The richest man in the magic city

Chapter One Hundred and Forty: Within a hundred steps, killing you is like killing a chicken


The fireball burst, instantly burning the ground into a scorched area with a diameter of two meters.

However, to the surprise of the Blood-clothed Bishop and Sophia, Fang Xiaoru was missing!

Although the temperature of the fireball is high, it does not burn people to ashes in an instant.In that case, where did Fang Xiaoru go?

The blood-clothed bishop's expression stunned, and his eyes glanced around vigilantly.


Suddenly, a loud dragon roar sounded.

"The flying dragon is in the sky!"

The blood-clothed bishop raised his head fiercely, and saw Fang Xiaoru appear above his head for some time.

Fang Xiaoru descended like a god, and his astonishing strength made his clothes roar.

This palm is amazing and magnificent.The palm wind rushed in like mountains, making the blood-clothed bishop feel that his breathing was stagnant.

His pupils shrank suddenly, threw the Bible away, and raised his scepter with both hands to greet him.


Fang Xiaoru's palm directly knocked down the scepter in the hands of the blood-clothed bishop, cast his momentum, and patted him on the chest.

Suddenly, the blood-clothed bishop flew backwards like a kite with a broken string.

A mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth, and in an instant, his face became pale and bloodless.

He was lying on the ground, with blood at the corners of his mouth, his eyes dimmed, and he looked dying.

He was hit by Fang Xiaoru's move to Flying Dragon in the sky, and he was already seriously injured.

"How... how is it possible?"

The blood-clothed bishop turned his head hard and stared at Fang Xiaoru with disbelief.

He is the 23rd in the Blood-Clothed Bishop of the Sky Ranking. He has been in Europe for more than a decade, and he never expected to be defeated by a young Chinese teenager.He was full of unwillingness!

Sophia on the other side also looked at Fang Xiaoru incredible.The blood-clothed bishop's strength has far exceeded her expectations, and it is unreasonable to know the fireball technique unique to the Holy See.

But such a strong person was actually beaten up by Fang Xiaoru to vomit blood, which shocked her too much.

Fang Xiaoru smiled contemptuously, glanced at the blood-clothed bishop disdainfully, and said faintly: "Within a hundred steps, killing you is like killing a chicken!"

The blood-clothed bishop felt the injuries on his body, his whole body was planned, and his internal organs did not know how much he had broken.I was thinking of ways to save my life quickly.

Fang Xiaoru turned his head and said to Sophia: "He has lost the ability to resist. If you go to kill him, you can also avenge your mother yourself."

Sophia heard the words and gave Fang Xiaoru a grateful look.She struggled to get up and picked up the dagger that fell on the ground.Then walked step by step towards the blood-clothed bishop.

The blood-clothed bishop looked at Sophia who was killing in front of him, and said with horror on his face:

"I am the Bishop in Purple under the seat of the Holy See. If you kill me. No matter where you go, you will be retaliated by the Holy See. There is no place for you on the whole earth!"

Sophia's face was cold, her eyes filled with crazy killing intent.She walked firmly, step by step to the front of the blood-clothed bishop, without paying attention to his threat.

Before the mother's feud, he was not afraid of death, and what kind of revenge from the Holy See?

"No, no!"

No matter what he is and what kind of power he has, everyone will feel fear when facing death.

The blood-clothed bishop has always been bloody and cruel. When he kills people, he likes to see the face of the opponent with extreme fear.

Now, when he is facing death, how similar is it to those who died in his hands!


Sophia raised the shimmering dagger high, pointed it at the blood-clothed bishop's neck, and slashed it down.

Between the bursts of blood, the head of the blood-clothed bishop was cut off smoothly!

Before he even let out a scream, his life had been terminated!


After cutting off the blood-clothed bishop's head, Sophia knelt down abruptly and said in a choked voice: "Mom, I'm taking revenge for you."

She has been trained as a killer by the blood killer since she was seven. From seven to twenty-one, she has experienced pain and torture that ordinary people can't imagine.

During this period, only her mother could give her a touch of comfort.

When she learned that her mother was killed, she was angry and sad.When she learned that the enemy who killed her mother was the twenty-third-ranked blood bishop, her hope of revenge was completely stifled.

So he went to the bar to relax his sorrows until he met Fang Xiaoru.

Sophia, who was as firm as a rock, burst into tears after cutting her enemies.

She was rewarded by the blood-clothed bishop, but now she was emotionally moved and her body shook, she fell to the ground.

Fang Xiaoru has quick eyes and quick hands, and hastily stepped forward and hugged her.


Sophia threw herself on Fang Xiaoru, hugged him by the shoulder, and couldn't stop crying.

"Okay, don't cry first. You have injuries, I will help you heal your injuries first."

Fang Xiaoru asked Sophia to sit cross-legged, and then sat down behind her.

"You don't want to move, I want to help you heal your injuries now."

Fang Xiaoru pressed her palms against Sophia's back, and a stream of pure internal force merged into Sophia's body to heal her injury.

When the internal force ran inside Sophia's body for thirty-six weeks, Sophia's face was obviously much better.

Fang Xiaoru exhaled and stopped, stood up, and asked, "How do you feel?"

A gleam of shock flashed in Sophia's eyes, she moved on the spot, and said with surprise on her face: "My injury is almost healed. Is this your Huaxia's internal strength? It's amazing!"

Fang Xiaoru was startled and asked, "Do you also know internal strength?"

Sophia nodded and said: "When the organization gave us training, it was said that when you encounter a Chinese person with internal strength, you must be careful and avoid him as much as possible."

Fang Xiaoru nodded, it seems that this bloody killer is also secretive to the masters of China.Then he said: "Since you have already taken revenge, let's go." ,,..