeing such news and comments, just smiled.

She never took this kind of thing in her heart, but when she saw the media misunderstanding Fang Xiaoru as her rumored boyfriend, she did not have the anger and rejection she intended.

Not long after the Queen’s press conference, the Geely Daily Express posted a video on their official Twitter and Facebook pages.

The title of the video is: "Princess Catherine's gossip boyfriend, a rude and savage Chinese man!

This video recorded the scene where Fang Xiaoru pushed the reporter Kevin away.

The video, which was less than five seconds short, was instantly forwarded by Geely netizens.

Due to the editing and shooting angle issues, when this picture is presented in front of everyone, it looks like Fang Xiaoru deliberately pushed to the reporter.

"Shit! How can this Chinese man be so rude!"

"Oh Mika! Princess Catherine, have you seen it. This is the true face of this man!"

"Dear Princess Catherine, leave him!"

"Our Geely Kingdom has been a country of gentlemen since ancient times. We do not welcome such barbaric men to Geely, nor do we want Princess Catherine to associate with such men!"

"God! How could he do such a brutal thing to reporters? He really came from a country of ignorance!"

"This impolite Chinese man is not worthy of Princess Catherine!"

"Go back to China!"

However, these protests and dissatisfaction of netizens are of no use.

Catherine happily communicated with the Queen in the castle. The Queen had even planned for Catherine. When her condition was completely improved, she would take her to travel around the world and release her depressed heart for so long.

As for Fang Xiaoru, he has already reached Paris, the capital of France.

Landun and Bali, although they belong to two different countries.But the land area of ​​these two countries is very small.

From Landon to Bali, it only takes two hours.The European continent went abroad just like the Chinese Empire went abroad.

When arriving at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Fang Xiaoru dialed Sophia's phone.

The fourteenth district, south of Bali, St. Paul's Church.This is one of the largest churches in France and can accommodate two thousand people praying at the same time.

It was already six o'clock in Paris time, and the church of St. Paul was having a weekly service.The believers follow the bishop of this church in prayer.

Sophia hid in the corner of the church, staring tightly at the front of the church, leading the bishop to pray.

This is a bishop who is about fifty years old. He looks very kind and kind.

Suddenly, Sophia's phone vibrated.

She picked up the phone, and the caller ID was a call from China.

She put the phone in her ear, covered her mouth and whispered: "Are you in Paris? I'm in St. Paul's Church in the 14th district of Paris. The enemy who killed my mother is here."

At Charles de Gaulle Airport, Fang Xiaoru got into a taxi and said, "I just got off the plane and got into a taxi. Tell the driver the address."

With that said, he turned on the phone to amplify and handed it to the driver.

After Sophia explained the address to the taxi driver, she hung up and continued to stare at the bishop who prayed devoutly.

Fifteen minutes passed, and the prayer in St. Paul's Church was over.

The believers in the church also began to disappear one after another.In a short while, there were only a few people who had filled the entire church.

The bishop in the center of the church smiled and greeted the believers passing by him one by one.

In order not to expose herself, Sophia followed the crowd and walked out of St. Paul's Church.

When the believers were almost walking, the bishop gently closed the thick book in his hand, turned off the lights in the church, and the last one went out.

The moment the bishop walked out of the church and closed the door.From an angle that no one could see, a joking smile curled up at the corner of his mouth.

Outside the church, Sophia hides behind a birch tree, observing the bishop's whereabouts in secret.

At the same time, I was secretly anxious about how Fang Xiaoru hadn't arrived yet.,, ..