The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 138 The Blood-Clothed Bishop

After the bishop locked the door of the church, he walked to a path near the lecture hall.

The path leads to a birch forest.Sophia is hiding behind one of the birch trees in the birch forest!

The moment the bishop passed by her, Sophia's whole body was tensed, holding her breath, she didn't even dare to blink her eyes.

"Fortunately, he didn't find me."

Sophia secretly breathed a sigh of relief after the bishop had gone about three or four feet away.

That's right, this bishop is the murderer Sophia is looking for!

Sophia's mother is a faithful believer in Christianity.And this bishop is a Catholic bishop.

Although both religions believe in the same God, they have differences in other doctrines.

And Sophia's mother, because of this disagreement, had a dispute with the bishop and was finally killed by the angry bishop.

Had it not been for the killer who belonged to the same blood list, and under Sophia's secret investigation for several months, no one would have believed that this kind-faced bishop would actually be a murderous killer in the world!

Every rank killer possesses power that ordinary people cannot imagine.

Once they shoot, they will kill!Therefore, please move their prices very expensive.

But for some war-torn countries, these killers have become a lifesaver.They frantically raised funds to invite the killer of the sky list, assassin the head of the enemy force or the chief of the enemy country.

Only in some countries in the Middle East, there are as many as twelve chiefs who died in the hands of the killer!

But it is such a frightening killer who is actually the bishop of St. Paul's Church, the largest church in France!

If this is spread, absolutely no one will believe it.

Seeing the bishop who had gone nearly fifty meters away, Sophia secretly followed.

She was originally a killer, and she also had a set of hidden skills.While hiding his own figure, he was hanging far behind the bishop.


Suddenly, a breeze blew, blowing the birch leaves on the ground and making a rustling sound.

The bishop who was walking in front stopped abruptly.

At the same time, Sophia was like a flexible cat, hiding behind a tree quickly.

This sudden gust of wind shocked Sophia for fear that she would be discovered.

After ten seconds or so, Sophia heard no more movement. She quietly poked her head from behind the birch tree and looked forward.

"Oops! He is gone!"

Sophia's heart suddenly tightened, and a bad premonition rose in her heart.

She looked around, looking for the bishop.

"Are you looking for me?"

Suddenly, a low man's voice rang in Sophia's ears.

The moment she heard this sound, Sophia struck a sharp spirit all over her body. She kicked her feet on the spot and immediately jumped three meters away, staring solemnly at where she was.

I saw the bishop she was following stood where she was originally!

The bishop, dressed in a purple bishop's uniform, held a thick Bible in his left hand and a silver scepter in his right.

With a kind smile on his face, he asked kindly: "Little girl, why are you following me?"

Sophia strained, her eyes filled with hatred, and gritted her teeth and said, "The Blood-Clothed Bishop!"

This bishop is the 23rd blood-clothed bishop among the top fifty people!

He is clearly a bishop in purple in the Catholic Church, but why is he called the bishop in blood?

Because every time he kills, he likes to wear this priestly costume.In his words, everyone in the world is guilty.And he is to punish the existence of sinners on behalf of God!

He would always use cruel methods to kill the target, splashing blood all over his body.So he won the title of Bishop in Blood.

"Oh?" The smile on the blood-clothed bishop's face suddenly closed, and his face instantly became gloomy."You actually recognized me, it seems you came to me specially."


Sophia swept one leg on the ground, and suddenly swept the birch leaves all over the floor, blocking the sight of the blood-clothed bishop.Then, like a leopard, rushed to the exit of the birch forest.

She knows that there is a huge gap between her strength and the killer of the sky list, and there is no chance of winning at all.

After being discovered again, she turned her head and ran without any hesitation!

"Run? I deliberately led you to the birch forest, how could I let you run away?"

A deep contempt flashed in the eyes of the blood-clothed bishop, and he said with disdain.

The silver scepter in his hand touched the ground lightly, and suddenly a strong wind spread to the surroundings.His whole body instantly rose from the ground, like a falcon, swooping towards Sophia.

After Sophia ran thirty meters first, the blood-clothed bishop set off to chase her.

But in almost an instant, the 30-meter distance was crossed by the blood-clothed bishop.

He was muttering words, and there was a bloodthirsty light in his eyes.The scepter in his hand turned into a silver light and violently waved towards Sophia's back.


Sophia, who was fleeing, had no time to defend.She was knocked down by the scepter and flew out three or four feet away, while a mouthful of blood spurted from her mouth.Her face turned pale in an instant.

It was just a blow, and she suffered serious injuries.

With a smile on his face, the blood-clothed bishop said, "I didn't die when I was hit. Yes, that's a lot more interesting."

He walked up to Sophia and asked, "Who are you? Why are you following me?"

Sophia stared fiercely at the blood-clothed bishop, and said coldly: "I am Amanda's daughter, you killed my mother, I want to avenge her!"

She supported the ground with one hand and leaped up sharply from the ground. At the same time, a dagger flashing with cold light appeared in her hand, and with a forward-looking momentum, she pierced the blood-clothed bishop's chest.

Facing Sophia's counterattack, the blood-clothed bishop's face was full of disdain.,, ..